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phoenix Fri 04-May-18 11:12:28

Food wise, we are great fans of Lidl ribeye steak, around £5.50 for 2 good size ones, also their cook in the bag whole chickens, very juicy!

Nicky Elite toilet rolls are brilliant, better (imo) than most of the leading brands and a bargain price.

Scribbles Fri 04-May-18 11:34:55

Those big tubs of Lidl potato salad. Much nicer than home made imo.

Waitrose very strong Canadian bread flour, both white and wholemeal. Superior to anything else I've tried and give perfect results with my bread-maker.

humptydumpty Fri 04-May-18 11:56:16

For vegans/would-be vegans: Rebel Kitchen 'Mylk', available from Waitrose (delicious with Weetabix!)

Pittcity Fri 04-May-18 13:00:14

I love the Nicky Elite toilet paper. Savers have recently put the price up, so I bought cheaper stuff from Aldi.....a big mistake for 20p!

ninathenana Fri 04-May-18 15:19:55

Aldi dishwasher tablets, cheap and effective.
Asda chicken portions coated in chinese flavour sauce. Comes in a tray of 5-6 thighs and drum sticks.

Cherrytree59 Fri 04-May-18 15:47:56

Agree with Nicky loo rolls and Aldi dishwasher tablets.

Up until very recently my Comfort food Cream of Tomato soup had to be Heinz but I am now an Aldi Tomato soup convert.

DH favourite chocolate biscuits are Aldi's Jive (Twix).
MiL devours Aldi digestive biscuits by the packet.

I keep Aldi's mini magnum style ice cream lollies in the freezer.

Aldi's breadmix which I cook in my slow cooker as suggested by a gransnetter

Tesco organic jumbo oats (to make my muesli)

shysal Fri 04-May-18 15:48:58

In the garden today I have used all my labour saving tools. I love cordless ones as long as they are powerful enough which the GTECH most definitely are. I have their long handled hedge trimmer and grass strimmer. I also have a Bosch hand trimmer with interchangeable heads and attachable long handle, which I use to do shrubs, and lawn edges near the house since I shot a stone through a double glazed window pane with the strimmer last week! To pick up the bits I use my absolute favourite item - a pair of giant plastic 'hands', better than any rake for the job.

shysal Fri 04-May-18 15:57:29

I am also a fan of Nicky Elite loo roll. Pittcity, my local Savers shop has stopped stocking the 18 roll packs at £3.99, but still have the 9 roll ones at £1.99, so just as cheap. One of the assistants told me they were stopping it altogether, if so I shall be distraught! smile

KatyK Fri 04-May-18 16:27:30

Lidl's fresh been burgers are lovely (Aberdeen Angus I think). We buy lots of things from Aldi and Lidl which are great.

KatyK Fri 04-May-18 16:27:48

beef burgers obviously!

phoenix Fri 04-May-18 18:01:36

Thanks for the heads up Shysal hope that only apples to Savers, but just in case will be off to our nearest Home Bargains store to stock up!

(I suppose if you bought loads, and put them in the loft, it would also provide extra insulation grin )

lilypollen Fri 04-May-18 18:12:39

I bought Aldi Diplomat Red Label teabags last month, 160 for £1.25. As good, if not better than Tesco or Sainsbury Red label, 80 for £1.10. Can't go wrong with their champagne £10.99.

annep Sat 26-May-18 09:31:21

sourdough bread- really good.
Love freezer packs of single salmon portions. can defrost one at a time. M&Steven do lightly smoked ones- delish.

lemongrove Sat 26-May-18 09:47:06

Morrisons special large stem ginger cookies.I can’t get them often ( no Morrisons here) but whenever we are somewhere with a store,I nip in and buy a few packs.

sassenach512 Sat 26-May-18 14:25:30

We love Aldi's Quiche Lorraine, I've stopped making my own they're so nice. We've saved a fortune shopping at Aldi and Lidl and the quality is really good

Maggiemaybe Sat 26-May-18 14:42:15

I’m making a note of some of these for future reference! I can recommend the Aldi Jo Malone pomegranate noir hand wash, hand cream and scented reeds. The soap/hand cream scent doesn’t last long, but is a good substitute.

I don’t know how they get away with all their blatant copies though.

Tesco’s seeded and granary batons are great value, they seem to be on a permanent 4 for £1 offer.

Maggiemaybe Sat 26-May-18 14:47:01

Oh, and M & S’s more or less ongoing Dine In For £10 offers. Yesterday we got a chicken worth £8, wine costing £7, a big tray of lovely minted and buttered new potatoes and one of mixed fresh fruit. Over £20’s worth. The chicken’s in the freezer - it serves 4.

Beau Sat 26-May-18 14:51:59

Maggie, my daughter's an IP lawyer and I asked her the same thing because only a few years ago, most of her work was regarding 'passing off' (I think that was the name). I think she said it's because no loss can be proven to the brands, unlike when (e.g.) Primark copies a Next duvet cover.

DanniRae Sat 26-May-18 14:52:28

I was going to come on here and recommend Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt - 4 pack because its good for your gut and the individual pots make it easy to just grab one. BUT the Daily Mail chose to give out the same message in the week so today, by the time I got to Sainsburys, they had SOLD OUT!!
But I still think it's a great product grin

Bathsheba Sat 26-May-18 15:36:07

I love Lidl's frozen steamed meals. There's a very good range, they're tasty, and the portion size is good too. At only £1.49 (I think) and ready in 9 minutes, from freezer to microwave to table, they are really handy to keep in the freezer for those days when I CBA to cook!

Willow500 Sat 26-May-18 16:20:33

Aldi's raspberry lollies - love them but they've sold out. Also Findus frozen salmon meal - I'm not a fan of frozen ready meals but that and the white fish one are very good.

Nanna58 Sat 26-May-18 17:22:30

Lacura (Aldi) hot cloth face wash- just like Liz Earle’s cleanse and polish but a tenner cheaper!

Pittcity Sun 27-May-18 08:54:44

I second Aldi Quiche Lorraine Sassenach. We have tried lots of Aldi products and are very impressed....
I use the face creams and the anti frizz shampoo and save a fortune!
We have a Lidl opening two minutes away soon so will make a note of GN recommendations.