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ESP, Ghosts or What? Need a Rational Explanation

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willa45 Sat 08-Sep-18 16:46:20

2018 has not exactly been a good year for us. The worst of it was when my husband of 51 plus years was in such poor health that I almost lost him. Between January and May of this year, we spent many sleepless nights downstairs in our sitting room; the only place where he could sleep comfortably. but that's not the story.

It was during one of those dark, fitful nights, that we both managed to doze off for more than twenty minutes which was unusual. It was sometime in April around five in the morning and it was still dark outside.

Suddenly, I was 'awakened' by voices upstairs.... as if several people were having a conversation. In my exhausted stupor however, their presence didn't phase me in the least.......the whole thing felt completely normal, almost comforting. This lasted for awhile, as I kept hearing them again and again and waking up each time. I didn't even know these people, yet they were all upstairs talking and they neither surprised nor scared me. At one point they were in our living room which is located in the front of our house. I could hear footsteps and furniture creaking as they moved about. Eventually, I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Daylight came and the sun came up. Hubby was sleeping peacefully, which didn't happen often. I got up to make coffee and that woke him up. The first thing he said to me... "Was I dreaming or was someone here last night? There were all these people talking and they wouldn't let me sleep!"

I haven't shared this with anyone, except our three adult children. My oldest daughter's eyes filled when I told her. She was very close to my mum and her theory is that loving family spirits from both sides came to visit and to conduct some kind of intervention on H's behalf.

In May, H received a new heart valve and made a miraculous recovery. He is now doing splendidly, even exercising three times a week. H and I have talked about our experience and compared notes. His 'dream' was almost identical to mine and it happened the same morning and at the same time. We still have no rational explanation for it.

inishowen Mon 10-Sep-18 13:40:42

It sounds like a lovely experience for you both. My story is that we once lived in Germany. Our house was built in the 1600's. Often there would be strange sounds during the night as if the house was being searched. We could hear sounds like drawers were being opened and slammed shut. It was pleasant to hear. I wondered if something had happened to the occupants during the war and maybe their house was searched by soldiers. It's a mystery.

inishowen Mon 10-Sep-18 13:41:29

Sorry I should have said it was NOT PLEASANT to hear!

sandelf Mon 10-Sep-18 14:29:47

Humbling isn't it - to know there is so much more to life than we can understand. I always was a great rationalist as a child but as life goes on I see we certainly are more than reason alone can explain.

lemongrove Mon 10-Sep-18 15:05:05

inishowen I read your post and wondered why you found it pleasant!grin

lemongrove Mon 10-Sep-18 15:07:16

I agree sandelf in fact even thinking about the universe and beyond it is humbling, never mind another dimension [or many dimensions.]

Bluegal Mon 10-Sep-18 15:44:25

No 'rational' explanations Willa45 but I believe you implicitly and don't go with the tired/hallucination theories at all.

Had similar experiences with no logical explanations (but will save the details for another day perhaps)

I find it all very comforting t.b.h. I would add these are not frequent episodes by any means but they have happened....

Abbeygran Mon 10-Sep-18 16:26:55

A long time ago now I had an experience like this. I woke up to find a beautiful blue glow next to me. I felt extreme happiness and was comforted by the presence. I felt no fear, just deep joy. I fell back asleep and have not told a single person till now. When I woke in the morning I felt sad that the presence was no longer there. I’ve wished for it ever since.

GillT57 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:29:31

It is interesting that all on here who have described 'visitations' or similar, all have felt no fear, have had no concerns at all. One would expect that hearing voices in an otherwise empty house would be alarming, but in these cases, nobody felt frightened. Maybe it is this point above all that makes me think that we do not know it all, that there is something else ( not religious), and that there is nothing to worry about.

Bluegal Mon 10-Sep-18 18:18:59

Absolutely GillT57. I was a bit reticent to tell my experience because even I can't understand it.

Can I just say I am not one to fantisise and if anything I am very sceptical about the after life. Always maintained there is a logical/scientific reason etc etc.

In 2001 I was staying with family in England who had gone away for the weekend and I had a bedroom to myself. I was awoken in the night with a lot of rustling in the corner of the room. I sat up - totally awake - put the light on and my thoughts were "oh its o.k., its only the ghosts!" I had no idea then why I thought of 'ghosts' There was absolutely NOTHING in the corner of the room that could have made any noise - nobody in house and no near neighbours either. But I didn't feel alarmed I simply said...its the ghosts? Err...who says that? I also was NOT afraid...even more to the point!

I looked at the clock and it was 4.05 a.m. so I just went back to sleep.

Next morning I got up and pottered about, not really giving the night a thought and then I got a phone call from my friend in Scotland saying my husband had been found dead! I immediately left for Scotland and later discovered he had died at 4 a.m. that morning! Didn't enter my head then about the nightly happenings but after it did!

There were a lot of incidences after like late night phone calls but I don't think anyone would believe me t.b.h. but all I can say is never diss anything because we just don't know.

