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Finished my worry-eating dog.

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Witzend Sat 25-Sep-21 19:25:48

I shall have to post him off PDQ, before I get too attached to him!

nanaK54 Sat 25-Sep-21 19:27:07

Oh he is very sweet

Josianne Sat 25-Sep-21 19:28:39

Aw, cute!

Auntieflo Sat 25-Sep-21 19:31:30

Witzend he is lovely and a handsome chap. Well done you.

Hetty58 Sat 25-Sep-21 19:32:09

Very well done, I love him.

Doodle Sat 25-Sep-21 20:19:58

Witzend he’s lovely. Does the child post worries in his mouth?

Scones Sat 25-Sep-21 20:22:35

I'd not heard of worry-eating creatures. What a brilliant idea and a fantastic job you've made of him.

Witzend Sat 25-Sep-21 20:34:57

Yes, Doodle, you can’t see it but there’s a deep mouth pocket.

Nannagarra Sat 25-Sep-21 20:52:39

I’ve seen worry eaters before but none as handsome as this chap. Could you provide a link for the pattern, please?

ayse Sat 25-Sep-21 20:53:54

How beautiful

Zoejory Sat 25-Sep-21 20:55:31

He's just gorgeous, Witzend. I wish I had your skill smile

Witzend Sat 25-Sep-21 21:12:18

Nannagarra, it’s on the Knit-For-Nowt website, along with a lot of others.

swampygirl58 Tue 25-Jan-22 00:41:36

Here's the link for knit for nowt

CocoPops Tue 25-Jan-22 05:39:35

Great work. He's a real cool dude.

Doodledog Tue 25-Jan-22 06:10:00

He’s fabulous! I love the idea of a worry eating dog. When she was little my daughter had a hairband made of worry dolls that someone brought her from abroad (Guatemala?) and she loved them. You were supposed to tell them your worries, but a dog that actually eats them is better still.

Doodledog Tue 25-Jan-22 06:15:03

You seem to need a password to view the patterns, unless I have missed a link somewhere.

Witzend Tue 25-Jan-22 07:52:32

That’s a recent thing, Doodledog, to stop people using the free patterns for commercial purposes, as presumably has happened.

I will find the email about it and PM you later.

Purplepixie Wed 26-Jan-22 13:27:39

Witzend. I love him and well done to you! Was it very complicated to do?

Witzend Thu 27-Jan-22 09:42:26

Not really, Purplepixie, I can’t/won’t do intricate or very fiddly patterns. They’re all too liable to result in a lot of cursing, undoing, and very likely ending up as UFOs (unfinished objects).

Smileless2012 Thu 27-Jan-22 09:46:14

He's lovely and what a brilliant ideasmile.

Dogsmakemesmile Thu 27-Jan-22 09:54:30

Beautiful dog and a wonderful idea. Thank you for posting.

NfkDumpling Thu 27-Jan-22 10:04:50

Oh, he is lovely. Off to check the website.

NfkDumpling Thu 27-Jan-22 10:27:32

How do you get to the patterns? Its asking for a guest password.

Witzend Thu 27-Jan-22 10:48:31

It’s a recent thing, but I’m afraid you can’t any more, unless you’re already a knitter for them. Presumably that’s because people have been using the patterns (designed by volunteers for the purpose) for commercial purposes.

The person who runs the scheme now has a waiting list for would-be knitters. You can put yourself on that if you like - the website tells you how.

She must have had a lot more donations than usual - the waiting list for therapists etc. wanting items has apparently gone down to 500, from over 1000 not so long ago.

Witzend Thu 27-Jan-22 10:50:53

PS, you might find similar patterns on any knitting website, e.g. Lovecrafts or Ravelry.