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Jane10 Sat 07-Jul-18 13:22:27

I feel very old having to ask this but I've been enjoying music heard on TV programmes lately and thought it might be nice to be able to play some recordings. But - how do I do it these days?
I used to have a CD player but now it's all downloads etc. I have an Amazon account so I could download stuff but what do I need to play it on? Any ideas?

Bridgeit Sat 07-Jul-18 13:52:58

Go to Amazon music, you can download on to your iPad or device, some is free some you purchase , all done through amazon account

MawBroon Sat 07-Jul-18 13:57:51

You can still play CDs (I do) and given that vinyl is said to be coming back into fashion among the Uber cool, who knows even cassettes may make a comeback!

maryeliza54 Sat 07-Jul-18 14:20:20

To get a better sound though if you’ve downloaded to your IPad/iPhone you need to play the music through speakers . We use a radio which has an iPad/iPhone socket and the music sounds great coming through that. And I also have a small travel speaker which I use in the bathroom or when I travel(funnily enough). I’ll see if it is still available or an equivalent - it was very cheap.

maryeliza54 Sat 07-Jul-18 14:26:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Jane10 Sat 07-Jul-18 14:49:02

Thank you Maryeliza54. That's still a bit bamboozling for me! If only I had an i pad!

kittylester Sat 07-Jul-18 14:51:21

You could get an Alexander and compile playbills. We do it through Spotify but you can do it through Amazon. I have one on the kitchen and the sound is really good.

maryeliza54 Sat 07-Jul-18 14:52:40

Jane what do you use for GN? If its a laptop you can plug the speaker into your laptops headphone socket - with my laptop I still get better sound through the mini speaker than the iPad or iPhone ( or any smart phone)

Jane10 Sat 07-Jul-18 15:17:31

It's the casual use of words like 'playbills' and 'Spotify' that lose me!
Sounds like I could do something magical with my android phone, download music from Amazon and maybe connect my phone to some sort of speaker? Does that make sense?
Thanks for your patience!

kittylester Sat 07-Jul-18 15:25:54

We have an Alexa not an Alexander!!

I build playlists on Spotify - actually very easy even for this dinosaur gran - and then it is linked to the Alexa via wife. Dh bluetooths his to the Alexa. We both can play our playlists in the car.

I was bewildered by the thought of it but it is fairly straight forward really.

jenpax Sat 07-Jul-18 15:51:35

If you have WiFi and Amazon a good option is Alexa I use one all the time from my sofa I just tell her what I want to listen too😁

FlexibleFriend Sat 07-Jul-18 16:38:50

I stick everything on a usb stick which then plugs into my cd player, both indoors and in the car. The sound quality on laptops is pretty dire and my cd player is very good as is my sound bar if I want to play it through my dvd player.

kittylester Sat 07-Jul-18 17:37:18

We don't link it via the 'wife' cos I'd object. We do it through the Wi-fi!!

I'm peed off with my flipping phone!

rizlett Sun 08-Jul-18 09:28:21

Here's the spotify and itunes link - you pay monthly - I believe they both cost the same at £10 per month.

I'm not sure about Amazon music.

paddyann Sun 08-Jul-18 09:39:42

we must be dinosaurs too.We have hi fi ,still buy and play CD's and vinyl my OH is partner in a hi end speaker business so we usually get new ones to try out as soon as they become available.
You really cant beat decent hi fi for sound quality ,so if you still have your cd player buy cd's from Amazon or HMV ,treat yourself to some good speakers ,you'll find lists in HIFI World magazine of all price ranges from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands of pounds.I know that the sound from our system is so good you'd believe the artist was singing/playing right in front of you.Well worth splashing out on if you enjoy music .

Jaycee5 Sun 08-Jul-18 09:49:12

YouTube is quite good for music. You can type in pretty well anything and there will be some of it and then it will lead to other things that artist has done or similar music.

4allweknow Sun 08-Jul-18 09:52:06

If you can, find someone who can help out say a friends teenager, neighbour, or if a member of any organisation perhaps there will be someone there with the know-how. It can all be a bit confusing and no shame in asking to be shown How to do it.

quizqueen Sun 08-Jul-18 09:58:45

I do still have a stereo which plays CDs and records but, occasionally, if I like a particular song I will download the music onto my laptop and the sound quality is very good. No need for extra speakers.

ddraig123 Sun 08-Jul-18 10:00:40

Dinosaur Gran query - from TyGranosaurus Rex maybe?!

LiltingLyrics Sun 08-Jul-18 10:10:02

As you have specifically mentioned TV music, there are phone apps - I use Shazam - which will listen to music to identify it for you and then link you to sites where you can download it. It's also a useful app when out and about, if you hear something you like in a cafe or shop.

Jane10 Sun 08-Jul-18 10:28:16

TyGranosaurus! grin
Oh dear. I'm more confused than ever now! The music I was enjoying so much was on that new fishing programme with Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse. Just not expecting such lovely stuff. I think there were various Verdi excepts but not sure from which opera. Didn't really matter - just loved it!

ExaltedWombat Sun 08-Jul-18 10:32:36

You can download and play music on whatever device you're using to read this message. You can attach headphones or powered speakers for a better sound, or maybe plug through to your existing hi-fi system. Beware of Apple devices like the iPad. They are primarily machines for draining your bank account, both from initial luxury-pricing and from ongoing charges

Camelotclub Sun 08-Jul-18 10:38:53

You could get an Alexander and compile playbills. We do it through Spotify but you can do it through Amazon. I have one on the kitchen and the sound is really good.
This is complete Greek to me!

kittylester Sun 08-Jul-18 10:43:41

It's Greek to me too - my phone sometimes post in Greek and other foreign languages!

sarahellenwhitney Sun 08-Jul-18 10:49:35

I love music from a group popular in my younger !days. I can still get their CD's but at a price. So I go to You Tube where I can not only listen to their music but watch them in concert.