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Suggestions for non alcoholic drinks

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kittylester Fri 27-Apr-18 13:49:15

Anyone have any suggestions for 'sophisticated' non alcoholic drinks please!

Grannyknot Fri 27-Apr-18 14:18:21

kitty I make virgin mojitos. Just Google for recipe.

Also Google recipes for "mocktails" - there are loads and all are fab.

Grannyknot Fri 27-Apr-18 14:20:50

Here's a link for starters:

kittylester Fri 27-Apr-18 17:02:58

Thank you grannyknot. Lots to look at there!

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 27-Apr-18 17:24:20

These are mostly Christmas ones - but sound quite tasty:

phoenix Fri 27-Apr-18 17:28:49

Lidl De Luxe range do a lovely Sicilian lemon presse, cloudy and a bit tart (iykwim) and a blood orange & cranberry. There is also a Schweppes one that we like, grapefruit and blood orange.

Telly Fri 27-Apr-18 18:34:39

I make a cranberry cocktail - make a sugar syrup, leave to cool. Juice a couple of oranges, mix with the cool syrup, add half a carton of cranberry juice, transfer to a jug and then top up with lemonade. Finish off with some sliced oranges and fresh cranberries. Put a couple of ice cubes into tall glasses and fill. Most people love it.
Can be made in advance and kept in the fridge, just add the lemonade when you need to serve.

Mamissimo Fri 27-Apr-18 21:03:06

If you like gin you may like Seedlip which is a distilled blend of botanicals that you mix with tonic. It’s alcohol free and totally grown up and comes in two different blends. Makes lush cocktails!

Grannyknot Fri 27-Apr-18 22:00:47

Mammisimo I had forgotten about Seedlip! I can confirm it's a very posh gin non-alcoholic alternative! I tried both blends at a taster session and preferred one to the other - can't remember which one I liked more though. Very smart packaging too.