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ESP, Ghosts or What? Need a Rational Explanation

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willa45 Sat 08-Sep-18 16:46:20

2018 has not exactly been a good year for us. The worst of it was when my husband of 51 plus years was in such poor health that I almost lost him. Between January and May of this year, we spent many sleepless nights downstairs in our sitting room; the only place where he could sleep comfortably. but that's not the story.

It was during one of those dark, fitful nights, that we both managed to doze off for more than twenty minutes which was unusual. It was sometime in April around five in the morning and it was still dark outside.

Suddenly, I was 'awakened' by voices upstairs.... as if several people were having a conversation. In my exhausted stupor however, their presence didn't phase me in the least.......the whole thing felt completely normal, almost comforting. This lasted for awhile, as I kept hearing them again and again and waking up each time. I didn't even know these people, yet they were all upstairs talking and they neither surprised nor scared me. At one point they were in our living room which is located in the front of our house. I could hear footsteps and furniture creaking as they moved about. Eventually, I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Daylight came and the sun came up. Hubby was sleeping peacefully, which didn't happen often. I got up to make coffee and that woke him up. The first thing he said to me... "Was I dreaming or was someone here last night? There were all these people talking and they wouldn't let me sleep!"

I haven't shared this with anyone, except our three adult children. My oldest daughter's eyes filled when I told her. She was very close to my mum and her theory is that loving family spirits from both sides came to visit and to conduct some kind of intervention on H's behalf.

In May, H received a new heart valve and made a miraculous recovery. He is now doing splendidly, even exercising three times a week. H and I have talked about our experience and compared notes. His 'dream' was almost identical to mine and it happened the same morning and at the same time. We still have no rational explanation for it.

Greenfinch Sun 09-Sep-18 15:49:51

Anniebach thank you for sharing your experience. Did you feel frightened or comforted by what happened ?

Anniebach Sun 09-Sep-18 17:06:20

Greenfinch, I felt peaceful, the constant gnawing ache went for a while.

harrigran Sun 09-Sep-18 17:06:25

Jane 10 whatever...

DanniRae Sun 09-Sep-18 17:34:16

harrigran - I was shocked at your reply to Jane10...........I don't think it is necessary to be disrespectful to people just because they don't agree with you.

Jane10 Sun 09-Sep-18 18:16:09

Don't worry DanniRae! I really wasn't bothered.

NanKate Sun 09-Sep-18 18:30:24

I believe you Annie.

willa45 Sun 09-Sep-18 19:01:18

I only freaked out when H described his experience and more so when we compared notes....that he heard (male and female) voices, that they sat in the living room etc. Even if we had been in our own bed and making physical contact (i.e. touching hands or back to back), we had been sleeping in separate chairs and were about eight feet away from each other. So, how do you get two people to share the same exact dream? How does that even work?

The only logical explanation is that something real must have happened because we both heard it....but that opens up even more questions, because knowing that there were several people inside our house, we didn't react with alarm, curiosity, or concern. I should add that everything in the house was just as it was before.....nothing was ever touched or missing!

Floradora9 Sun 09-Sep-18 19:02:43

Some years ago when our DC were teenagers we had a loveley neighbour , Mr. R , who was active in our church so knew our DC well . He became unwell and moved away and a few years later died . One night I had kept wakening up to a recurent thought which was that I really wish we had got something to remember Mr. R by .
We went out shopping the next day leaving DD behind and when we came in there was a box of odds and ends lying in the hall . A church friend had handed them in while we were away for the DC to choose something , they were from Mr.R's house . I spoke to the lady who had handed them in and she told me she had been hanging on to the box for weeks and had decided it was time to do something about it . This was quite a while after he had died too , it still gives me goosebumps to think about it .

boheminan Sun 09-Sep-18 19:07:23

willa45 - a couple of years ago I was unhappily on my own and sleep didn't come easy. One night I lay half awake, listening to voices coming from the empty bedroom next door. I felt comforted and safe in the idea of having people around and drifted into a deep sleep. The next night whilst in bed reading, it dawned on me that the talking I'd heard the previous night was in fact the wind coming down the chimney and gently rattling the windows. It doesn't matter what caused it as from then on sleeping became easier.

