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What discounts /reductions for 60+?

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waldorfgrosi Fri 03-Mar-17 14:47:53

My husband and I will turn 60 next month. May I ask you what kind of discounts you are aware that we could benefit from? We live in the south-east and are both working.
One of the reasons for asking is that my dry cleaner asked me yesterday if there was a member in my household who was over 60 as the would offer a 10% discount (needless to say that my hopes of looking in my late 40s went out of the window at that point).grin

hollie57 Sat 04-Mar-17 22:07:44

Hi Fflaurie,don't get me started join the club ,only another 2 1/2 years to go ,don't know about concessions like you all I want is my pension money that the robbing ba!!!!!!!!!!!
Have stolen of us 1950's women ,waspi are marching to parliament on the 8 th March
To try and get the GOVERMENT to listen to are needs again.If there are any 1950's
Ladies reading this please look out for any news bulletins and write to your local MP and tell him your circumstances and how it is effecting your day to day existence!thanks.

Griselda Sat 04-Mar-17 22:24:07

Grandmama - thanks so much for trying to help me. First I must correct my mistake - the price I quoted was for both DH & I.
I've tried the split ticket site and it would save us £79.36 which is still prohibitive. I think it's outrageous when I'm only travelling from Leicestershire. No wonder London doesn't seem like 'our' capital city any more - we can't afford to go there. All I want to do is visit the British Library for a few hours.

Griselda Sat 04-Mar-17 22:28:42

Oops - sorry that should have read that it would save £119.36 on the original fare - but £320 is still more than I can reasonably afford.

AlgeswifeVal Sat 04-Mar-17 22:56:48

At the public swimming baths in my area over 60's pay £10 for a year as long as you go there before 2.00 pm. Not weekends.

Neversaydie Sat 04-Mar-17 23:17:50

Bliley Griseldawhere on earth do you live ?I can get to London and back for £7.50 If I time it right (W Midlands )

Jalima Sat 04-Mar-17 23:34:11

I have just checked and it is £129 return from Bristol to Paddington off peak.

Norah Sat 04-Mar-17 23:44:04

We drive and park at Epping. I think Epping's the furthest out our direction.

Maggiemaybe Sat 04-Mar-17 23:50:59

'Ow much, Griselda??!! shockshock

I'm going to that there London on Wednesday, for the WASPI demo, with my DH's referee's whistle to make lots of noise and my ear plugs so that I don't have to hear it grin.

It was going to cost me around £40 return on the train, so I'm going on the Megabus instead at the crack of dawn, getting home at midnight. From Yorkshire, it's £6 return, if you please. Not a senior fare either, it's available to all. I'd expect a holiday for the price you're paying!

gillybob Sun 05-Mar-17 00:54:32

It's okay K8tie I don't need you to tell me to get over myself

I already know that I might have caused some upset and have apologized to the OP . Not sure about your nasty attitude though confused and for the record I don't really have a lot of humour at the moment .

maddy629 Sun 05-Mar-17 06:33:26

as far as I know you can get the Boots loyalty card at any age.

jackypat Sun 05-Mar-17 06:52:43

Our vets offers a discount for over 60s, very welcome

Anya Sun 05-Mar-17 07:28:15

Yes you can get the Boots card at any age, but if you register as an over 60 user you get other benefits from it too.

Elrel Sun 05-Mar-17 10:11:50

Griselda - claim your bus pass, you can use it on local buses all over the country when visiting, including London, where you don't even have to wait until after the rush hour. I do at home but I can also travel free by train in the West Midlands. I can get any train after 9.30am and go from Wolverhampton as far as Coventry (for instance) on my bus pass. A much appreciated perk of being old!

Lazigirl Sun 05-Mar-17 10:16:28

Oh jackypat I know the NHS is in a bad state but haven't though to try the vets yet! It's a good idea when you can't get GP appt. grin

Elrel Sun 05-Mar-17 10:17:16

Theatres often have senior discounts for matinees but they don't always tell you, so it's worth asking.
At the cinema in the afternoon while buying my ticket from a machine I noticed a £2 reduction for seniors, £5.50 instead of £7.50. I don't know whether that applies at more popular times. I usually go to the Senior Screen which is £3.50 including tea or coffee and a biscuit.

annodomini Sun 05-Mar-17 10:33:19

If you're going abroad on holiday it's worthwhile finding out what (if any) age-related discounts are available in your destination country. When I last went to Spain, for example, I enjoyed a substantial discount on visiting the Alhambra and the Alcazar in Seville was free to pensioners on Sundays. The Paris bateaubus used to have a pensioner rate, but last time I asked for it, they had done away with it. sad One caveat: you may find that some discounts only apply to EU citizens.

Lazigirl Sun 05-Mar-17 11:29:01

Yes the Paradores in Spain have senior rates too if you book on their website.

GrannyA11i Sun 05-Mar-17 11:43:55

The national trust won't automatically give you the over 60 discount at renewal but if you ring them and ask they then do do. We only found out about it when DH was 62 so had overpaid for 2 years. Strangely though when the next automatic renewal cards arrived we both received the senior ones although I am 58! It makes up for the overpaying for him but it's a funny feeling when I use it !

Maggiemaybe Sun 05-Mar-17 12:32:56

For anyone going to Gdansk (yes, I do recommend it, it's a lovely town smile), entrance to the Solidarity Museum at the shipyards is 20p for over-60s! We were there for 3 hours and still didn't manage to see everything.

annodomini Sun 05-Mar-17 14:31:16

The Scottish National Trust must have had my birth date on file because they automatically gave me senior citizen's rate at the right time.

Legs55 Sun 05-Mar-17 16:25:51

National Trust Pensioner rate is only applicable if you have been a full paying member for 5 of the last 10 years, it doesn't apply to new members. I have had Pensioner rate since my early 50s as DH was 65 & he became main member with me as joint member, I did query it but was told if main member is entitled to Pensioner rate so is joint member.

Bus passes are issued in line with State Pension age which is gradually increasing until 2021 when it will be 66 for both men & women.

Always worth checking as different organisations use anything from 60+

chattykathy Sun 05-Mar-17 21:08:37

Elrel may I ask how old you are? I live in the West Midlands and have to wait for a bus pass until SPA which for me is 66! Another 6 years confused

Elrel Sun 05-Mar-17 23:07:33

That's a shame, ChattyKathy, I got mine on my 60th birthday.

ellenemery Mon 06-Mar-17 19:37:13

My hairdresser does a discount for the over 60's on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. As I have been a customer for at least 15 years I think it is a nice perk. Another perk she gives to all customers is a loyalty card, each visit she stamps a card and on the seventh visit there is a good discount whatever day.

Should you need a carer to take you to the cinema there is a card that is available for £6 a year that entitles your carer to a complimentary ticket when accompanying you. There is criteria, you need to be receive one of the following:-

•Disability Living Allowance (DLA);
•Attendance Allowance (AA);
•Blind Persons Registration;
•Personal Independence Payment (PIP);
•Armed Forces Independence Payment.

May help someone who does not have other discounts available at their cinema.

ellenemery Mon 06-Mar-17 19:38:55

Sorry, did not say you do not have to be over 60 to apply for the cea card.