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ginny Fri 02-Sep-22 11:21:21

Two birthday card that I have made for friends. One loves rabbits and the other has hens and a mad cockerel !

ginny Fri 02-Sep-22 11:22:20

Both inspired by pictures on Pinterest.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 02-Sep-22 11:23:48

How beautiful! You’re very clever and your friends are very lucky.

Squiffy Fri 02-Sep-22 12:01:55

They’re great! I especially like the Mad Cockerel!

Beautful Fri 02-Sep-22 15:39:29

They are lovely. I need to do something creative, or say I want to do something creative not sure what though, knitting, sewing, although theses are beautiful who knows may give it a try ... more pictures please

grannydarkhair Fri 02-Sep-22 15:44:52

They’re both fab, do you have any more to show us? How wonderful to get a card like either of those.

Greyduster Fri 02-Sep-22 15:46:43

I love them both! Nothing as nice as a home made card. You have a talent, Ginny!

Baggs Fri 02-Sep-22 16:07:39

They both made me smile, ginny. Your friends will love them. Well done you.

lixy Fri 02-Sep-22 16:13:55

Oh wow, they have real character. Hope you've signed them and that your lucky friends can find frames for them!

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 02-Sep-22 17:00:07

They're lovely, ginny. I would love to receive such a card .

Yammy Fri 02-Sep-22 17:01:42

I hope your friends appreciate all your work and cherish them.

Witzend Fri 02-Sep-22 19:23:37

How clever! They’re brilliant!

GrandmasueUK Fri 02-Sep-22 19:27:18

I love those ginny. The cockerel makes me smile and the rabbit is so sweet.

crazyH Fri 02-Sep-22 19:28:57

How clever ginny !

baubles Fri 02-Sep-22 19:41:27

Fabulous cards. Love the expressions on their faces. grin

ginny Sat 03-Sep-22 07:22:07

Thank you everyone.
I am so enjoying learning how to draw and paint.

Ro60 Sat 03-Sep-22 08:43:03

Wonderful & inspiring ?

foxie48 Sat 03-Sep-22 09:08:32

I made a thank you card for my SIL, water colour of a lily. We visited again recently and she said not a word! Obviously didn't appreciate the time I'd taken making it. I hope your friends appreciate your careds, they are really lovely. (nicer than mine!)

Lovetopaint037 Sat 03-Sep-22 10:15:42

I used to paint a Christmas card for a neighbour. Her son said she keeps them all. Then visiting on the off chance just before Christmas I saw them all and couldn’t believe I had done so many as they were all around the room.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 18-Nov-22 09:29:01

I’ve just started to paint, I haven’t painted since school! But I’m enjoying it.
Lots of inspiration from Pinterest, but I find so many faults in my pics that I just want to bin them all!
I’m doing the November Art Challenge which is helping me to get used to drawing again.
Love the mad cockerel Ginny

luluaugust Fri 18-Nov-22 09:35:40

Love them, painting is so relaxing

henetha Fri 18-Nov-22 10:43:10

I really love those and wish I had your talent Ginny

Norah Fri 18-Nov-22 10:51:12

Wonderful, ginny.

VB000 Fri 18-Nov-22 12:19:21

They are amazing, you're so talented!

Purplepixie Fri 18-Nov-22 12:48:45

These are great and you are so talented!