Diana54 Sun 09-Sep-18 20:20:07

ESP does exist but impossible to explain rationally and the future as told by a genuine Fortune Teller can be chilling.

Many years ago a good friend of mine did venture in for a laugh we were 19 at the time. She was a white as a sheet afterwards, nobody was told the whole prediction but details of her life, not generic stuff but hard facts that could not possibly have been guessed.
The future was a very tragic prediction and as the years passed, she lost her husband young and all sorts of illness and misfortune has happened to her and her family.

I wouldn't have wanted to know in advance and have always given fortune tellers a wide berth.

lemongrove Sun 09-Sep-18 20:28:47

ESP is there, I have a few reasons to think so.
In the case of the OP, and the voices heard, I don't know, neighbours, a radio or real voices [or not] a bit of a mystery.

willa45 Sun 09-Sep-18 23:46:19

A couple is awakened by a loud crash! They leap out of bed with hearts pounding. She stands on the landing with her iPhone, ready to 'assist' while H boldly rushes down the stairs in his bare feet; brass lamp in hand! This is what someone's reaction might look like when they fear that strangers have broken into their home.

In our case, we felt no sense of alarm and we didn't even react! The voices were most definitely inside our house! They came from upstairs and later from our living room, scarcely a few feet down the hall from us....yet surprisingly we felt no fear and didn't even seem to mind. That is indicative that we were likely sound asleep! The unusual occurrence here is that we both had the same 'dream' at the same time!

Either that or we were drugged by robbers while they ransacked our house; a theory that doesn't fly either because nothing was taken or disturbed. Robbers would have also been very quiet instead of making such a verbal racket.

The human brain possesses unknown capabilities that have yet to be explored. H and I have discussed our mutual experience many times trying to make sense of it and as inexplicable as it may be, ESP does come to mind!

Coconut Mon 10-Sep-18 08:09:08

I’ve experienced ESP. Many times someone who I have not seen for many years has come into my mind for no apparent reason, then I have gone out that day and bump into them. It’s also happened that I have suddenly thought of someone and then I have heard that they have actually died that day. This has happened with celebrities that I’ve thought of, then I put the news on and a death is announced. My DD often asked if I’m having a “ witchy” moment !!

HG15 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:35:29

Since my husband died last year I have seen two different psychics and they have both told me amazing things. I found the readings very comforting. I am very open minded about such things and discuss spirituality with anyone who is interested. We do not and cannot know everything, especially about what happens after death. I have no patience with those who are close minded whether atheists or religious. My mother has psychic powers and is the most down to earth person I know. Since she was 12 she has seen and heard spirits. I don’t have those powers but I do have the belief that I will be reunited with my DH in some way when I die.

stanlaw Mon 10-Sep-18 08:51:58

When we first started fostering we had a very troubled teenager placed with us before which we had had no children living in our house though we knew it had been a family home some years ago.
One Saturday morning I was sitting in bed wide awake and our foster child was asleep in the next bedroom. On the landing next to our bedroom there was suddenly a happy sound of young children playing and running up and down the landing, laughing. I was so surprised I didn't get up but the sounds then went as suddenly as they had come? This was right next to me and certainly not from outside.

peaches50 Mon 10-Sep-18 08:52:14

I'm a sceptic, but agree dont touch a ouiji board (childhood experience that still frightens me, when visiting my parents friends who thought it amusing).I dont visit mediums but know as a child my grandfather visited us - I heard his distinctive footsteps on the night he died in another country. His last words were I want to see x (my father) who could not get there in time - and I feel he came to do just that. I have had experiences with my own dead parents that defy any logical explanation. And I do believe that those who have died have 'just stepped into another room - we cannot see or touch them but know they are' from these.

ReadyMeals Mon 10-Sep-18 09:20:59

Having had a few possibly supernatural experiences myself I am perfectly willing to take your account at face value. I think I would - as I expect you did - go through a few other possibilities such as is it at all possible there were actual living people in your house that night - family who you'd invited and forgotten about but who didn't want to disturb you once they noticed you'd gone to bed? Some quirk of accoustics that made a group of people outside or next door sound like they were coming from parts of your house?

