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ginny Mon 04-Oct-21 09:57:21

I have just made these as small gifts / cards . Easy but very effective.

Beechnut Mon 04-Oct-21 10:30:48

They’re lovely ginny. You’ve inspired me so I must sort out some Christmassy bits.

Ro60 Mon 04-Oct-21 15:12:03

Cute ??

NotSpaghetti Mon 04-Oct-21 16:22:41

These are a good idea.
Well done.
What size are they and where are the box frames from?
They could be very useful.

Thanks for sharing.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:43:53

I would love to receive one of these, you are very talented.

Audi10 Mon 04-Oct-21 16:46:22


ginny Mon 04-Oct-21 18:41:55

Notspaghetti trees are from ‘The works’ and the box frames ( 12 cm frame, just over 7 cms aperture ) and other bits and pieces were bought in Hobbycraft.

Witzend Mon 04-Oct-21 23:15:26

Those are lovely! Beautifully done.,

NotSpaghetti Mon 04-Oct-21 23:26:17

Thanks ginny, I think they work really well.

Teacheranne Tue 05-Oct-21 09:44:08

You have inspired me to have a go! The Works and Hobbycraft are in the same retail park near me so I plan to pop out later today!

ginny Tue 05-Oct-21 10:45:01

Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy making them.

HazelGreen Tue 05-Oct-21 11:26:32

I used to do fudge and spent more time packaging up to make festive so small gold boxes or cellophane bags with ribbons. They were handy to leave at hall door and take one when heading out so doctors receptionist or girls at the swim pool etc. One year I did caramalised onion relish but now it can be bought so easily. Even the quality of fudge in shops has improved. I made festive facemasks last year... I think some more will be done this year!

Daisydaisydaisy Tue 05-Oct-21 11:28:20

Hi there
I became a Nana for the first time this year and I will be making a Peter Rabbit blanket with Minky backing as well as a Peter Rabbbit Advent calender that I havent attempted before. I will make both baby bibs and hats too .

I'm no expert but really enjoy it ...You tube is a great help ?

greenlady102 Tue 05-Oct-21 11:56:35

I made these a couple of years ago

Oofy Tue 05-Oct-21 12:04:15

I’ve given home-made sloe gin in little bottles in the past, but wasn’t well enough to go and pick the sloes this year, unfortunately. Thought I might do green tomato chutney and lemon curd in pretty jars this year.

osprey Tue 05-Oct-21 12:32:39

Christmas has become a commercial "consumerfest " so its lovely to see someone making gifts if they can. (I appreciate that not everyone has the time.) My DD printed out a booklet of tokens of different massages she would do for me i.e foot massage, hand massage, etc last year ( still not done all of them yet!!) I made them all cushions one year from scrap fabrics. I try not to indulge grandchildren with too much plastic commercial stuff either.

FannyCornforth Tue 05-Oct-21 12:34:33


I made these a couple of years ago

greenlady how did you get the lights in the lid?
Thank you!

FannyCornforth Tue 05-Oct-21 12:37:35

Sorry - I can see now, the switch is on the top.
Those boxes look great ginny.
I can imagine that you can put lots of different things in. I might make some for the bathroom.
Thank you for mentioning them!

jocork Tue 05-Oct-21 12:46:10

I love making home-made gifts but am careful to give to those who will appreciate them. I'm making a fabric alphabet book for my grandson at present. It wasn't finished in time for his first birthday - 14 of the 26 pages done so far - so he's getting it a bit late. Thankfully he's too young to know. Probably need to do some more work on it rather than wasting time spending so much time on gransnet!

GandT Tue 05-Oct-21 12:47:56

I'm hoping to make 'sugar plum fairy Xmas jelly' for local friends. My DD made it for the family last year and it was a great treat. It's a GH recipe.

Smurf52 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:07:42

They are gorgeous ginny. If you can make them to order, name your price.

Gabrielle56 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:13:54

Ooh ! These are just delightful! I just love homemade Christmas gifts and cards. I always make my own cards and make up funny verse too everyone loves them and it's so good to give a bit of yourself to those you care about.

Gabrielle56 Tue 05-Oct-21 13:17:47

The best of British, they have so many things it's impossible to choose, be strong!

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 05-Oct-21 13:45:15

Ginny, they are lovely - you've inspired me.
A group of friends and I agreed , years ago, to exchange gifts with a limit of £5, and/or homemade. It keeps down the cost, and makes everyone think! Mine are forced hyacinths and a little homemade tipple, but next year, maybe your idea ( hompe it's OK to steal ideas from other grans...)

ayse Tue 05-Oct-21 13:50:38

I made a dragon box fro my younger grandson last Christmas. DD told me that my older grandson really liked it so. I’ve made him one this year