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Wedding gift ideas

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granoffour Thu 04-May-17 10:18:15

I'm going to a wedding at the end of the month. The bride & groom haven't put together a gift list, yet according the the mum they don't want cash but would prefer gifts - unusual I know! They're a youngish couple - late twenties I think - but quite well off. I've got £50 to spend. Help!

MawBroon Thu 04-May-17 10:30:50

Fluffy white bath sheets? (JL or White Company) can't have too many?

grannylyn65 Thu 04-May-17 10:51:24

Agree with Maw x

Nannarose Thu 04-May-17 11:14:36

A bottle of the best wine you can get for £50 'for their first anniversary'

kittylester Thu 04-May-17 11:26:24

Or bubbles!

paddyann Thu 04-May-17 12:57:51

I never buy things they need ,only things they might like that they would otherwise put to the bottom of the list ,so some nice wine glasses or a picnic hamper or a framed print of their favourite place

gillybob Thu 04-May-17 13:05:13

Hmmmmm £50.

Nice bottle of fizz and a chrome ice bucket.

As MawBroon said luxury white towels.

Gorgeous smelling expensive/luxury candle from Jo Malone

Nice Joseph Joseph cooking utensils

Oil and Vinegar set

Caro1954 Sat 06-May-17 09:17:04

Definitely white fluffy towels!

Rosina Sat 06-May-17 09:31:15

Do they have a garden - and like gardening? If so how about a 'specimen' plant - I think this is the right term for a plant that is bigger and more mature. If they are indifferent to gardening but do have a garden, a pretty plant that is trouble free (Pieris?) in a nice pot would be highly acceptable I'm sure, and wouldn't want anything other than watering if necessary and a yearly feed.

Or champagne of course!

radicalnan Sat 06-May-17 09:36:55

So many great ideas, almost makes me want to get married again......but I can resist and buy my own. My garden has a fabulous rose which was bought many years ago for the previous owner it is so beautiful and garden things like marriages grow and need a little tending so rather apt I thought.

GrammaH Sat 06-May-17 09:41:58

A voucher for a local restaurant? My best friend from schooldays is getting married for the first time this summer, the day after her 60th birthday, to a delightful widower after a whirlwind romance. So romantic! Both have their own homes & there's no list so we're getting them one of the wonderful Virgin Red Letter Experiences many to choose from though!

Bobbysgirl19 Sat 06-May-17 10:10:27

A voucher for a local Garden Centre, John Lewis, or Debenhams.

MawBroon Sat 06-May-17 10:20:07

Lemon tree plant in a box. I think they're called something like "grow your own g&t"

Yorkshiregel Sat 06-May-17 10:46:26

I HATE wedding and birthday lists. People should be grateful whatever they are given. OK to ask or better still buy something that would be useful, but not what they are likely to have already. What about a photo book of who was at the wedding take your own pictures and send them to snapfish who will put them in to a book for you. They are not likely to have spontaneous photos just official ones. Try and make them fun! OR maybe a cook book plus DVD to go with it. 'James Martin's French Adventure' is brilliant, and current so easy to find in good bookshops. Delicious recipes and great DVD all about travelling around France. We got one each for Christmas! Easy to follow too.

David1968 Sat 06-May-17 11:01:09

How about good quality towels, such as a couple of the large cuddly bath sheets in the M&S "Egyptian" range. (Plain & "calm" colours recommended, unless you are very sure of the couple's taste!) This is a gift that would come in just under £50. We gave two of these towels to a couple of friends who married in their fifties - years later they mentioned that they're still using them! (Too many towels can always be put away for the future. And no, I've no link with M&S other than as a customer.)

glammanana Sat 06-May-17 11:07:54

I have to say large towels are my favourite,the kingsize size from John Lewis or Debenhams/White Company are ideal you can also ask their wrapping department to gift wrap for you,we did this for my friends DD and they where delighted.

suzied Sat 06-May-17 11:12:33

A silver photo frame so they can put their favourite wedding picture in it.

ShoesieQ Sat 06-May-17 11:17:53

Well I got married last month and we to ask guests not to get us anything (we're in out 50s and been living together forever), but of course no-one took a blind bit of notice grin

I agree that posh white towels are a great idea, as are bottles of fizz (though we did get quite a few of those - not that that's a problem wink). Also Virgin do some great experience days - we'll be having a meal in the Shard and afternoon tea at Harrods thanks to our lovely friends

Brigidsdaughter Sat 06-May-17 11:23:57

Best gift we were given was a pair of binoculars! Not used often but great to have.

Lots lovely ideas here esp the photo book one though sounds a bit of work on the day and the restaurant voucher and the mature plant in a tub.

Crazygrandma2 Sat 06-May-17 12:21:48

Scour Groupon, Living Social and Wowcher. I often get good really special dining out deals in posh restaurants or experiences at very good value.

nipsmum Sat 06-May-17 13:39:29

Sorry I'm being a bit more practical here. Tefal make a very nice and useful electric grater. I was given one a few years ago and tit is. one of my most used pieces of kitchen equipment. Available within your budget from Amazon.

JackyB Sat 06-May-17 14:21:11

In such cases I go for a vase - a plain, average-size glass or white porcelain vase which will go with all flowers and suit all tastes. Then I add a voucher for flowers to fill the vase when they get back from their honeymoon. You could even order the flowers for delivery when they get back, or at a later date, and make a note in the card to look out for the delivery.

But the wine idea is good. Even if they don't drink, they will at some point have people round for dinner and can offer the wine to go with the meal.

Peaseblossom Sat 06-May-17 14:48:02

I certainly wouldn't want white towels and I wouldn't just want bath sheets, I'd want hand towels to match. I have a black and white bathroom so to give a bit of warmth I've got red towels, but unless you know what colour their bathroom is it might be difficult to choose. Do you know they like champagne? Not everyone does, including me. I think the best suggestion was a voucher for a nice meal.

Glenfinnan Sat 06-May-17 14:51:18

Like the picnic hamper idea Paddyann. I might steal that! smile

Norah Sat 06-May-17 15:33:17

In the £50 range, I would buy a baking crockery or pudding basin.