Sheilasue Mon 10-Sep-18 09:40:40

There is no explanation I have had visits from my son feel him with me and I;talk to him, sad thing is though I often hear him crying especially when I have had problems with my gd his daughter. That tears me apart at times.

Katek Mon 10-Sep-18 10:02:03

This isn’t strictly spiritual, but my own experiences suggest to me that there definitely is some inexplicable emotional/psychic link to those we love. As an RAF pilot my father was often away for weeks on end night flying from Cyprus and other stations. I always knew when he was coming home. There was no word beforehand, no subtle change in my mother’s behaviour that I might have picked up on as she didn’t know when he was coming home either. He would simply appear. I still occasionally have a vague sense of ‘knowing’ that something unpleasant is happening to one of my dc/
Dgc. Odd to say the least.

lilihu Mon 10-Sep-18 10:16:27

Sometimes there are logical explanations. Occasionally not. At every stage in our development there have been huge unknown areas. If everyone had closed their minds to possibilities, we would still be living in the Stone Age. I do believe that there are still huge areas that are unknown to us or not understood. It’s hard to imagine that we have reached a stage where we know everything. We haven’t even reached a stage where humans can accept each other regardless of colour, gender, race or religion etc. We are still babies in our development?
This experience and the unexplained happenings others have experienced, are very special. If they give comfort or reassurance they should be welcomed and accepted.

jenni123 Mon 10-Sep-18 10:49:29

I have 'visitors' in my flat. I kept hearing noises, I am in a small 1 bed flat. It was like part of words, not a complete word. It wasn't every day but was frequent. then last time my sister came to stay (she sleeps on a sofa bed in the lounge) she said she was just going off to sleep when she heard someone say 'Hi' and it came from my hallway, then a childlike voice said 'Boo' right in her ear. I have a solid oak blanket box in the corner of my lounge and when my sister stays we place her suitcase on the top of it, it is completely flat and very heavy. The night after she heard the voices I woke to her calling to me asking if I was alright, I said 'yes I was asleep', she said 'then what was that loud noise, I thought you had fallen down', I hadn't heard anything, but when she got up and put the light on, her suitcase had slid sideways and was hanging off the blanket box, the way it was hanging was impossible for it to have got that way. I called in 2 mediums from the local Spiritualist Church and they said yes there were spirits here, including my Dad, they told me things that they couldn't possibly have known but said there were also other spirits and it seemed the 'portal' was in the hallway just outside my bedroom and the lounge door. I am not frightened by this at all, they said there was nothing malevolent here so did I want them to 'clear' it, I said 'No, just leave it'. I still hear a lot of unexplained noises and often talk to my Dad.

youngagain Mon 10-Sep-18 10:51:12

When I was working my boss was making arrangements for all of us to go on a course. He suggested a day and date, but I said I couldn't go on that date, but couldn't give an explanation as to why that date wasn't suitable. When another date was suggested I said yes, that was fine and so the course was booked. When the initial date arrived (the one I had declined), my son was very unwell with a nasty bout of tonsilitis! I needed to take time off work to care for him. My boss called me a Welsh witch!! There have been other instances as well which I can't explain.

valeriej43 Mon 10-Sep-18 10:59:18

Willa i believe you,i have had many experiences like this, and i wasnt asleep, but my eldest son rushed into my bedroom one night ,aged about 18-19, he said his bedroom felt like a pub, and was full of people, he said a man was sat on a chair and a lady was knelt at his knee, he said someone is going to die,
I was convinced he was dreaming, but the day after, someone we knew who was a barman at a local pub suddenly dropped dead,so how do you explain that?
I have had noises like a workshop in one particular house, recently moved into, and only found out weeks later that previous owners had used the spare bedroom as a workshop for the husband who was retired and his hobby was making wooded ornaments etc
Lots of other experiences too

123kitty Mon 10-Sep-18 11:22:57

I'm with Harrigran, but not so rude!

Willow500 Mon 10-Sep-18 12:19:03

I think there are too many 'instances' of unexplained occurrences to simply dismiss as all in the mind.

When my FIL's mother passed away they were living over a 100 miles away. A cross fell off the wall and my MIL said your mum's just died - sure enough they then got a telegram with the news.

There have been several other things over the years that have been unexplained so I'm very open to the fact that the departed contact us during times of illness or death.