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shawls. Come into their own, at last

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karmalady Wed 30-Nov-22 11:18:30

I have made several shawls over the years and hardly worn them but, perhaps it is an age thing, I popped one on today and it is oh so warm and cosy around my neck and top of my shoulders

I have one more left to make, perhaps next year or the year after. I have all the wool and pattern, safe in a ziplock, away from moths. A warm full shawl

I finished one a few months ago, bought all the yarn on rav via a de-stash. Also very warm

karmalady Wed 30-Nov-22 11:21:12

A quick easy knit, very much liked by others and good for a present is hitchhiker.

I have made at least a dozen of them. Lovely to knit while watching a film. I used sock yarn

Blossoming Wed 30-Nov-22 11:34:33

Those look lovely KarmaLady. I must look for a loom knitting pattern.

My mother used to knit the most beautiful Shetland shawls.

grannydarkhair Wed 30-Nov-22 11:40:17

I like the type of shawl that Claire, the main character in the Outlander series often wears - they cross over at the front and are held in place with a button at the back.

kittylester Wed 30-Nov-22 11:46:47

Sorry, shawls are not for me! Too redolent of rocking chairs and cats on the lap. I love cats BTW.

I do like a pashmina though and now I think about it, I'm not sure what the difference is.

lixy Wed 30-Nov-22 11:52:30

I love a little shawl - or is it a scarf? - to plug the gaps around my neck. Just a little one isn't bulky and makes a huge difference to keeping warm.

Yours look beautiful Karmalady. It would have to be quite a long film for me to finish one of those though. My knitting is very slow.

Caleo Wed 30-Nov-22 12:03:48

I like the shawls in the pictures. A large brooch would fasten a shawl so it could be hands-free without a knot. The shawls in the pictures are loose;y knitted so a brooch would not harm them.

grannydarkhair Wed 30-Nov-22 12:09:12

Caleo That’s a lovely site, I could spend a fortune on all the pins and brooches I like.

grandMattie Wed 30-Nov-22 12:15:24

They are lovely, I might make one…
I have over 25 shawl/pashmina/dupattias in all sorts of colours and patterns. I have been wearing them all year for many years. Perhaps this adds to the perception that I am rather eccentric?

Doodledog Wed 30-Nov-22 12:17:36

I've made a dozen or so hitchhikers, too.

I wear them round my neck with the point at the front and the ends either dangling or knotted under the hanging bit of the shawl. They are more like scarves but a bit more stylish, and not at all appropriate for cartoon grannies in rocking chairs grin.

Georgesgran Wed 30-Nov-22 12:25:45

Pashminas for me - I’ve got dozens. As I normally wear an outfit of one dark colour, I pep it up in the cooler months with a bright pashmina and if I have one, a bag to match. I like to think that the splash of bright colour around the neck draws the eye from the fat body beneath!

Caleo Wed 30-Nov-22 12:30:21

When I was a girl I wore a good quality wool kilt. My kilt pin did no damage to the woven material.

tanith Wed 30-Nov-22 12:37:10

I have a cashmere scarf I bought in Edinburgh I use a small hair claw to fasten it on my shoulder.

I love the shawls you’ve made just the job for chilly days.

karmalady Wed 30-Nov-22 12:43:55

granny in a rocking chair!! grin certainly not. I am a cycling granny who dresses in lycra for cycling grin

I love that I can now use my shawl pins. I feel so cosy today, it is grim and cold out. The shawl I am wearing today is smaller and lighter but just right over my shoulders and around my neck

The outlander shawl is a lovely design, oh no, don`t give me any ideas. I am already stashed with wool and patterns

lixy Wed 30-Nov-22 12:50:03

You can never be fully stashed Karmalady grin
There's always room for just one more.....!

karmalady Wed 30-Nov-22 13:01:28

Hey Lixy, I just looked for outlander-style patterns, there are lots. Very easy knits in garter stitch. Mmm I have odd hanks of 4ply wool, could easily make a stripey one. Need to finish pandoras love first, beautiful to knit and takes a long time due to colourwork and concentration. Has to be about the best written pattern I ever used

GagaJo Wed 30-Nov-22 13:04:55

Oh YES! Shawls, scarves, anything to cover the upper back and neck.

I've got this odd thing I bought overseas that I also love. It's like a big cashmere rectangle with buttons and button holes down both sides. You can button it up into any shape. It's essentially a scarf, but the buttons make it very variable. Also very warm.

lixy Thu 05-Jan-23 21:24:28

Just wondering whether any one has made an Outlander shawl. I really like the look of them but the patterns are expensive so

- can anyone recommend a good pattern for an averagely competent, slow knitter?
-if you have made one, were you pleased with it and has it been useful?

JaneJudge Thu 05-Jan-23 21:31:36

I love shawls too.

CanadianGran Thu 05-Jan-23 22:26:28

I started this one ages ago and let it fall into the knitting basket...perhaps I should pick up the needles again.

I do find I like a lighter cottony scarf wound around my neck; it keeps drafts out without adding too much bulk. The coquille shawl is made with very fine wool/silk blend so shouldn't be bulky, I just need to get on with it.

lixy Fri 06-Jan-23 04:54:49

That looks beautiful Canadian Gran. I like the detail the short rows add. I hope you are pleased with yours when you get around to finishing it.

FannyCornforth Fri 06-Jan-23 05:23:25


I like the type of shawl that Claire, the main character in the Outlander series often wears - they cross over at the front and are held in place with a button at the back.

Mrs Cratchit in Dickensian wore one of those! Although it was supposed to be drab, I greatly admired it.
I do wish that I could knit.
I’ve got two left hands sad

MrsKen33 Fri 06-Jan-23 06:19:22

I have heaps of wool and honestly never thought of a shawl. What a lovely idea. Definitely my next project, Thank you Karmalady.
I always rather liked those Paisley shawls the Victorian ladies wore also.

greenmossgiel Fri 06-Jan-23 06:24:11

Like Karmalady, I enjoy knitting ‘hitchhiker’ shawls. My main love is knitting socks, so I use my stash of remaining sock yarn for my shawls.
I knit all the time - cannot just sit, so a nice wee shawl project does the job now and again.

Ailidh Fri 06-Jan-23 06:26:07

I've made many of these over the years but without the fringey tassels which are just a damn nuisance, in wear and in the washing machine.
Gave quite a few as Christmas presents this time, and have taken orders for more.