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Late Ch×××××as project

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Namsnanny Tue 10-Jan-23 20:05:32

I had a naff Ch××××××s, so I took a leaf out of purplepixies book and filled my time with a project. It took longer than I thought!
But now its finished I thought I'd show GN knitters before I put it away.

JaneJudge Tue 10-Jan-23 20:07:02

It is beautiful 😍

lixy Tue 10-Jan-23 20:09:16

That's fabulous!
And not late at all, just ready for December and a better Christmas I hope.

midgey Tue 10-Jan-23 20:09:51

Why put it away, it looks terrific! Show it off.

AreWeThereYet Tue 10-Jan-23 20:14:47

It is beautiful. When you do pack it away make sure you protect it so you can use it next year.

Georgesgran Tue 10-Jan-23 20:18:08

That is absolutely beautiful. If you don’t want to keep it on display, why not start to make one in Spring colours, then another with Summer flowers and an Autumn one too?
I have (cheap from Amazon) door wreaths for the seasons and I think they really cheer up the front door.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 10-Jan-23 20:26:36

That is stunning Namsnanny

Namsnanny Tue 10-Jan-23 20:30:07

That's a great idea Georgesgran smile I might well do that. Ill check out my stash and see what colours go together.

I've used acrylic yarn AreWeThereYet, so I'm hoping moths wont like it, and I've yet to find a box ect to protect it. But maybe one of those vacuum bags would be best?

Thanks Midgey I suppose I could keep it on display a while longer.

lixey yes lets hope. Anyway I wont be the only one. Thanks I'm glad you like it.

Thank you JaneJudge It was actually quite relaxing to make. Well, the assembly not so much. But all craft is fiddly at times.

Namsnanny Tue 10-Jan-23 20:31:27

Kind of you to post that Grannygravy13

ginny Tue 10-Jan-23 21:05:38

It’s lovely .

Grannybags Tue 10-Jan-23 21:06:38


It's not late but early... wink

Doodle Tue 10-Jan-23 21:12:18

That’s wonderful. So pretty.

Kate1949 Tue 10-Jan-23 21:13:37

That's beautiful and clever.

SuzieHi Tue 10-Jan-23 21:13:56

It looks lovely. Well done! Make more if you enjoyed it. Think they’d sell on eBay or Etsy if you fancy making some cash

MerylStreep Tue 10-Jan-23 21:19:01

That is stunning 😍
Is it from a pattern?

Ali23 Tue 10-Jan-23 21:19:41

That is really lovely! I really like the idea of having a wreath for every season.

Millie22 Tue 10-Jan-23 21:31:41

How lovely 🌸

That must have taken quite a while to do.

ixion Tue 10-Jan-23 21:33:19

That is lovely!
You must be proud of that.
Spring colours next?

grandMattie Tue 10-Jan-23 21:35:43

Well done. All set for December!

Marthjolly1 Tue 10-Jan-23 21:39:09

Such a lot of work. It must have taken many hours and very satisfying to do Im sure. So beautiful

Harris27 Tue 10-Jan-23 21:48:05

I love it how clever!

Namsnanny Tue 10-Jan-23 22:21:27

Ginny, Grannybags, Doodle and Kate1949
Thank you so much for posting, I'm glad you like it.
Yes, early for next crimbo Grannybag grin

Ziplok Tue 10-Jan-23 22:23:48

How lovely. You’re very talented. It will look gorgeous on display next Christmas. 😁

crazyH Tue 10-Jan-23 22:24:59

Very pretty👌

Jalyn Tue 10-Jan-23 22:27:29

I love it. It looks stunning