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Breast Milk Jewellery

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Bea65 Mon 16-Aug-21 11:54:53

How inspirational ..on This Morning...some of the pieces looked very elegant ....

Doodledog Mon 16-Aug-21 15:31:53

You can also get jewellery made from menstrual blood, and from bits of placenta.

It's all a step too far for me, but each to their own, I suppose.

sodapop Mon 16-Aug-21 17:18:29

That's definitely a step too far Doodledog

Mollygo Mon 16-Aug-21 17:44:24

Doodledog Yuk! But as you say, each to their own. Geekesse I do see a link between milk and poo. The one follows the other with amazing regularity. I wouldn’t want to wear either.

Shelflife Mon 16-Aug-21 17:45:32


FannyCornforth Mon 16-Aug-21 17:51:32

What about leather?

Zoejory Mon 16-Aug-21 17:56:47

I don't wear much jewellery. I certainly wouldn't have wanted breast milk jewellery either. But each to their own I suppose.

Callistemon Mon 16-Aug-21 18:09:05

Wouldn't it go off and start to smell?

annodomini Mon 16-Aug-21 18:11:48

I'm really regretting reading this thread. Now feeling slightly nauseous!

FannyCornforth Mon 16-Aug-21 18:23:29

I’ve just googled it, and it’s lovely.
I don’t think that it’s a diy thing unless you know what you are doing!
Everything is made of carbon, after all.
In the depths of grief, I did consider having a piece of jewellery made with my late dog’s ashes, but I didn’t like the style of jewellery that they offered

sodapop Mon 16-Aug-21 18:40:14

Ugh- much as I loved my dogs and I did there is no way I'm wearing their ashes.

FannyCornforth Mon 16-Aug-21 19:25:44

Sodapop I’m actually honoured that you felt able to respond to a post of mine smile

BlueBelle Mon 16-Aug-21 19:32:08

I thought it would go all funny after a while especially if you sat in the sun wouldnt it curdle
I m like you MerylStreep not something I even want to remember got more painful with each child

Oldbat1 Mon 16-Aug-21 19:34:46

No just no! Yuck.

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 19:44:47

It all seems childish to me, in the way that children are intrigued with stuff that comes out of their bodies.
Bogie bangle, anyone?

Callistemon Mon 16-Aug-21 19:47:00

Do breastfeeding mothers have this made from their own milk then wear it as a badge of honour?
"Look at me, how clever am I, breastfeeding a child ?", forgetting that women, like all mammals, have done this from time immemorial?

It must be the ultimate in virtue signalling!

Hithere Mon 16-Aug-21 20:05:45


Some moms have it as a milestone and reminder of that phase.

It has nothing to do about virtue

Millie22 Mon 16-Aug-21 20:13:09

No thanks. The whole process was painful and I was very poorly. Not for me but we live in a strange world now.

LadyStardust Mon 16-Aug-21 20:15:35

Some of the pieces on here are beautiful. I wish I'd known about this when I had my babies. Breastfeeding them both for several years was the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I have ever done! A reminder in the form of jewellery would've been wonderful. I don't think its weird at all, I think its a lovely idea!

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 20:28:27

They are pretty pieces, but I'd prefer a dairy free version.

beth20 Mon 16-Aug-21 20:36:44

The jewellery is beautiful I think. Breast feeding was a joyous time for me and this would have been a lovely way to remember it had I known it was possible.
At a craft fair several years ago I saw yarn being made from milk. The demonstrator was wearing a jumper she had knitted from milk yarn and it had lasted a few years.

Milk is amazing stuff it seems.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 16-Aug-21 20:40:39

Yuk, but whatever floats the boat

sodapop Mon 16-Aug-21 21:42:52

And they say miracles don't happen FannyCornforth hmm

Callistemon Mon 16-Aug-21 21:49:18


They are pretty pieces, but I'd prefer a dairy free version.

That's just nuts MissAdventure!

MissAdventure Mon 16-Aug-21 22:01:16

Don't tell me they're squashing those in a pendant?

Callistemon Mon 16-Aug-21 22:07:24

I was thinking of almond milk (non-dairy)