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Phew, finally finished, down to the gormless-looking sheep.

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Witzend Thu 20-Oct-22 13:58:15

I was putting in the very last stitches - attaching the 2nd sheep’s tail - as Liz Truss was announcing her resignation!

I can now pack it away, clear all the paraphernalia off the dining room table, and hope I won’t be daft enough next summer to be tempted into starting another. (Because, you know, I have all this different coloured yarn to use up….)

Hetty58 Thu 20-Oct-22 14:01:36

That's so sweet!

Auntieflo Thu 20-Oct-22 14:19:18

Witzend, they are lovely. You know what they say about sheep being easily led, (gormless) Clever lady.

I made a Nativity set, using little yogurt drinks bottles as the body bases, and knitted clothes to fit. Unfortunately they don't have arms!

Jaxjacky Thu 20-Oct-22 14:21:10

I like that, clever.

Ashcombe Thu 20-Oct-22 14:23:28

How clever, Witzend! They look super!

I see you have a piano. Do you play?

Callistemon21 Thu 20-Oct-22 14:24:05

Well done Witzend!

You could crochet a blanket with all the leftovers ?
It could be a chilly winter.

Callistemon21 Thu 20-Oct-22 14:25:13

using little yogurt drinks bottles as the body bases

Brilliant idea, Auntieflo!
That might give me some inspiration

Doodledog Thu 20-Oct-22 14:28:57

I made the same set ages ago, and it comes out every Christmas. It's a great pattern - very easy to follow. I used cornflake boxes for the bases, if I remember rightly (cut to shape, obviously grin)

Auntieflo Thu 20-Oct-22 14:31:16

I have just finished 6 little hats for Ferrero Rocher chocs. These were a request from our great grandson, but will be kept for C.......s.
Nice to have time for some time wasting.

Witzend Thu 20-Oct-22 14:38:29

Those are brilliant, Auntieflo!.

Ashcombe, yes, I do, but not very well!

NotSpaghetti Thu 20-Oct-22 14:39:33

Although I read this thread yesterday I read the title this morning as being related to the sagas in the government shockgrin

grandMattie Thu 20-Oct-22 14:54:05

Well done!
I’m making the selfsame nativity, but I’ll m not using the same colours nor am I putting features…
Still more to come; only started last week.

Dickens Thu 20-Oct-22 15:11:00

Phew, finally finished, down to the gormless-looking sheep.

Well, I think that...

Oops, sorry - the headline made me think this was a political thread grin...

Actually, I think your little display is quite lovely!

62Granny Thu 20-Oct-22 15:23:56

You could find another project that doesn't involve gormless sheep to use up the wool before you get tempted to try and do another one?

Septimia Thu 20-Oct-22 15:49:29

Well done for getting the sheep under control! The whole thing looks lovely.

I'd never have the patience and am currently struggling to crochet 3 cone-shaped Christmas trees with crochet chain decorations (the gold and silver metallic thread has a mind of its own).

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 20-Oct-22 15:50:53

They are lovely.

mokryna Thu 20-Oct-22 16:12:08

They are lovely, well done.
Will the grandchildren in future years be asking why are the men wearing masks and Mary not?

Blossoming Thu 20-Oct-22 16:23:32

It’s lovely ❤️

SueDonim Thu 20-Oct-22 16:23:47

Cute! Well done, Witzend.

Joseanne Thu 20-Oct-22 16:27:02

That's very sweet.

LadyGracie Thu 20-Oct-22 17:30:40

I think it's amazing, you must have tremendous patience.

Auntieflo Thu 20-Oct-22 17:34:37

Mokryna, the men have beards.

Witzend Fri 21-Oct-22 09:50:27


I think it's amazing, you must have tremendous patience.

I wouldn’t say that, LadyGracie - more a case of liking making things far more than I like housework - why isn’t there a lazy-baggage emoji?

Urmstongran Fri 21-Oct-22 09:56:55

Oh such talented ladies here on GN! I’m very impressed by all the photos. I love seeing crafts of all kinds as I’m completely talentless in every department.

Yammy Fri 21-Oct-22 09:59:00

Well done Witzend,your so talented.