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Thank goodness - managed to match yarn I’ve had for ages.

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Witzend Tue 10-Aug-21 10:34:26

The label was long gone so I didn’t know what brand, probably one of maybe 3 though. (Big balls of relatively cheap acrylic for toys and C-word things.).

In between other things I’m making a nativity set for Gdcs’ school fair raffle in late November, and like an idiot had knitted a basic shepherd’s gown in a brown tweedy mix, thinking there’d be enough for the sleeves, too.
Only there wasn’t.

I must have had that yarn for at least 3 years. After a lot of online searching I finally found what looked the same on the Wool Warehouse site - more colours in that brand than elsewhere - and hallelujah, it’s arrived this morning, and it’s exactly the same. ?
Thank you, Wool Warehouse!

beth20 Tue 10-Aug-21 10:42:16

Brilliant! Don't you just love it when a project comes together? I never seem to have just the right yarn in my stash somehow. Mr B complains about it, but then he never seems to have just the right tool in any of his 6 toolboxes, for whatever DIY job he's undertaking, so even stevens I think!

Namsnanny Tue 10-Aug-21 11:44:27

Gosh that was lucky Witzend
I still havent got round to making the Nativity I promised years ago!

Just finished a jumper for a friends 5y old gd. Quite pleased with it in the end (I'm too much of a perfectionist I think. If it looks 'off' I'm likely not to give it!!).

Shandy57 Tue 10-Aug-21 12:32:36

Interesting you posting about this today. I've just bought a latch hook rug kit and have spent far too long working out how to use the hook! I had the wool on the wrong side, silly me!

Namsnanny Tue 10-Aug-21 12:46:23

I've always fancied trying my hand at rug making shandy57
Are you using up left over knitting wool?
Do let us know how you get on wont you?

Callistemon Tue 10-Aug-21 12:54:02

Oh, not the N word grin

I finished the crochet blanket - when they get to a certain size I get fed up . It's a 6' square so should fit a double bed, but have nearly enough yarn left for another one (nearly).

Callistemon Tue 10-Aug-21 12:56:17

ps that is what is called serendipity, Witzend smile

Witzend Tue 10-Aug-21 17:14:11

Sorry, Callistemon! I do sometimes think of all your ‘bits’, languishing there all unloved.
You could always post them to me - I rather like sewing up and stuffing, and I have two huge bags of stuffing that are taking up far too much room.

A 6 foot square blanket - goodness, how long did that take you?

I’m about 16 inches into the first 2 foot section of my stashbuster rainbow blanket. (Should end up 4 foot 6 x 6 feet.). Might just about have it ready by the C-word, but other things on the go in between. The blanket is v good for mindless knitting in front of the telly.

Callistemon Tue 10-Aug-21 18:04:16

A 6 foot square blanket - goodness, how long did that take you?

probably about a month Witzend, it's just a granny blanket, endless ever increasing squares!

Witzend Tue 10-Aug-21 18:31:33

A month? Just one, for a 6 foot square?
I am in awe!

Shandy57 Wed 11-Aug-21 22:36:42

Namsnanny if I do continue I'll come back and show you, but it is very slow going, only about a thousand more holes to fill smile

Callistemon Wed 11-Aug-21 22:38:57


A month? Just one, for a 6 foot square?
I am in awe!

Could be 5 weeks, I'm trying to remember. Yes, 4-5.
We have been stuck at home for a while.

CanadianGran Wed 11-Aug-21 23:44:23

I have a baby sweater that needs the front neck and shoulder finished, but I lost the pattern. The baby is now 28.....

The front of the sweater is still on the stitch holder; don't call me a quitter!

NotSpaghetti Thu 12-Aug-21 00:53:30

I have the fronts of an incredibly complicated cardigan CanadianGran that my mother started just after WW2. I keep meaning to finish it but as I'm only a "basic" knitter I keep putting it aside.

Witzend Thu 12-Aug-21 16:34:15

A couple of years ago I used some of the yarn from a cardigan I’d started making for a dd of then 7, to make dolls’ clothes for a little Gdd. The dd the cardigan was originally for would have then been 38. ?

I will eventually use up the rest, probably in Twiddle Muffs - once all current projects are done and dusted.

justwokeup Thu 12-Aug-21 16:55:17

Never say never CanadianGran. I used to start sweaters for one child and when I finished they perfectly fitted the next! grin 28 years sounds like a next grandchild project though.