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karmalady Sun 09-Jan-22 08:09:00

I own up to being an old hand at knitting, I can knit fast and evenly but have learnt very many new skills, such as knitting top down jumpers, short rows, circular needles. My crocheting skills are very basic, just about enough for a simple blanket or an edging.

I love knitting but it is solitary, nice and cosy while watching a tv film, there must be thousands in a similar boat. I am going to try with a dedicated group on GN. It`ll be up to us, sink or swim

karmalady Sun 09-Jan-22 08:21:46

I have a tonne of yarn stash, also a tonne of fibre stash for when I get back to spinning. I use and like my chiaogoo interchangeable needles, am using them for my current project, which has around 700 stitches, I fastened 2 wires together to make a longer circular needle and the weight is in my lap, not on the needles

Knitting for 68 years, hence many many boxes of needles, dpns, markers etc. I did give away all my varied old needles from the year dot, all metal and long because I liked to tuck straight needles under my arms. I do still have long needles, karbonz and lantern moon, neatly sorted into fabric rolls.

Its a well loved craft for me, so no apology for my stash, just a bit of guilt at the yarn and fibre taking up so much room. All moth proofed in good sealed bags. However I am on a mision to spend no more and to get using. I admit to spending in the pandemic, to support a `local` yarn mill and a `local` yarn store

Alizarin Sun 09-Jan-22 08:22:29

I knit every day karmalady, whenever I'm sitting down watching the TV or listening to an audio book. Socks, jumpers, dolls, animals, food... whatever. At the moment I'm knitting mushrooms for our allotment society Summer Show. I started a knitting group last year and we're going to have a stall consisting entirely of knitted fruit and veg.

I'd be interested to know how to knit a jumper from the top down. Circular needles and I don't get on, though I love using four needles.

Grandmagrim Sun 09-Jan-22 09:22:43

I don’t hand knit all that often but do like to have something on the go. I’ve tried interchangeable needles but as I’m knitting the tips seem to loosen and invariably catch the yarn in the join. Presumably I’m rotating the needles as I knit? My favourite needles are carbon circs, they just feel so lovely but I could only afford one for lace knitting.

eazybee Sun 09-Jan-22 09:27:33

My local library hosts a 'Knit and Natter' group once a week, and judging by the noise they make they all have a very jolly time whilst knitting and crocheting and sharing ideas.

BlueBalou Sun 09-Jan-22 09:33:20

I enjoy knitting and crochet. I have just finished my 32nd pair of socks, knitted on circular needles because I cannot master using 4 straight ones.
I have several WIPs on the go, a baby cardigan, a crochet blanket and a pair of socks for one of my grandchildren. I cannot sit and do nothing when the television or radio is on!

Sar53 Sun 09-Jan-22 09:47:19

I love knitting and always have something on the go.

When my girls were little I knitted jumpers with intricate patterns and when the granddaughters came along I knitted for them.

The youngest is now 4 and unfortunately they don't wear hand knitted garments anymore.

I've recently finished two large multi coloured blankets to go on the back of our big sofa. I have just started a third to try and use up all the 'bits' of wool I have.

I find knitting relaxing and it is something to do whilst watching the tv.

Doodledog Sun 09-Jan-22 09:58:57

I'm an avid knitter. I've never mastered crochet - I seem to try to knit with the hook grin.

Pre Covid, I was part of a knitting group that met weekly, but that hasn't happened since the first lockdown. A lot of the members were older (one in her 90s) and I often wonder how they all got on through it all. If we start up again, I will try to ensure that we all share contact details so that if anything happens again we can keep in touch.

As far as my knitting goes, like you, BlueBalou, I always have several WIPS (works in progress). I have an enormous stash of yarn, too, and put both of those things down to an impulsive personality - I buy lovely yarn whether I need it or not, and can't wait to cast on a new garment when I find the perfect pattern.

Currently I have three sweaters on the go (and a couple in hibernation). I went through a phase of knitting 'one skein projects' - things made with one skein of beautiful yarn that would have cost a fortune to buy in SQs (Sweater Quantities), but now have an unfeasible amount of neckwear and socks, so have moved on to knitting garments.

