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grannyactivist Wed 29-Jun-16 23:58:44

I recently asked my Care Home residents what lessons they've learned from life that they would want to pass on.

What would your top five be?

Lilyflower Thu 30-Jun-16 13:40:58

Be good.
Be nice.
Be happy.

dirgni Thu 30-Jun-16 13:57:25

"Do as you would be done by"
Live every day as if it was your last
Try to learn something new each day
Be adventurous,you only regret things that you haven't done,
Try hard to make relationships work and learn to say sorry.

Greyduster Thu 30-Jun-16 14:10:43

radicalnan grin.

Make the most of your educational opportunities;
Be the best person you can be;
Choose your friends carefully and don't neglect friendships;
Trust your instincts - they'll be right most of the time;
Try and smile, even when there doesn't seem to be a lot to smile about;
Let not the sun go down upon your wrath!

Marion6 Thu 30-Jun-16 15:28:55

Travel the world and settle in the country you like the most.

Marion6 Thu 30-Jun-16 15:31:30

Posted before I'd put the other four :

Value friendship and nourish it.
Never stop learning ( all aspects).
Try to find the positives in everything.
Don't let other people make you feel bad about yourself.

NannaM Thu 30-Jun-16 16:00:51

Such a great uplifting post!
Mine are.....
Try to - Act with respect, love and compassion, and start with myself.
Try to - Remember karma and the butterfly effect.
Try to - Be a Pollyanna, and look for the humour.
And Try to forgive - myself and others. I have not walked in their shoes.

I am not a saint. So the above is what I strive for.......not what I am!

Luckygirl Thu 30-Jun-16 16:16:06

Be kind
Don't be afraid to take a chance
Life is short
Love those around you while you may
Most phone calls are from someone trying to sell you something.

Smithy Thu 30-Jun-16 16:48:46

If you don't know what to do, wait and the answer will come
Be careful what you wish for
Try to be kind and not judge others - you haven't walked in their shoes
Love your friends and family - they have to put up with you!
Good health is the most important thing in life

Marmark1 Thu 30-Jun-16 17:13:46

Treat other people the way you would want them to treat you.
Have a go,you may surprise your self.
Be patient,it'll right itself.
Wanting isn't always getting
Keep your shoulders straight and your head up.

grannyactivist Thu 30-Jun-16 17:23:44

I posted this late last night and I've been on a Training Day today, so I've only just seen the responses on this thread. My lovely care home residents decided that the number one lesson in life that they would want to pass on is this:

Never miss an opportunity to be kind.

annodomini Thu 30-Jun-16 17:27:41

As Polonius (in Hamlet) almost said to Laertes: thine own self be true
Thou canst not then be false to anyone.

pensionpat Thu 30-Jun-16 17:43:52

I could sing mine

Always look on the bright side of life!

GandTea Thu 30-Jun-16 17:56:28

PP, you sing it, i'll play it

pensionpat Thu 30-Jun-16 18:23:19

I like a ukuele accompaniment GT. My husband is learning.

GandTea Thu 30-Jun-16 18:30:08

Do you need earplugs ?. Mrs P can recommend some good ones. Has he joined a club ? It is the best way to learn, the uku is a group instrument.

pensionpat Thu 30-Jun-16 19:13:02

He started off in a club but he received no actual tuition. For the last 6 months he has had 1 - 1 tuition and has progressed nicely. Maybe the club would be more enjoyable now. I'll suggest it.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 30-Jun-16 19:36:14

God! This thread is scary. Am I supposed to do it all? shock

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 30-Jun-16 19:36:24

Sod that.

annsixty Thu 30-Jun-16 19:57:20

Some things you cannot change so make the best of what you have got.
Live with a glass half full instead of half empty.
Always try to be the better person, not better than others but the one doing the right thing.

Maggiemaybe Thu 30-Jun-16 20:34:56

Yes, live with a glass half full.
But don't live with a full dehumidifier, because it could well overflow secretly over several weeks thus soaking your carpet tiles and ruining many of your books.

I've just learnt that one! angry

Stansgran Thu 30-Jun-16 20:39:10

Do as you would be done by
Do as you would be Did
Don't sit on a boiling pot
Don't sit on the lid
( the Water Babies)
Always be kinder than you need to be
Tout lasse tout casse tout passe( might be in the wrong order)
Never let yourself be upset by jinglebellfrocks
Keep the Commandments- thou shalt not kill is a good one and Honour thy father and mother to all those who could do with a reminder ( not looking at any particular dd1)

grannyactivist Fri 01-Jul-16 11:17:14

stansgran I was drinking tea when I came to the eighth line of your post! It went up my nose as I took a sharp breath in. Methinks you'll pay for that comment! grin grin

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 01-Jul-16 11:26:35

No. I'm fine with that. smile

Can't stand these "how to be a bloody saint" threads though.

So, I'll leave you to it.

AlieOxon Fri 01-Jul-16 11:32:20

Who's a saint? Not me...but you can always try to live up to what you believe!

jinglbellsfrocks Fri 01-Jul-16 11:40:34

Don't we all make it up as we go along to a certain extent? If you're basically a kind and decent person you should be ok. And that, perhaps, is something we are born with, or not. Who knows?

[shrug] (as the bags would put it) smile