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My necklace is marking my jumpers - help!

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Luckygirl Sun 28-Feb-16 11:38:56

Are you sure that the naughty OH has not slipped in a bit of nickel under the guise of silver? grin

kittylester Sun 28-Feb-16 08:35:37

I should have said that I have put it in 'silver dip' and jewellery cleaner. It doesn't mark my skin if I wear a vee neck. I'll try actually polishing it but it doesn't look tarnished.

janeainsworth Sun 28-Feb-16 08:26:25

Have you polished it kitty? It sounds like tarnish.
Or maybe the silver is reacting with your perfume or moisturiser?

kittylester Sun 28-Feb-16 08:08:49

For Christmas DH bought me a silver necklace with a ♥ shape that sits just below the neck of most of my tops. On some, but not all, it leaves a dirty mark. I've painted the back of it with clear nail varnish, to no avail. Any one have any other suggestions?