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jusnoneed Sun 25-Feb-18 08:48:10

I don't usually wear tights, find them uncomfortable and too warm but having seen the forecast for the next week or two I bought some from Boots last week. Put a pair on this morning, so tight I could barely get the things up my legs!
I am a larger lady, and they say on pack 22/24 but it felt as if I couldn't move without them ripping into holes. They came straight off again.
So my question is where do you buy your tights? Especially anyone who needs larger sizes.

hildajenniJ Sun 25-Feb-18 09:11:30

I haven't bought tights for years, justnoneed. The last ones I had were from a supermarket. I buy medium, but these would have fit a giant, as they were too long. I looked like Norah Batty!! I also still have a pair of thick patterned tights that I bought in a local clothes shop and they have a short body. Perhaps they are supposed to be hipsters, but they are uncomfortable and I keep tugging them up.

MaggieMay60 Sun 25-Feb-18 09:13:24

I don't buy tights any more, I am like you a larger lady. I find that they grab me in places that are better left alone and if I do manage to fight my way into a pair they end up with wrinkles like Norah Batty. I usually where a longer skirt and knee high socks but have bought some leggings and they can be worn under a thicker skirt with ankle boots and they look fine. Sorry I cannot say where to find ones that would fit without a fight! grin

Humbertbear Sun 25-Feb-18 09:35:20

I too prefer thin leggings to tights. If I do need tights I go to M n S. I did try Primark but they came up to my armpits!

GrandmaMoira Sun 25-Feb-18 09:44:11

I always buy tights in a larger size than I am though they are still not comfortable and not worn often. I don't know anywhere selling them in extra large sizes. For the very cold weather I wear leggings under trousers with two pairs of socks.

tanith Sun 25-Feb-18 09:45:10

Can't abide tights and never buy them but leggings look the same and a bit warmer when worn with boots.

Teetime Sun 25-Feb-18 09:51:21

I buy tights at the beginning of winter about 8 pairs from M & S and John Lewis they are fine for me but I am a size 14 (medium) so cant speak for the larger sizes

jusnoneed Sun 25-Feb-18 10:07:11

Glad I'm not the only one who finds them tight/short/too long (great way of putting it MaggieMay) and uncomfortable.
I don't wear trousers, and like longer skirts. I have got some knee highs but it always feel odd wearing them - daft I know.

bluebellwoods Sun 25-Feb-18 11:26:24

I used to get mine from M&S but they are quite expensive & seemed to be getting shorter in the leg, I'm quite tall so used to buy large for leg length. Then I tried Primark, about £3 per pair 100 denier & last several years. I find them brilliant!

jacalpad Sun 25-Feb-18 11:36:58

Haven’t bought tights for several years, but when I did I used to get on really well with Sainsburys. I too am a larger lady!

grannytotwins Sun 25-Feb-18 11:40:55

I always buy a larger size. M&S do some really top quality ones, more expensive but worth it as they last a lot longer. They have all the measurements on the packet too.

Luckygirl Sun 25-Feb-18 11:42:47

Tights are the work of the devil!! I never never wear them. Leggings yes, but tights no.

marionk Sun 25-Feb-18 11:43:07

Sainsbury’s do packs of 2 pairs of leggings, they are fine enough to be worn under a dress/skirt but are nice and warm. They are not too tightly woven so should stretch easily for the more voluptuous amongst us!

Sheilasue Sun 25-Feb-18 11:52:51

I like M&S but tried some from primark good fit. I buy the thick black ones to wear with a winter skirt.
Just started wearing leggings at the age of 72 love them sooo comfortable with a long blouse or top.

etheltbags1 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:56:17

I detest tights the last time i wore a pair was to fil s funeral. I do have a pair of xlarge from asda and they are generous. I too am size 20plus. I prefer leggins. I find the thick 40 denier or more a better fit than those thin skin coloured ones yuk.

etheltbags1 Sun 25-Feb-18 11:57:34

I meant to add. Does anyone find the thin skin coloured ones just split when hoiking them up over the bum😕

Chewbacca Sun 25-Feb-18 11:58:26

The last tights I bought were from M & S; 40 denier, size large. The first time I wore them they were fine but as soon as I washed them, they seemed to have shrunk and the legs were so short that I ended up hoiking them up as far a I could and tucked them under the bones in my bra! During the course of the working day they worked their way back down and by lunchtime the gusset hate that word- was somewhere between my mid thighs. I was doing a John Cleese style ministry of silly walks trying to keep them up. Not a good look!

harrysgran Sun 25-Feb-18 11:59:29

I had given up on tights several years ago however decided to give them another go as I like a straight winter skirt jumper and ankle boots style. Nightmare I am a larger lady but only five foot after fighting with them for fifteen minutes just to get them on they were twisted wrinkled around the knees and ankles and I did not get the look I was hoping for.

jusnoneed Sun 25-Feb-18 12:03:03

lol, some great pictures painted - glad I'm not alone!

marpau Sun 25-Feb-18 12:06:22

Evans do nice tights I am larger size but only 5 ft 2 they are the only ones I have found that cater to shorter legs as I dislike the Norah Batty style

Marydoll Sun 25-Feb-18 12:07:22

Another fan of Primark, especially their opaque tights. Their ankle highs and pop socks (Is that what you still call them?) are also great value.

grandMattie Sun 25-Feb-18 12:09:39

I now only buy my tights from a copany called "Silkies" by mailorder. They vcater for all shapes and sizes. I am 5'10" and all tight crothces only reach my knees. THese are brilliant. Try them.

inishowen Sun 25-Feb-18 12:14:16

I stopped wearing tights years ago. I wear socks with trousers every day. In summer I might wear shorts without socks. Tights were necessary for work but they were uncomfortable to wear and after a few wears they would ladder. What a rip off.

Greengage Sun 25-Feb-18 13:10:30

I gave up tights years ago. I hated feeling like a trussed turkey! I wear popsocks (which I don't like either) when I need to, but prefer going barefoot - roll on summer!

luzdoh Sun 25-Feb-18 13:22:43

My back problems mean I can't bend to get my second foot into tights any more so I wear leggings and there's a bigger selection of these. I have some really warm ones from Amazon - my stuff comes from there a lot as I can't get to shops. Then I wear really warm socks. Online is often very much cheaper. I recommend it for all sizes.