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Brunette10 Sat 22-Sep-18 11:24:01

Hi our little DGS is just over the age of 2 and has had several visits to the barbers. Each time we dread, I say we I mean my DD and myself. She doesn't like going on her own. He is not amused and one of the times DH and myself took him he was just perfect. The next time at the same barbers with DH again it was awful, screamed the place down and left without haircut. DD is coming today and said 'we need to go to barbers'. Not sure how to make this process a good experience for him. Any ideas? Thank you. smile

Alima Sat 22-Sep-18 11:31:39

Our GS was as bad. When he was really young it wasn’t too bad. When he was 2 or so it was a nightmare trying to get his hair cut. Problem was solved when his Dad took him to the barbers.

Melanieeastanglia Sat 22-Sep-18 11:32:42

Is it possible for him to watch your husband having his hair cut first? Children often like to imitate adults.

Good luck!

Greenfinch Sat 22-Sep-18 11:34:39

I would have it done at home.At least the surroundings would be familiar if not the person doing it. Could he watch someone else enjoying a haircut?

MissAdventure Sat 22-Sep-18 11:40:35

Maybe a bit of reverse psychology?
Take him along, if you can, to watch someone else having their hair cut, along with any other 'big boys' having theirs done.
Without saying anything, just leave, and casually mention that big boys go to barbers if he asks.
I'm sure he will soon ask when he can have his done too.

JudyJudy12 Sat 22-Sep-18 11:58:35

There are several barbers in our town that have special child seats that look like cars for the children to sit in, have you any in your town?
Taking another child and letting them sit in the special chairs while not asking your grandson to have his done may make him ask if he can have his hair cut.

Luckygirl Sat 22-Sep-18 12:21:02

Let it grow!! - when it is getting in his eyes he will want it cut!

Brunette10 Sat 22-Sep-18 12:21:21

JudyJudy12 did that. DD took him to upmarket barber designed especially for children but a def no there too. She travelled 20 miles to take him there grin.

midgey Sat 22-Sep-18 12:27:54

I agree with Melanie let him watch his brother or father first.

BlueBelle Sat 22-Sep-18 12:47:35

Don’t take this wrong it’s not meant as a critism but if your daughter needed you to accompany her even though you said he was perfect the first time are you sure her own anxiety is not rubbing off on him it just sounds as if too much is being made of it
Let Dad or granddad take over when they have theirs done or leave it till he’s a bit older nothing wrong with a bit of length at that age

lemongrove Sat 22-Sep-18 13:03:12

I agree BlueB in fact, young children seem to be be ‘shorn’
A bit too much, some have hardly any hair on their heads.
Have it done at home, or a small treat if the child is good at the barbers.

Jalima1108 Sat 22-Sep-18 13:19:52

I remember the first time that DD had a hair cut and she got very upset; she was younger than that.

Can your DD find a nice local mobile hairdresser who will come to the house, perhaps he could sit on Mum's knee while he has a trim.
I don't understand why a 2 year old should need an 'upmarket barber' - just a trim to keep his hair out of his eyes and make it a bit tidy.

aggie Sat 22-Sep-18 13:22:15

My youngest said it hurt his hair being cut , He is now adult and had long hair and a beard for years till his girl friend took him in hand , he still says it hurts !

Brunette10 Sat 22-Sep-18 16:55:30

Update. Thank you all for your contribution to the haircut dilemma. DGS was not in a mood for anything this afternoon so DD bought a barbers set and going to attempt to ‘do-it-yourself’. Let’s hope he looks a wee bit better than his present Boris haircut. Thanks again.

PECS Sat 22-Sep-18 18:11:59

DGS2 has long curly red hair (age 6) He is proud of his mop and will only relent to a trim!

Eglantine21 Sat 22-Sep-18 18:14:37

My children’s barber used to give them a lollipop 🍭 if they behaved. Oh dear, I suppose it’s not allowed now........

Jalima1108 Sat 22-Sep-18 18:49:54

so DD bought a barbers set and going to attempt to ‘do-it-yourself’.
aaargh - do be careful!!
Sorry, don't want to sound like the Nanny State
A 'Boris' haircut on a 2 year old could look rather sweet.

My favourite 3 year old has long curly hair (a boy btw!)

BlueBelle Sat 22-Sep-18 19:09:47

Both my boy grandsons had longish hair ( only trims, their choice) until they were 16 even though they had only met twice it was very very similar hair and both decided the same year to go short

M0nica Sun 23-Sep-18 08:17:38

DGS has beautiful blond hair (like Boris!!!). DDiL tended to keep his hair on the long side because with his big grey eyes he looked angelic. However DGS is now 8 and has made it clear he wants a proper boys haircut, so we now only have photos, to remind us just how sweet he looked when he had his lovely blonde mophead.

Blackcat3 Mon 24-Sep-18 11:32:46

Let it grow...he will soon want it cut when he gets teased for having girly hair!....or maybe not in this ridiculous gender neutral world! But on a more sensible note....find out why he is so freaked a small incentive for being a good boy....and most of the other comments re watching others etc.

anitamp1 Mon 24-Sep-18 11:33:19

I've seen advertised a few hairdressers who have introduced little cars for the little ones to sit in whilst getting haircuts. Good idea.

DIL17 Mon 24-Sep-18 11:42:10

Can he not take a book with him to look through as they may help calm him to a point where the stylist can at least attempt a cut?

cornergran Mon 24-Sep-18 11:44:39

Ours sits and watches a favourite cartoon on Dad's mobile sometimes, other times he just sits and stares at the hairdresser in the mirror. If looks could kill grin

Willow500 Mon 24-Sep-18 12:10:51

My DIL is a hairdresser so it's not been a problem with their two sons. The youngest started playing hairdressers at nursery so they set up a little mirror and someone took toy hairdryers and rollers in which has been a huge success. Could you do something like that with him to get him used to the idea?

Silverlining47 Mon 24-Sep-18 12:27:55

It never occured to me to take my children to a hairdresser or barber when they were under about 6 as we lived far out in the countryside and I always cut their hair myself.
I hate to see little boys with overly sylish haircuts like mini pop stars.