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Breast Milk Jewellery

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Bea65 Mon 16-Aug-21 11:54:53

How inspirational ..on This Morning...some of the pieces looked very elegant ....

tanith Mon 16-Aug-21 12:02:59

Why? ??‍♀️

Lucca Mon 16-Aug-21 12:08:31

What do you mean ?

Bellanonna Mon 16-Aug-21 12:09:02

Had to look it up. Odd

Lucca Mon 16-Aug-21 12:11:02

Ok I looked it up.

humptydumpty Mon 16-Aug-21 12:12:36

Sorry but it gives me the creeps!

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-Aug-21 12:13:32

It must be like the fridge magnets we made from cow's milk when the children were small.
It's basically a type of plastic.

Shandy57 Mon 16-Aug-21 12:14:47

It really hurt expressing my milk, no way would I give a drop of it to someone to make jewellery! That's absolutely bizarre, what's next?

lemsip Mon 16-Aug-21 12:19:53


Bea65 Mon 16-Aug-21 12:24:45


It really hurt expressing my milk, no way would I give a drop of it to someone to make jewellery! That's absolutely bizarre, what's next?

Yes also had difficult time expressing my milk and painful.
However when I saw the range of jewellery she had made was quite impressed..think the Mom just wanted to celebrate the twins she had in lockdown and had lots of milk she was just putting in the freezer...never thought to put this milk in freezer but she said a lot of new Moms now freeze the milk..?

fairfraise Mon 16-Aug-21 12:41:19

Well, that's something new I've learned today!

nanna8 Mon 16-Aug-21 12:45:02

Gross. What next? Poo tiaras?

Blossoming Mon 16-Aug-21 12:52:50

I won’t be adding this to my skill set!

Blossoming Mon 16-Aug-21 12:55:17


Gross. What next? Poo tiaras?

Coprolite jewellery is already a thing.

Rosycheeks Mon 16-Aug-21 13:03:05

What ever next! I remember breast milk ice cream just seems a bit odd. But Im getting on so what would I know.grin

sodapop Mon 16-Aug-21 13:19:59

On a par with having the ashes of a loved one in jewellery, I find that quite strange too.

BlueBelle Mon 16-Aug-21 13:28:57

Yuk yuk yuk only place for that is in a babies mouth
I don’t get this at all mind you I don’t get the ashes stuff either

FannyCornforth Mon 16-Aug-21 13:37:37

For heaven’s sake don’t check out umbilucal cord jewellery
(I know you will!)

FannyCornforth Mon 16-Aug-21 13:37:57

Or umbilical, even confused

eazybee Mon 16-Aug-21 13:47:17


geekesse Mon 16-Aug-21 14:19:40


Gross. What next? Poo tiaras?

You see an equivalence between breast milk and ‘poo’?

How very odd.

JaneJudge Mon 16-Aug-21 14:28:44

I did this when breastfeeding mine and then gave them their pieces for their 18th birthday special gift

MerylStreep Mon 16-Aug-21 14:29:15

It appears that it’s to celebrate your breast feeding journey
Not one I wished to repeat. Very painful for me and stressful for my daughter.

Nanna58 Mon 16-Aug-21 14:31:15

They are both excreted from the body geekesse, I don’t think the comparison needs to be made to try in some way to say that nanna8 has an issue with breastfeeding!

Hithere Mon 16-Aug-21 14:39:18

It is a personal way to celebrate motherhood and breastfeeding. It has existed for many years, not new at all

As long as it makes the wearer happy, it is all it counts