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I went to visit my Mum again today....

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kittylester Thu 21-Jan-16 20:50:57

following a call from the home to say her breathing was bad. I sat with her all afternoon waiting for the crt to come and observe her. They hadn't come by 5 pm and mum was sleeping and breathing more easily so I came home. The nurse rang about 7 to tell me that the crt thought mum would be OK with antibiotics. When the doctor asked if he could look at her chest mum said 'ooh, you'll enjoy that!' blush

morethan2 Thu 21-Jan-16 20:54:05

She sounds like a character. I hope she continues to improve and keeps her sense of humour.

Teetime Fri 22-Jan-16 09:54:25

Love her!smile

M0nica Fri 22-Jan-16 13:07:13

kittylester I hope you will eventually publish the book 'I went to visit my Mum today......'

My mother died suddenly, but for six years I visited my aunt who had dementia and was in a Care Home. In earlier life she had been a witty and amusing woman, but that seemed to go with the dementia. For the first six months she kept us amused with her thoughts on who owned and ran the home and her place within it, but once she settled her conversation seemed to fade with it.