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Dress circle dress code?

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EllenT Wed 03-Aug-16 15:53:32

We have tickets next week for the Vaudeville theatre, London, in the dress circle, courtesy of a good offer from Senior Railcard. Not having been to the London theatre for decades, I wonder what the dress code is now? I'm not a great one for posh frocks, and also would prefer not to have to take a special outfit.

GandTea Wed 03-Aug-16 15:57:10

I wore a posh frock and got some odd looks ! Jeans + Tee shirt next time

GandTea Wed 03-Aug-16 15:58:45

Seriously, there is no longer any dress code, anything you fancy. I would suggest something cool, as theatres always seem hot to me.

EllenT Wed 03-Aug-16 16:02:53

Thanks GandTea, that's great to know.

kittylester Wed 03-Aug-16 16:06:31

What GandTea said.

Lillie Wed 03-Aug-16 16:12:05

Anything goes really but I always like to dress up a bit, especially if we are going for a meal first. Enjoy the show!

Nonnie Wed 03-Aug-16 16:26:37

Wear what you like, no one cares any more in London or most other places. Last time I was in Cheltenham a few dressed up though!

Greyduster Wed 03-Aug-16 17:19:31

I am going to the Crucible Theatre this evening with DD and S-i-L and it is smart casual for us. The last time I went to a London theatre, The Apollo, anything seemed to go dress wise.

Nandalot Wed 03-Aug-16 17:31:32

Though a friend told me yesterday that she went to the Royal Ballet in London recently and some ladies were in ball gowns and furs and tiaras were mentioned!

M0nica Wed 03-Aug-16 19:51:00

I am spending all day Friday in London, ending with a trip to the theatre. I am going to wear raspberry coloured linen trousers, a white broderie anglaise top and an unstructured linen jacket and I am hoping they will take me through all the day's events in a reasonably appropriate manner. I am assuming that the theatre will be warm enough for me to remove my jacket.

GandTea Wed 03-Aug-16 20:45:16

If you can afford the Royal Ballet, you can afford the tiara

NotTooOld Wed 03-Aug-16 20:46:23

I agree - anything goes these days. If it was me, though, I'd wear layers in the hope that I would not be either too hot or too cold.

NotTooOld Wed 03-Aug-16 20:46:52

PS What Monica is wearing sounds ideal to me.

EllenT Wed 03-Aug-16 20:54:39

Really helpful, everyone. Smart-ish casual layers seem like a good bet.

NotTooOld Wed 03-Aug-16 21:33:58

Have a lovely time, EllenT!

Luckygirl Wed 03-Aug-16 21:43:29

People wear whatever they want these days - if they want to do posh that is fine, as are jeans and a T-shirt. No-one cares - and that is great!

GrandmaFr0g Thu 04-Aug-16 17:19:47

Whatever you are comfortable in. Enjoy your trip.

EllenT Fri 05-Aug-16 11:57:20

Thanks all. And just to show how useful your advice is, have ordered a really nice pale blue striped silk t-shirt, massively reduced in the White Company sale - inevitably accompanied by a dress for DGD which I couldn't resist!

Mypennyfarthing41 Fri 05-Aug-16 12:46:48

I'm all for a bit of tradition and somehow the way many dress for the theatre these days is nothing short of sloppy. Disrespect full to the cast too - I know it's a bit old fashioned but going to the theatre ( depends on what you are going to see) is a bit of a dressing up occasion for me even if I wear trousers, their always decent ones, better yet if you're going out to dinner
Lil old fashioned but that's the way I like it

Greyduster Fri 05-Aug-16 13:15:11

Wherever you are sitting I hope it's not as warm as we were in the circle at the Lyceum in Sheffield on Wednesday evening (I said it was the Crucible up thread - wrong). I thought I was going to melt and so did DD, though we were both wearing light and loose. We were fairly near the back, though. It was a bit of a mixed bag as far as dress was concerned - the younger the more casual it seemed.

Hellomonty Fri 05-Aug-16 16:49:56

mypennyfarthing41 My husband used to act on the stage. Couldn't care less what the audience wore as long as they shut up! Theatres are often HOT in the summer. Something cool!

Pamaga Sat 06-Aug-16 09:12:01

We've been to the theatre a few times recently and, frankly, anything goes. Some people look as if they have come straight from cleaning their car! Just wear what you feel comfortable in and you will be fine! x

radicalnan Sat 06-Aug-16 09:12:46

Wear some posh ear rings, you can take them off if you feel over done and the actors can only see your head anyway. The main thing is to be comfortable and turn your phone off !!!!!

granjan66 Sat 06-Aug-16 09:17:19

Was recently in Covent Garden to see the Bolshoi Ballet and wore à dressy trouser suit.

maisyann Sat 06-Aug-16 09:19:30

The royal ballet at covant garden can be seen v cheaply just book early restricted view worth it for the experience. Suggest less is more glam. Your fav black trousers with a pretty wedding guest jacket. £5 from charity shops e bay or saw 1 in a car boot sale last Sunday. Nice light blouse from primarnia and u are done plus 2 string pearls 50p if broken restringing with embroidery silk. Rock it.