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Why on earth didn’t I think of this before?

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Witzend Fri 06-Aug-21 10:52:03

I’m 12 inches into a stashbuster blanket that’s going to be roughly 4’6” x 6 feet, in 3 x 24 inch sections. Circular needle, one GS row each DK colour, ends made into tassels.

I was about 8 inches in when I wondered (given the size of my multicoloured stash) why on earth I hadn’t thought of a fatter needle with 2 strands of DK. Fewer stitches, quicker to make, and it’d be thicker and warmer - a definite consideration since it’ll be going to a charity that dishes them out to people in need.

I can be notoriously thick when it comes to practical matters! ?
Still, press on with the current one - here are the bunched-up 12 inches so far.

Doodledog Fri 06-Aug-21 11:00:30

It's looking good!

timetogo2016 Fri 06-Aug-21 11:06:42

OOOOHHHH,Joseph and the technicolour blanket,it`s wonderfull Witzend.
What a fabulous job you have done,please show us you have finished it.

Baggs Fri 06-Aug-21 11:38:41

Looks good. You'll love it when it's done.

LauraNorder Fri 06-Aug-21 11:38:56

Wowee, your words might as well be in Swahili for all they mean to me but the blanket is stunning.

JavierPerero Thu 30-Sep-21 11:10:32

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aggie Thu 30-Sep-21 11:19:55

I crochet my blankets , crochet eats yarn !

aggie Thu 30-Sep-21 11:21:23

Sorry opted too quickly!
That blanket will be a godsend to someone! It’s so cheerful, well done !

Squiffy Thu 30-Sep-21 11:49:59

It looks lovely witzend, you're so talented. Someone will be so thankful to snuggle up in something so warm, cosy and attractive.

avaKK Sun 03-Oct-21 15:11:47

It looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing smile