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Rosina Fri 06-Jul-18 11:04:04

Can any Gransnetters offer some advice about fabrics or, preferably, specific manufacturers? This summer I have come to the conclusion that linen is an absolute no no for me. Since this latest heatwave started I have abandoned my linen tops, trousers and blouses as I have caught sight of myself, scarlet faced, in clothes that look like wrung out dishcloths, screwed up beyond belief. I bought trousers last year that were a cotton linen mix, with a silky lining inside the waistband which eliminated the sometimes slightly itchy sensation with linen, and thought I had hit the jackpot. Sadly, if I sit down, or worse still drive anywhere, the trousers stretch and would accommodate me and several other people. The waistband descends to almost hip level and I trip over the hem. Has anyone found cool clothing that still looks reasonably tidy after a few hours?

J52 Fri 06-Jul-18 11:13:28

Natural fibres are really the coolest, cotton, silk or cotton mix.
You’re not happy with linen, but have you tried a linen/ viscose mix?
I always spray starch my linen clothes, when ironing and this does eliminate the crinkles to some degree.
There are quite a few Italian made loose clothes, on the market, at the moment. One make is Izabella, several shops have them, including some M&Co.

J52 Fri 06-Jul-18 11:15:07

Oops, sorry Isabel. Several outlets, if you google them.

lemongrove Fri 06-Jul-18 12:54:33

I must admit that I have gone off linen altogether ( a shame as I bought a lovely blue linen shirt just last year.)
I now find linen to be hot, scratchy, and look terrible after sitting in the car for even 20 mins.
All cotton is the way to go.
When in Madeira a few years ago, came across a large C&A
So many cheap and all cotton tops, I bought several and wish I had bought more.
Go bra-less if just about the house and garden to keep cool.

Culag Fri 06-Jul-18 13:09:19

I’ve found a few linen knit tops this year and I am very happy with them. They don’t crumple as much as woven fabric and are lovely to wear in the heat.

Teetime Fri 06-Jul-18 15:21:16

I'm wearing my favourite Masai floaty frock which is lovely and cool - as I'm at home no underwear even better. G * T in a minute - better still.

seacliff Fri 06-Jul-18 15:29:15

I have some viscous palazzo trousers from Asda and a soft cotton t shirt. Both very cool and non crease.

seacliff Fri 06-Jul-18 15:30:07

Also no bra. I put it on this morning for visitors, as soon as they went, off it came!!

humptydumpty Fri 06-Jul-18 15:41:34

Silk is great - I used to live in the tropics and loved wearing silk. Linen used to crease terribly, but linen mix is good.

Rosina Fri 06-Jul-18 16:20:54

Thanks everyone - a few ideas here to follow. The heat today has boiled my brain to such an extent that I can't think straight right now, but I shall be off tomorrow to see if I can find anything non linen but cool and crease free.

Solitaire Sat 07-Jul-18 09:23:11

Rosina when you're shopping for clothing, an easy test for 'crumpleability'☺ is to scrunch some of the fabric for a second and see if it bounces back in to shape.
You might have to be discreet during this test. grin

antheacarol55 Sat 07-Jul-18 09:30:33

cheesecloth is good and wear loose clothing

anitamp1 Sat 07-Jul-18 09:46:48

Thin cropped leggings with loose fitting smocked tops which reach somewhere between tops of legs and knees. I've found Asda particularly good for this type of clothing. Inexpensive. Lots of nice summery patterns. And can look quite smart. They wash well and the leggings don't need ironing. I've got loads of these type outfits and they see me through the summer.

Rowantree Sat 07-Jul-18 09:58:08

I'm short and overweight and have lymphodema so my lower legs and feet don't look good in anything cropped, skirts or dresses. I'm stuck with tunics and leggings or skinny jeans or I look dreadful.
No solution for me except to hide till the heatwave is over!

Patticake123 Sat 07-Jul-18 10:03:28

I do still wear some linen outfits simply because I bought them and they need to be worn, however, following the experience at my son’s wedding where the Mother of the groom looked like a bag of rags, I now go for 100% cotton!

Nitpick48 Sat 07-Jul-18 10:20:55

Have a google “made in Italy” lots of shops sell this brand you even find it in the markets, or you can buy online. It’s everywhere! They do floaty cheesecloth or thin fabric tunic tops, dresses, harem pants, palazzo pants. I’m 70, 5’3, size 18, and can’t resist their comfy baggy clothes. If you’re very short you can buy dresses that on anyone else would be mid calf but will be just the right length for a shorter person.

Nitpick48 Sat 07-Jul-18 10:28:48

Rosina Sat 07-Jul-18 10:37:31

Thanks again - I'm off to the shops and local market this morning.

VIOLETTE Sat 07-Jul-18 10:48:17

I WISH I could find a cotton dress or two is so hot here in summer (France) but no one seems to sell cotton dresses any more ! Over the last few years did find some sun dresses in Bon Marche bought one in every colour, in cotton ...lovely but they are wearing out now. Did find a couple in a catalogue but they are far too short for me at 5'9 aged 70.....even bought some cotton to make a couple in desperation !

Jillsewing Sat 07-Jul-18 10:51:07

I wear linen all the time but I starch it with spray starch and it stays neat all day. The very best fabric for this weather.

Melanieeastanglia Sat 07-Jul-18 11:02:43

I find dresses the coolest thing to wear this weather. I think people are cooler if they wear something with a short sleeve. Sun against bare skin can feel hotter than if there's a slight barrier. I always feel uncomfortable if I wear something sleeveless.

GabriellaG Sat 07-Jul-18 11:24:10

I do hope that your trousers are not viscous shock
Not a good feeling. grin

jocork Sat 07-Jul-18 11:24:41

I bought some linen and viscose mix trousers in Debenhams and they are great. Even better, the style is slightly cropped so the short ones are almost full length on me - vertically challenged at 5'1'' and size 20. They are the first pair of trousers I've bought in years that didn't need shortening. ( I have numerous pairs of trousers that need shortening and have never been worn.) I'm going to town today to see if they have any more of the same, ideally in another colour but if not the same again will be great. They were in the sale too!

travelsafar Sat 07-Jul-18 11:25:49

Bon Marche do some lovely wide leg summer trousers, i have a couple of pairs and they are very cool, viscose cotton is the way too go for summer coolness and comfort.The more pattern on the fabric the less the creases if they happen show. I call it floppy cotton as it does just that and it gives a wonderful cool sensation on your legs when the breeze catches them. I team them with plain white or a toning colour t shirts or top. I agree Linen is overated, costly and you do end up looking like a 'ragbag'. Maybe if you pay for really expensive linen the case may be different.

GabriellaG Sat 07-Jul-18 11:35:02

I bought 5 pairs of loose straight-leg/ peg trousers in different patterns from Primark. Straight front, elastic waistband at the back, side pockets, beautifully cool viscose material, never creases and air dries overnight or sooner. Cost £5-£7 per pair.
Also have some harem pants from last year, again, Primark, khaki and cobalt blue.
Together with their strechy white cotton camis (£1.80) flip-flops, sandals and canvas pumps they are just right for wearing into autumn. Suede or canvas wedges and a white tee make them suitable for wearing around town.