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Bluebell Sightings: Ashridge in Hertfordshire

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Candelle Mon 11-Apr-16 14:32:45

Hello Gransnetters

I love to see bluebells each spring - it really cheers me up. My family and I go to visit the Ashridge estate in Hertfordshire (around the Bridgewater Memorial) but that is a 45 minute drive away and I am wonderng if any local GNers could advise if the bluebells are out yet at Ashridge and we should get the car out...... or not!

Perhaps other GNers could post reports of good bluebell displays near them, too, as they develop, so we could all enjoy local displays?

tanith Mon 11-Apr-16 15:11:28

We have a bluebell wood in our area , its run by the Selbourne Society and generally only open to members but on one day a year its open day normally while the bluebells are displaying. Its called Perivale Bluebell Wood and is in Ealing . The open day is at the end of April this year its a beautiful place and in a very built up area alongside the canal. Maybe only those who live in London would be able to visit.

Here is a link...

Dara Mon 11-Apr-16 15:22:48

Bluebells blossoming in my front garden!

tanith Mon 11-Apr-16 15:29:06

Forgot to add I have bluebells in my front garden too, but they are the nasty Spanish bullyboy ones I don't like them and keep meaning to see if I can source some delicate English bluebells I'm not sure if you can actually buy them from somewhere as digging them up from the wild isn't an option.

Daisyanswerdo Mon 11-Apr-16 15:30:09

Are the bluebells in people's gardens more likely to be Spanish bluebells? They are more upright, have flowers all round the stem, are a paler blue in colour and have the ability to hybridise with our native bluebells.

tanith Mon 11-Apr-16 15:37:42

I think its more likely Daisyanserdo, and yes they are more upright with flowers all around , paler with no fragrance . The English Bluebells have a lovely smell.

shysal Mon 11-Apr-16 16:16:17

Woodland bluebells are just coming out in Oxfordshire. It will be a while before there is a proper blue carpet of them, another week or two maybe. I hope you get to see a good display.

Granny23 Mon 11-Apr-16 16:24:30

The white bluebells in my garden are out and the blue ones are on their way. The bluebells on the hill at the foot of our garden are always a bit later - in time for my DM's birthday - 15th May. I have always assumed that mine were native Scottish Bluebells smile.

TriciaF Mon 11-Apr-16 16:46:21

Until today I've never seen bluebells in our part of SW France. But today I saw some in someone's garden, with red tulips, when I walked round to the market from the carpark.
Maybe they were spanish? We're not far from Spain.

Tizliz Mon 11-Apr-16 17:03:03


list of bluebell woods

Greyduster Mon 11-Apr-16 17:30:28

Already a good covering of flowering bluebells in Eckington Woods, Derbyshire. They are still to come out in Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield, but the heads are there. They may be a week or two yet. Don't think we'll be getting much sun this coming week and it's going to be cold.

Fairydoll2030 Mon 11-Apr-16 17:48:12

Candela, we were at Ashridge last Friday. Sorry to report no bluebells yet and woods looking a bit bare after a lot of tree tidying. Poor deer are quite visible from a long way off.
Hang fire visiting for a week or two. We live just a few miles away and will be up there again for our favourite walk later this week. Will let you know if any bluebells popped up, but think it's likely to be a couple of weeks of more.

BBbevan Mon 11-Apr-16 18:48:54

Bluebell walk in Ashridge 7th May, so a bit early yet.

Badenkate Mon 11-Apr-16 19:09:57

We're in the Forest of Dean at the moment and the bluebells are not out here. I'd say another week or so yet - that's if it stops raining. sad

chocolatepudding Mon 11-Apr-16 19:31:58

The best bluebell wood in Suffolk is at Arger Fen and Spouse's Vale a few miles South of Sudbury. Suffolk Wildlife Trust have said today that this coming weekend 16 and 17 April should be the best time to see them. The reserve is open everyday and there is no charge. Please keep dogs on leads.

SWT website is at

hildajenniJ Mon 11-Apr-16 20:02:44

There is a beautiful bluebell wood near us. If I can borrow the car, and the weather is good enough, and my knee holds up, I will endeavour to take a walk there and get some photographs. Watch this space.

Treebee Mon 11-Apr-16 21:36:29

Good to know. I'm planning a visit to Ashridge to see the bluebells too so I'll leave it for a week or two.

Candelle Wed 13-Apr-16 14:24:47

Many thanks Tizliz for the Woodland Trust site. I think I looked there last year but there no mention of the woods at Ashridge that we traditionally go to each spring.

Thanks also to Fairydoll2030. No bluebells at Ashridge yet, then! It would absolutely wonderful if, when you do return in a wee while, you could advise how the bluebells are coming on. Last year we drove out in a family convoy only to find they had all but 'gone over' and to add insult to injury, the heavens opened and we were all caught in a torrential thunderstorm. I have vowed to do better this year and I shall keenly watch this space!

Thank you to *BBBevan for the date of a bluebell walk at Ashridge on 7 May. I'm pretty sure that our abortive trip (as above) was the first weekend in May but we were too late. Capricious things, these bluebells, as one can never tell from year to year when they'll be at their best!

Treebee, do join with me and watch this thread and hopefully we can enjoy a beautiful bluebell walk in a week or two.

If anyone else has a beautiful bluebell wood nearby, you could always leave news of how they are blooming which would be helpful to other GN's.

BBbevan Wed 13-Apr-16 16:01:44

Candelle I'm not sure whether you have to book for the Bluebell Walk. Just google Ashridge and follow the links
There are usually signs along the main road to direct you to the bluebells. We usually go in the evenings after dinner. It is quieter then

Grammar Wed 13-Apr-16 17:51:32

The bluebell walks at Rode Hall near Alsager will be starting from 30 April.
See Bluebell Walks

Badenkate Wed 13-Apr-16 17:59:20

Just seen a beautiful carpet of bluebells in Forest of Dean smile

Kittye Wed 13-Apr-16 20:31:35

Ashridge are to introduce a charge to see the bluebells for the first 2 weekends in May. £3 per adult and £1 per child.

Tizliz Thu 14-Apr-16 08:30:56

The only thing I can see in their site is a 4 hour guided walk for £5, and they always charge for this type of walk. Don't think I could manage 4 hours now.

BBbevan Thu 14-Apr-16 08:43:57

Blooming cheek. Fancy having to pay to see the bluebells in Ashridge. I shall go the 3rd week then and in the evening

rosesarered Thu 14-Apr-16 12:50:49

Out in our garden in Oxfordshire ( Spanish bluebells) and in woodland near us it's usually May, but will be sooner this year due to weather, so anytime now really.