Solitaire Mon 10-Sep-18 20:19:13

I agree that we shouldn't dismiss anything. I can't understand how trillions of phone calls, tv pictures, e'mail etc appear without becoming entangled with each other as they travel through the air. All we need are the appropriate vessel for receiving and displaying these messages.
So why not another dimension where our spirit goes? Possibly some people have receptive brains and can receive and transform these spiritual messages.
I have had many, many unexplainable experiences, far too many to dismiss them as fantasy or normal everyday occurences.

spabbygirl Mon 10-Sep-18 21:20:48

I'm sure spirits exist & some people are more open to them. If someone had said to Charles dickens there will be metal boxes racing across the sky with people in them he'd had said that was rubbish!! I think we can't explain somethings scientifically at the moment, but they do exist.

willa45 Tue 11-Sep-18 00:04:46

Thank you my 'cyber' friends for all your thoughtful responses, your fascinating stories and your valuable insight. Over the years, I've kept an open mind but this last experience has convinced me and my H that there has to be something more.

It also appears that telepathy between humans is possible and it happens quite often....and if it does, can actual communication with those who have passed be such a stretch?

Plenty of food for thought.

nanalounet Tue 11-Sep-18 00:55:19

I have experienced very vivid dreams on occasions and have learnt to now take heed of them. Many years ago I dreamt that my S.I.L. was pregnant with her first child. In the dream I was out shopping when my F.I.L. stopped the car he was driving to tell me that she had given birth during the night, she was supposed to be seven months pregnant at the time.

I can remember saying to him in the dream, "don't worry too much as a seven month baby has a better chance of survival than an eight month baby". I then woke up and could remember every detail of it.

Fast forward a few years and I was out doing the weekly shop when a taxi pulled up with my F.I.L driving it, he told me that my S.I.L. had given birth the previous night and that the baby was not expected to survive. I said "don't worry too much a seven month baby has a far greater survival rate than an eight month. He then drove off. I went cold a little while later when I remembered the dream.

Can't recall how long ago but I had another dream where I was at a funeral, the service had just ended and as we turned to leave the church I realised that one of my children was missing and I couldn't find them. A very kind man in the dream explained that they were now gone, and that no matter how hard I looked I wouldn't find them again. then I woke up.

Earlier this year my father who died ten years ago appeared in a dream. I was overjoyed to see him and loved spending some time with him, he said that it was then time for "them " to leave and I begged him to give me more time. He said that he would go but would return at 4 o clock when they really would have to go.

I buried my son two months ago. he was extremely close to my father. It's only now that both dreams are making sense.

These are the only dreams that I have had that I can remember in detail and they were so very vivid, not like my usual dreams.

Two weeks ago I had another vivid dream that I have already told someone about. I was in the garden when I looked up to see a plane flying very, very low. There was no sound at all from the plane but it was obviously in trouble because I could see the pilots face clearly. It was getting lower and lower and suddenly there was a large plume of black smoke but no sound. I ran in the direction of the smoke which was not far away, and returned to tell my family that there were 138 dead.

I know which airline it was from the dream, and am praying that on this occasion the dream is just a dream as my son and his family are flying long haul on this airline later this week.

willa45 Tue 11-Sep-18 02:07:20


I'm so sorry for your recent loss. You mention in your post that the 'premature baby' dream happened many years ago and the actual event happened years later.

Re: Airplane.....Consider that there are hundreds of airplanes from the same airline flying at a given time. That in no way diminishes the gravity of what you saw and the presumed fate of those on board. Consider however, that this latest dream may not be connected to your son's upcoming trip, but to something entirely unrelated.

Sending you a hug and my prayers for your family's safe travels

knickas63 Tue 11-Sep-18 17:05:24

It annoys me immensely that people dismiss this sort of thing. We are no where near understanding everything about us and the world, and to declare things impossible is just rather narrow minded. I have had my own experiences, and try to be open minded about what I hear and see, or what others experience. I find that I physically 'feel' things, as if I have been touched, with a few odd voices/sounds. I have never actually seen anything myself, but I know that it is possible. I truly believe our loved ones never leave us. So much personality, energy and general lifeforce carries on, just no longer housed in the body.

willa45 Wed 12-Sep-18 17:49:12

True....I never lose sight of the fact that there is so much out there for us to learn and that some things will remain above our realm of understanding, at least during our lifetime.

I recall a heated debate I sat in on about supernatural phenomena and how some of the participants felt it was all rubbish because there was no Scientific basis to support any of it.

One woman spoke up and mentioned how much her baby boy enjoyed making faces in the mirror. She also pointed out the futility of explaining to a six month old infant the principles that govern light energy, how light rays travel, how fast, what a mirror actually is, about something called specular reflection, light particles or photons, etc. etc. in order to explain how a mirror is just something man made that reflects images using light.

Rachel711 Fri 14-Sep-18 16:26:40

Is it a detached house or a semi or terrace?
I sometimes hear my neighbours moving about and talking when everything else is quiet

willa45 Fri 14-Sep-18 17:19:53


We live in a single family home. The area is surrounded by a golf course (closed from dusk to seven am.) Both neighbors on each side, live in the city and only visit sporadically. Three families across the way. Two retired couples (one of them Asian) and the third are vacationers too. To say the neighborhood is very quiet, would be an understatement

Rachel711 Tue 18-Sep-18 18:15:19

Good I'm glad it isn't the boring old noisy neighbours at night explanation.