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Grannies.. how can I be like u?

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Yummysushi Thu 17-May-18 16:12:11

Hi grannies,

I’ve lost my grandma the week I got engaged.. she was a real inspiration to me.. I loved her and was hoping to get inspired by her way of life...

But after she passed away I struggled to maintain stability because a lot of people I see around me gives non-peaceful selfish advice .

She has been in a very similar situation to me when my age , had a very similar marriage. I feel like I’m reliving her life..:

Except she handled things so much more graciously ... I feel like she suffered and came out of this world still true to herself . She still managed to keep her morals. Didn’t turn manipulative or bitter... even though her life wasn’t easy..

I struggle to stay true to myself , seek happiness from within, when everyone around me is throwing crap at me.. I am very reactive ...

Grandmas out there, how do u manage to be so peaceful after all the things u must’ve endured? What makes u strong ?

Bridgeit Thu 17-May-18 16:46:31

Yummysushi, I doubt very much that we are all as peaceful as we come across,perhaps the fact that we can write our thoughts on here anonymously is a big help.
Perhaps sorting your problems into categories of importance &. repeat these wonderful words

God ( or alternative) give me the strength to change the things that I can, the courage to accept the things I can’t & the wisdom to know the difference
Best wishes

sodapop Thu 17-May-18 18:49:59

Well said Bridgeit . We also have the advantage of age and experience.

Bridgeit Fri 18-May-18 15:12:16

Thank you Sodapop ( thats a lovely name,I remember them well 🙂

Teetime Fri 18-May-18 16:12:49

Reflection is a great tool but don't beat yourself up just go over events calmly and see what you have learnt from them. Doing this with a trusted friend is an even better exercise.

OldMeg Fri 18-May-18 16:13:00

You’re strong because you have to be - either that or go under.

Teetime Fri 18-May-18 16:13:53

What I also should have said was don't make big decisions without giving your self time - sleep on it is always a good piece of advice I find.

Panache Fri 18-May-18 16:44:13

Personally in the hardships I have had to face, I came to the one and same fight and give it all you possibly can................or...... crumble,give in and totally lose out.
I realised life was well worth fighting for so fought hard.............and survived.
This is surely just about all we can do in the end......whilst Bridgeit`s little prayer serves us all brilliantly.
Give yourself the best survival chances and may I wish you all the luck in the world.

NfkDumpling Fri 18-May-18 19:46:55

Peaceful? I wish! I’ve just learned to hide the angst. And think laterally.