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The Best Supermarket to shop at

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cheelu Mon 21-Jan-13 13:06:48

I have found that Sainsbury's food is much fresher and defently tastier that any other Supermarket I have used. I think the worse in terms of freshness has to be Asda. Obviously Marks and Soencers food is amazing but I find that I can not do a proper full weekly shop in M&S

What have you found guys.

whenim64 Mon 20-May-13 14:42:37

A couple of new Home Bargains shops have opened in my locality. I went in and found some great bargains - half the price I would pay in supermarkets. Whitworths dates, raisins and other dried fruit ir 79p, instead of about £1.70. I bought some more dates there yesterday and they were horrible - August 2014 use by date, so shoud be fresh, dark and sticky. They were pale and like wood. I phoned the Customer Careline and they knew immediately this batch had been sold to Home Bargains as I started reading the number out. It didn't seem to come as a surprise.

They apologised and will send me some vouchers. I was left wondering whether they offload batches that aren't up to standard to the bargain shops, and that's why they're so cheap. Other stuff I've had has been fine, especially tinned food.

Anyone got any inside information on this sort of thing?

hummingbird Mon 20-May-13 22:39:59

When, we have a Home Bargain near us, and find them generally good - especially for branded goods.

I shop much less these days in the local Sainsbury's. It's a small store, in our very small town centre. Over the last few years, Sainsbury's has gradually bought up all the shops and houses around it, and developed plans for a huge superstore, complete with online distribution centre, petrol station, etc. This was completely inappropriate for a residential area like ours, so the locals fought the plans - and won! Our little centre is left like a ghost town, with boarded up shops and demolished houses, etc, but at least we don't have to live with a monstrosity. Waitrose for me!

inthefields Mon 20-May-13 23:02:25

Waitrose, and local Co-op for odd bits.

In the past, I have agreed with the odd comments mentioning snob value around Aldi/Lidl and have viewed them in very much that way. NOT any more! I stayed with friends in Ireland recently and was given superb smoked salmon which was better than the very pricey Scottish "smoked over handpicked individual twigs of the rarest tree at the top of the mountain" salmon, which I buy for Christmas and special occasions. I was stunned to be told it was from Aldi and a fraction of the price, with superb flavour and texture.
So, I am a convert ....and if I could find one near me, I would certainly try shopping there.

ps Mon 20-May-13 23:10:18

cheelu You say "I think the worse in terms of freshness has to be Asda". I may need to question that as I find Morrisons to be worse. Sainsbury's are good but by far I find Waitrose to be superior for choice and quality.
Bargain Madness and Home Bargains are definitely cheaper but you do need to watch the sell by dates although in saying that many productswill be consumed long before the expiry date.
I recently bought 400 gram slabs of cadbury's milk chocolate for £1.99 in B&M whereas I normally pay £3.48 for it. OK it had London 2012 packaging but so what, the chocolate tasted the same and only lasts two or three days anyway. So Waitrose it must be but I still keep an eye on branded bargains in other stores. Sadly I have a Morrisons nearest to me but the produce is not up to Waitrose or Sainsbury's standards.

Flowerofthewest Tue 21-May-13 10:46:47

As I have mentioned before Aldi and Lidl are THE places to shop in Germany according to my German friends. They liken them to our M and S

Gorki Tue 21-May-13 11:25:34

Yes ,my German SiL loves Lidl for their sausages and other German meat.

ps Tue 21-May-13 22:13:41

When in Cyprus I use Lidl, they are good value for money, so I can certainly agree on that.

celebgran Wed 22-May-13 21:02:34

That's strange I loathe sainsbury s! Never like their fresh produce we do have 2 morisons tesco and sainsbury near us. Sainsbury is the worst as stuff so short dated. Their largest store is only 12 miles away at Colchester mainly non food! Their bread is all part baked stuff morrisons is baked in store.
Like fish at asda but have to watch some stuff not not good there like clothes browsing at George !

also have coop and Iceland 5 min walk so we have lot choice.

Tegan Wed 22-May-13 21:33:46

I love Morrisons but there isn't one near where I live. Maybe I like it because I go there when I'm on holiday, but I always eat more healthy food when I shop there.