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Sea glass using PVA glue and food colouring

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NotSpaghetti Fri 23-Apr-21 14:50:28

We used to buy PVA in 5litre containers and made little hangings/tree decorations in this way by painting it on plastic waste (think clear or white recycling materials) and cutting it out afterwards.
If you get the right sort of plastic you can peel it off once dry and stick it on windows like a decal.

As others say, the glue dries clear and it looks like glass paint.

You do not actually have to paint on glass.

If you want it to look like leaded glass you can mix up a solid black and use that for outlines by painting outlines with a fine brush. Once dry the "glass" can be painted in-between.

greenlady102 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:40:38

oh ps. yes you can use old glasses but don't use them for food/drink afterwards

greenlady102 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:39:49

you don't need elmer's, its just a brand of PVA glue. If you craft a lot then its worth pricing a gallon of builders pva, its really cheap that way and can be used for loads of things

nanna8 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:37:19

That sounds really creative, let us know how you go. Wonder if they sell that glue over here ?

Purplepixie Fri 23-Apr-21 13:44:20

I’ve spent many a happy hour picking sea glass from the beach at Seaham, County Durham. Thank you for sharing your tip.

felice Fri 23-Apr-21 13:39:53

Thanks for the idea, that is this weekends project with DGS.
Sounds good and I have lots of odd glasses we can use.

PinkCosmos Fri 23-Apr-21 13:10:33


I haven’t tried it Pink but they sell Elmer’s glue in B&M.

Thanks for the info. I would never have though you could get it in the UK

Beechnut Fri 23-Apr-21 11:53:39

I haven’t tried it Pink but they sell Elmer’s glue in B&M.

JaneJudge Fri 23-Apr-21 11:52:32

the white dries clear afaik. I use it to mend furniture and it always dries clear

PinkCosmos Fri 23-Apr-21 11:51:00

I have just seen a post on Pinterest saying that you can create a sea glass effect on normal glass using Elmer's Glue and food colouring.

Elmer's glue is an American product but I have Googled it and it seems it is the same as PVA glue. However, there is clear and white PVA glue. I am not sure which I should use though I would think it would be the white one to give a frosted look.

I have quite a few small clear glass specimen vases that I would like to try this on.

Has anyone tried this and what was the result