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best tool for cutting large felt fabric circles

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volvic Fri 27-Jan-23 22:01:54

Hi all,

I want to be able cut perfectly round large cirlces out of felt fabric,

20cm up to 1mtr.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can acheive this, or can i buy a tool to do it..?
It will be an on going, so will need lots 100pcs +
i have searched on online but only found maxium size is around 20cm.

Elegran Fri 27-Jan-23 22:14:37

Draw round a large plate, dustbin lid etc and cut round.

Or - Fasten a loop at one end of a length of string at the centre of the circle under a drawing pin or something similar, and at the other end tie a pencil or biro. Use that to draw a circle to cut round.

Or - use one of those methods to cut a circle out of cardboard (from an opened-up delivery carton?) and then use the cardboard circle as a template to draw a circle on the felt, and cut it out.

IrishDancing Fri 27-Jan-23 22:16:50

Good ideas from Elegran.

Hetty58 Fri 27-Jan-23 22:21:44

When I've cut large fabric circles, I've always pinned down the fabric to a flat surface first (ironing board, carpet or bed) with dressmaking pins - then used the old but reliable pen on a string method to mark it out.

The string is adjusted to radius, looped and knotted around a tack or drawing pin, securely pushed into the centre of your circle, then stretched taught by the pen (held upright) as you carefully draw the circle.

Detach your fabric and cut with scissors - or ideally, on a large craft cutting mat with a circular (pizza type) sharp fabric/craft cutter. If I were making several, I'd make a template, though.

volvic Fri 27-Jan-23 23:11:13

Thank you all, for your replies and creative ideas,

I was looking for more of a soild tool, that would cut pefectly round circles each time, considering i have lots to cut, somthing like this:-

But not available until mid March.

I have one on back order with them, looks like an interesting fabric cutter.

Hetty58 Fri 27-Jan-23 23:26:49

That's just overkill for what you need - and the felt would move or stretch as you use it - unless secured. It doesn't cut thick materials.

volvic Fri 27-Jan-23 23:58:31

It does mention:

rotary blade cuts through a wide range of materials including textiles, fabrics, leatherette, felt, denim, lace, gasket material, thin rubber, cork, veneer sheets, balsa wood, card, paper, thin plastic, vinyl, banner material, vehicle wrap vinyl.

Have you used one..?

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 28-Jan-23 09:01:16

Seems like a clever advertising ploy,

I can’t find one online, but ‘I have one on order……….’

A new poster?

Elegran Sat 28-Jan-23 10:00:59

No previous posts turn up in the search box.

LauraSimon Fri 17-Mar-23 20:24:19

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MerylStreep Fri 17-Mar-23 20:32:16

This poster has posted before.

JaneJudge Fri 17-Mar-23 20:39:49

You can buy blade cutters that cut through several layers of fabric (like 50 - 100) at a time but it is handheld, plus you’d have to mark the top layer of you pile of felt as a perfect circle using a middle weight and sieve of string. The felt would have to be clamped down

Not sure if this makes sense

JaneJudge Fri 17-Mar-23 20:50:58

I meant to add, they are very expensive¤cy=GBP&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google+shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwn9CgBhDjARIsAD15h0D4DjOcKkuaze3wN56sCsvmekXQAy96R5oVCU48PP4kRkfUqebOoeYaAr62EALw_wcB

Namsnanny Fri 17-Mar-23 20:59:27

I needed to cut out round felt circles, I gave up.
Scissors were useless, so was a sharp craft knife.

JaneJudge Sat 18-Mar-23 10:22:01

a piece of string not a seive blush

Mamissimo Sat 18-Mar-23 11:09:22

I had a similar problem and there are laser cutting companies who can help....this company is possibly worth emailing as they help patchwork and craft people - good luck!

LauraSimon Fri 24-Mar-23 10:06:40

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