I can't sit and watch TV without knitting either. I am so used to having something to do with my hands that I get twitchy if I have no knitting.

Oh, and my needles of choice are always interchangeable circulars, whatever I'm knitting, Grandmagrim. I also rotate the tips, which is maddening, but I now automatically check every few rows and (usually!) catch any working loose in time to tighten them before disaster strikes.

What do you want to know about top down knitting, Alizarin? I much prefer top-down to bottom up, as you can adjust the length of body and sleeves after trying it on. If I can help, give me a shout?

BBbevan Sun 09-Jan-22 10:03:01

I knit a lot. Currently knitting a jumper. Never heard of top down knitting, it sounds intriguing. Can’t crochet for toffee.

LadyGracie Sun 09-Jan-22 10:03:22

I too knit everyday, I have knitting to do if I’m reading that takes less concentration, knitting while I’m watching tv, that I can glance at when needed and another for when I’m sitting quietly, more intricate work.

I’ve been knitting for as long as I can remember, have an enormous stash of yarn but can’t resist buying more.
I can sew but don’t enjoy it, can’t master crochet despite numerous attempts with my expert sister.

About 35 years ago when the children were small, I was knitting for a designer, Patricia Roberts, so I used to get paid, badly, for knitting all day, joy, I remember poor neglected DH remarking ‘it’s a pity you can’t knit a cake’!

LindaPat Sun 09-Jan-22 10:29:03

Hi karmalady and all other posters!

I have been knitting for as long as I can remember. My mum taught me , and I could do the basic stitches before I went to junior school. I still remember the teacher in our craft lessons being amazed that I could knit a scarf ( and cast on and off ) all by myself. I can still remember the horrid orange wool that the school provided too!

I used to knit for the children when they were small, loved doing the fashionable( then) ones with the character pictures on the front.

I've always struggled with crochet, tried numerous times, and can just about do the basics, but I don't think I " get" it. I can do granny squares, and have made a tray cloth, and last year followed a pattern for the worm from "Labyrinth" for my daughter.

Knitting comes so much easier.
I can read a knitting pattern, and see the design in my head. I read a crochet pattern and haven't a clue!

I am currently trying to finish a swedish gnome ( jultomten )that I started before Christmas, but I have run out of steam/enthusiasm. Must finish it before I start something else, or it will sit in my knitting bag till next Christmas!

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's projects for 2022. Happy New Year everyone!

Take care xx

Chardy Sun 09-Jan-22 10:32:55

I leant to knit when I was 7(?), and crochet badly when I was 17. I've knitted on and off all my life, but only started crocheting properly when I retired.
The crochet group I belong to occasionally have projects, and often just do our own thing. We learned to read patterns together, 'help' each other with new skills - we muddle through together.

annodomini Sun 09-Jan-22 11:09:11

I was always a compulsive knitter, but trouble with my shoulders made it difficult and I let it lapse. However, my first GGC is due in June and I am knitting a baby blanket - nothing like as elaborate as the Aran garments I used to produce - but necessitating serious concentration. A knitting group would be a great help but I don't think the local one is meeting yet - maybe if things get easier with Covid.

emmasnan Sun 09-Jan-22 12:07:11

I enjoy knitting especially when watching television. I do have to limit the time due to neck and shoulder pain though.
I love to see what others are making and get new ideas and tips.

Ali23 Sun 09-Jan-22 12:08:23

Hi everyone
What a great thread! Thank you so much. I like to knit and crochet but it’s all very simple and slow. I’m knitting a teddy at the moment.
I’ve never used circular needles but last year my sister bought me a book about knitting hats (I do like a nice hat!). So that’s my next project.
Any tips would be very welcome.

Teacheranne Sun 09-Jan-22 12:15:50

I can knit but for several years I have only done crocheting. As I get towards the end of a project, I’m already planning the next one and can’t wait to start it! I have a large stash of wool but never seem to have quite what I need for large projects so am always buying more, especially in the sales!

I make mainly blankets, toys or small things for various charities. I do not sell my things, just give them away, although sometimes I ask for charity donations.

