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The Great British Sewing Bee

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Millie22 Sat 03-Apr-21 17:12:55

Sewing Bee is back! next week I think ??

Ilovecheese Sat 03-Apr-21 17:14:03

Oh goody!

NotAGran55 Sat 03-Apr-21 17:15:48

Yippee ?

emmasnan Sat 03-Apr-21 17:32:21


Lucca Sat 03-Apr-21 17:37:17

Can’t sew to save my life but I love this programme

BladeAnnie Sat 03-Apr-21 17:39:35

Ooh good - I love this smile

Dottydots Sat 03-Apr-21 17:51:02

This is one of my favourite shows. Although I used to make a lot of my clothes, I couldn't do it now, and I am amazed at what lovely and imaginative stuff the contestants turn out.

annodomini Sat 03-Apr-21 17:55:47

I really enjoy watching people doing things I couldn't do to save my self! The contestants are so brave and amazingly creative.

Deedaa Sat 03-Apr-21 18:02:31

I love it. I used to make a lot of clothes but all I do now is occasional alterations. I love seeing what the contestants come up with and I love the way they all help each other.

Kamiso Sat 03-Apr-21 18:04:19

Love this programme. Can barely turn a hem up but enjoy watching these clever people.

Grandmabatty Sat 03-Apr-21 18:12:10

I'm ridiculously excited about this! I don't sew and have never followed a pattern but I love this programme. Patrick is gorgeous and I love Esme

Chardy Sat 03-Apr-21 18:14:01

14th April

cornergran Sat 03-Apr-21 19:00:38

Another here who doesn’t sew now but really enjoys this programme. It’s a joy to see the skill and creativity.

Parsley3 Sat 03-Apr-21 19:07:04

I love this programme too. I have dusted off the sewing machine and made face masks ? but that is the height of my ability.

JessK Sat 03-Apr-21 21:26:40

Really looking forward to the new series. They seem to get better and better. Such a joy to watch talented people and enjoy the banter.

grandMattie Sat 03-Apr-21 21:27:07


JoyBloggs Sat 03-Apr-21 21:29:22

Great! So many boring repeats at the mo... this will be a real treat!

DanniRae Sat 03-Apr-21 22:29:52

Really glad to hear that Sewing Bee is coming back grin

Kittye Sat 03-Apr-21 23:06:29

Love this programme.really looking forward to seeing it ?

Elrel Sat 03-Apr-21 23:55:50

Lovely programme, so little on at present.

muse Sun 04-Apr-21 01:12:12

It's on BBC1 this time. Moved from BBC2.

It will be good to see Esme and Patrick back. Love the programme. Nearly as good as Throw Down wink.

shysal Sun 04-Apr-21 08:56:09

It returns on April 14th at 9pm. Really looking forward to it!

Sarnia Sun 04-Apr-21 09:28:30

Oh good. I have missed the Great Pottery Throw Down so this will fill the gap nicely. My needlework teacher at Grammar School informed me that I held a needle like a cow with a poker!

LadyGracie Sun 04-Apr-21 09:32:48

I loved it till Joe appeared, I don’t watch it anymore.

JustMe Sun 04-Apr-21 09:42:59

Love this programme!

I used to sew a long time ago but was never very good and gave it up when I lost the foot pedal to my sewing machine in a house move grin

However, Patrick and Esme are just great and Joe Lycett is a funny fool and makes me laugh.

Cannot wait. I was glued to Pottery Throwdown and need this to take its place