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Falconbird Sat 28-Feb-15 06:43:27

My grandchildren are 7 and 4 a boy and a girl. My GS is very computer orientated and likes Top Trumps. My GD still likes to play schools etc., whereas my GS is growing out of games of make believe.

Can any grans recommend a board game or similar that they could play together. I've tried snap but it's not popular.

J52 Sat 28-Feb-15 06:52:20

It's difficult to get it right with that age gap, as one can read and use number and the other can't.
We found that the games produced by Orchard toys are brilliant. They have educational value, are beautifully produced and are fun.
You can go on line to get them, if you don't have a good toy shop near you.

Sometimes we play Frustration, it's rather like Ludo, but you can't lose the dice! x

Leticia Sat 28-Feb-15 07:43:00

The age gap is difficult. The 7yr old can play practically anything but the 4 yr old can't.
We found Coppit best for all ages. You could try Connect 4.
There are lots of card games. We started with Strip Jack Naked ( or beg off my Neighbour if you want the polite name) New Market is good. Pellmanism, Fish - Google some. Snap is boring and the 4 yr old stands little chance unless people let them get in first.

Leticia Sat 28-Feb-15 07:44:13

I would agree with J52's suggestions.

kittylester Sat 28-Feb-15 08:11:48

We find Sorry is a good game for all ages - including 60+. grin

Leticia Sat 28-Feb-15 08:22:07

I forgot Sorry- can you still get it? We played it as children.

Falconbird Sat 28-Feb-15 09:46:30

My GS really wants to play games on my laptop but Dil isn't very keen on him doing this so I go along with her wishes.

I do let him play on every other visit as his dad (my son) doesn't mind. This does free me up to play schools with my little GD.

I need something that my GS will find exciting and interesting and my GD can keep up with. I had 3 boys so they all had the same interests.

kittylester Sat 28-Feb-15 09:52:50

Sorry is still available and worth a try!

soontobe Sat 28-Feb-15 10:13:15

Hungry frogs/hippos
Penguin pile up

Not sure if all of these are still available.

Not exactly board games, but similar, fun and several people can join in.

annodomini Sat 28-Feb-15 10:17:06

Among an astonishing variety of games based on Monopoly, there's a junior version which shouldn't be beyond a 4-year-old, with a bit of help from grandma. However, it's impossible to deter a 7-year-old boy from playing computer games. It's like trying to hold back the tide. Minecraft is the current big favourite. And let's not be sexist about this - it won't be long before your GD gets her hands on the keyboard, if she hasn't already done so.

POGS Sat 28-Feb-15 11:09:35

Kids are all so different aren't they.

My GD is nearly nine and we still enjoy playing the odd board game or two. We like Sorry, Matching Pairs, Draughts, Junior Scrabble, Guess Who etc. but we regress to infancy playing Buck a roo and Build a Beetle confused, they cover the age gap too. Funny faces crosses an age gap also. Charity shops sell them so cheaply.

Can't beat making a mess with glue, glitter, paper cut out pictures for collage making though. Or going into the garden and finding stones, mud, twigs, feathers and flowers to make plate gardens.

Happy days Falcon, enjoy them before they grow too old to play with smile

harrigran Sat 28-Feb-15 11:09:52

My GC are four years apart and they play memory card games, it works well because they just have to remember the pictures.

KatyK Sat 28-Feb-15 11:36:04

My DGD used to love Connect 4.

rubysong Sat 28-Feb-15 12:43:16

There was a card game called Whot which we played a lot in the eighties with our DSs. It was easy to explain and could be played in odd moments. It was useful on a holiday which involved a long flight. I may try and get a pack to take to DGC in USA next month.

MiniMouse Sat 28-Feb-15 12:50:18

My lot love Pit, which you can still get. The youngest was three when he was introduced to it, so needed help, but thoroughly revelled in the frantic shouting to acquire the necessary cards. We still all play it - youngest now four and eldest nine.

durhamjen Sat 28-Feb-15 12:55:46

When my grandchildren come here they like getting out a game called Labyrinth which we first bought for my parents to play. All four of them will play, and their age range is 21 to 7, now, but they have played since being able to play together.

I use a website called which has masses of games suitable. I have just ordered a new version of Rush Hour for the two youngest to play together as they have all versions of Rush Hour anyway.

Greyduster Sat 28-Feb-15 13:20:48

My grandson (8) has too many games to mention, and none of them trump the ones on his computer (current favourite FIFA 15), but the ones he keeps coming back to are ludo, build a beetle (which he was addicted to until recently), tumbling monkeys which is a bit like kerplunk, but you need a bit more finesse to stop the monkeys dropping out of the bottom, donkey and happy families, guess who, connect four. He also loves a card game called spoons, which is huge fun if you don't mind getting scratches all over the back of your hands!! Might be a bit too much for a four year old though!

durhamjen Sat 28-Feb-15 13:27:31

This is a game of observation which my grandchildren have had a couple of years.
One year when we went on the train from Durham to York, my grandson was sitting opposite a boy about the same age who had this game, so they played all the way to York. Never seen the boy before or since, but it's a good game to play for anyone.

durhamjen Sat 28-Feb-15 13:45:05

Just realised there is more than one Labyrinth. The one I was talking about is a board game by Ravensburger. It says 8 to adult but my grandkids have been playing it since they were four.

If you want to see what Rush Hour is about, you can play it online.
We first bought it for our autistic grandson, because he loved lining up cars.
His sister has the junior one with an icecream van.

emmasnan Tue 03-Mar-15 09:09:20

There is a game called Shopping by Orchard I think. You each have a shopping trolley card and match the shopping to the card so a bit like bingo. Also a game called Traffic Jam rather like dominoes with pictures. The cards have vehicles, road works etc.
Easy for the younger child as it's all pictures but still enough going on in it to keep an older child interested.

Most like a guessing game so a few items on a tray for them to look at, then they close eyes while you take one away and they have to name the one taken away. Or let them look at items and then cover with a cloth and they see who can name all the items on the tray.

Falconbird Sun 22-Mar-15 07:59:31

Thanks for all the suggestions Grans. I bought a Pop Up Pirate Game which seemed to fit the bill for the grandkids - 7 and 4.

The problem is I can't get the pirate to go down the barrel. Miss my DH at times like this.

Has anyone any experience of Pop up Pirate and how to get the perishing pirate to go down into his barrel smile

Anya Sun 22-Mar-15 08:19:33

Just push him in Falcon making sure all the little swords are out of course. If that doesn't work get the 7-year old to do it. And it that fails I think your pop up mechanism is stuck.

Anya Sun 22-Mar-15 08:21:41

Incidentally mine didn't go all the way down to the bottom of the barrel anyway. He sort of sat there with his head showing and then when triggered by the right sword just popped out further.

Falconbird Sun 22-Mar-15 08:39:53

Thanks for advice. I'll keep trying and you're so right my 7 year old grandson will probably walk in and hey presto - it works.

Anya Sun 22-Mar-15 08:47:59

Doesn't it make you sick when they do that!!!