Last Easter I made about 30 little stuffed rabbits and ducks, I put them in cellophane bags and left them on the end of my drive with a note saying that they were for local children to take one - free. It was a small thing to do to cheer up the youngsters who had been through a tough time in the pandemic. I loved peering through my window as the little ones chose one from the tray! Twice a parent knocked on my door to say thank you and insisting on giving me some money so I donated it to the charity my WI were supporting.

wildswan16 Sun 09-Jan-22 12:34:38

I love to knit and crochet. My goal for this year is to start using circular needles. It will be so much easier with less seams to sew up, but for some reason I keep using straight needles. I love Aran and anything with lots of cables, but also want to try Fair Isle.

However, I have made a promise to myself not to buy any more wool until my current stash is finished. Not sure if I will break my promise !

If anyone has any tips on beginning a collection of circular needles I would be grateful. Or do I just buy them individually as I need them?

MiniMoon Sun 09-Jan-22 13:11:45

I can knit, but only very slowly, and can only do basic stitches. I only have one pair of knitting needles.

I crochet.

I wore a shawl I made for myself at my birthday party. Two sisters in law admired it, and asked if I would make one each for them.
Since completing them, I haven't started another project, but my daughter has asked me to make her a yoga blanket.
Our local Knit and Natter group is taking a covid break at the moment.
We have yet to decide when to start up again.

Sisters in-law shawl.

Calistemon Sun 09-Jan-22 13:18:16

If anyone has any tips on beginning a collection of circular needles I would be grateful. Or do I just buy them individually as I need them?
KnitPro do interchangeable circular needles, you can change the size of the tips.

I did see a demonstration of knitting a whole cardigan in one piece on circular needles, had a go but mine would only have fitted a doll or teddy bear. Others have completed them and they are quite different to knit than in the conventional way.

SueDonim Sun 09-Jan-22 13:32:58

What a lovely thread!

I’ve knitted since forever, I can’t remember not knitting. I only have one project on the go at a time. I’m currently unravelling the cardigan I’m making for my GS. He’s grown so much it won’t fit him! I prefer short steel needles but also use circular ones. I’ve got many needles I’ve collected over the years and inherited my MIL’s needles, too. I keep them in a glass vase, they make an interesting display!

I crochet as well but it doesn’t come as naturally to me as knitting and I struggle with tension. I really have to concentrate on it. I can happily knit and read or watch tv at the same time but not with crochet.

I also do cross stitch although my sight isn’t as sharp as it used to be for that and I like needlepoint.

As for my stash - what stash?? ???

Auntieflo Sun 09-Jan-22 13:33:23

I love knitting, and crochet, but only do simple crochet patterns.
At the moment, I have some knitting on the go for a friend. But, it is not going well, the yarn is a silky sort of Cotton DK, on the band it says 100% Mercerised Cotton, on Needle Nos 7 & 9's

It is not easy, and the pattern was a b*****r. So, the back is not going to be cabled etc. the front will be.
It isn't growing as fast as I would normally expect, but I am going to carry on for a bit more, before I may have to give up.

Auntieflo Sun 09-Jan-22 13:36:23

As yet I haven't mastered circular needles, but my friend, who only took up knitting, in the first lock down, is a dab hand now.

Cressida Sun 09-Jan-22 13:58:42

If anyone wants to try a simple top down pattern this one on Ravelry is the first one I did.

If you're like me and love knitting but don't like sewing up top down is great especially if you can knit the sleeves with double pointed needles.

Niobe Sun 09-Jan-22 14:00:41

I joined 2 knitting groups when we moved to London 6 years ago because I wanted to make new friends and get to know people and I thoroughly recommend that for anyone needing to expand their social circle.
Both groups are now meeting again after lockdown . During lockdown we all kept in touch using a WhatsApp and posted our completed projects . Made lockdown a little less lonely.

Calistemon Sun 09-Jan-22 14:15:58

I keep them in a glass vase, they make an interesting display!
My old metal and wooden ones (some inherited from my Mum and my MIL) are in cardboard whisky bottle containers grin
I prefer to use the KnitPro ones but have been doing more crochet lately.