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Fangus the Worry-Eating Monster

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Witzend Mon 22-Mar-21 11:38:37

His fangs didn’t turn out quite as fang-ish as I’d expected, but I’m quite pleased with him.
Dd has suggested offering him to Gdcs primary school, but if they don’t want him no problem, I’ll send him off to the charity that provided the pattern.
(His eyes do show up a lot better in the flesh, so to speak.)

Squiffy Mon 22-Mar-21 13:03:10

Love him! You’re so talented Witzend!

Sheepandcattle Mon 22-Mar-21 13:04:44

He looks like he could easily munch his way through many a worry!

Newatthis Mon 22-Mar-21 13:07:49

Fabulous 0 my granddaughters would love this.

Witzend Mon 22-Mar-21 15:44:05

He was actually pretty easy, Squiffy - the only somewhat fiddly bits were the hands and feet, but at least the instructions were very clear - not always the case, is it?
He’s used up some of my stash, too. smile

AGAA4 Mon 22-Mar-21 16:29:54

Many of us would like to have the lovely Fangus. Good looking and eats all your worries.

CocoPops Mon 22-Mar-21 16:32:21

He's just Great.

grandmajet Mon 22-Mar-21 17:50:14

I love his feet.

Trisha57 Mon 22-Mar-21 17:53:52

I love Fangus - you're very clever Witzend. Any little one would love him. Scarves are about my limit!!

V3ra Mon 22-Mar-21 18:12:25

He's gorgeous! I love the way he's giving himself a hug ?