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Granddaughter Christmas present ideas

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Crissie Thu 27-Sep-18 23:36:50

Hi Everyone
My granddaughter will be 21 months old at Christmas. The family live in Portugal so I don’t see much of her apart from FaceTime and videos. She is very bright, mobile and musical. She is being brought up to be bilingual. They live by the sea and she lives an outdoor life. I’m looking for advice on Christmas gifts for her. I know this is early but I need to buy and post. Please help!

Maggiemaybe Thu 27-Sep-18 23:46:26

Hi, Crissie. For what it’s worth I always ask my children what the grandchildren need/would like. It saves any duplications, or wasting money on things they don’t use. If they don’t come up with anything I just give the cash, for them to spend on whatever the children need or want to do later in the year.

jeanie99 Fri 28-Sep-18 01:40:32

My son and family live abroad so I transfer money because I have no idea what they like or want.
DIL uses part of it for a present and the rest goes in the college fund. They have so many toys I wouldn't know where to start.
If you want to send something just ask for a link to something they would like buy and post it.
If you buy something without asking you could be wasting money.
It is best to be organised because of the posting dates for abroad.

Willow500 Fri 28-Sep-18 06:22:10

Mine live abroad too and for Christmas I've generally asked the parents what to get them. I have a video of them opening the box 2 years ago (they were here last year) with all the gifts and excitedly putting them under the tree so I will do it again this year although it costs a fortune to post. For my grandson's birthday this week his mum ordered things from Amazon to be delivered to me so I did the same and sent it all out to them. For the younger one I gave them money to buy him something.

At 21 months your granddaughter is probably too young to understand yet so asking mum and dad to get her something from you seems the best idea.

BlueBelle Fri 28-Sep-18 07:01:45

Oh please don’t ask us, ask them they are the only people that know what she’s got what’s shes getting, and what she wants
I have five overseas and the postage is astronomical and ridiculous, unless there is something they can get there it’s money which loses all the excitement for me but hopefully not them

BlueBelle Fri 28-Sep-18 07:02:18

Can’t get there not can sorry

LullyDully Fri 28-Sep-18 07:51:22

I would suggest picture books. Hungry caterpillar, Gruffalo, Tiger who came to tea for example and something nice to wear......thinking of the postage.

Eglantine21 Fri 28-Sep-18 09:46:33

You! Take you. Book the flight now!

And a nice book to share.

gmelon Fri 28-Sep-18 12:11:38

Some of the soft toys in the shops can weigh in quite light.
A giant teddy bigger than her, soft and squashy. Went down a treat as an extra present for my granddaughters second birthday.
She is very petite and sits in its lap .

HildaW Fri 28-Sep-18 12:20:03

Being an ex pre-school leader the idea of a picture book and perhaps a puppet or related soft toy would be nice. You can get toddler versions of Beatrix Potter with a rabbit or the tiger from the Tiger who came to tea etc. Loads of lovely books out there - a visit to a good quality book shop will help.

Lynma Sat 29-Sep-18 08:03:21

I have found sending presents using on line sites has saved on postage. Sending books can be expensive on postage but try "The Book Depository" the books are usually cheaper than in the shops too. I live in Australia so use M & S, John Lewis etc to send gifts home; and they have a good delivery service. The only thing is they are generally not gift wrapped but family at destination can do that for you.

Humbertbear Sat 29-Sep-18 09:42:52

I would suggest buying a classic book for when she is older eg Alice, Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington. My mother has always done this for her GC. the only 8 year olds with Shakespeare and Jane Austen on their bookshelves.

LynnKnowles Sat 29-Sep-18 10:11:45

Like Maggiemaybe I also ask the parents what they think. So much money is wasted on unwanted or duplicated gifts. This year they have suggested we contribute towards swimming lessons. As your granddaughter lives near the sea, too this could be an idea.

Patticake123 Sat 29-Sep-18 10:50:39

I send my grandchildren something small that they can open and a cheque so their parents can choose

David1968 Sat 29-Sep-18 11:03:33

A soft toy puppet can be a welcome gift. (Check age suitability on label.) I've given a few, over the years, and they have always become a favourite toy. There are some lovely ones available online. And many which are suitable from birth. Very easy to post, too.

pinkjj27 Sat 29-Sep-18 11:04:36

I always asked my daughters but I can say that of all the things I have given my grandkids it’s the special keepsakes that remind them of me they have treasured a locket that was hung on the wall until my granddaughter wanted to wear it and never took it off she added my picture to it. A framed picture of me and my late husband their beloved grumps. A jewellery box I made, I collected shells and stones on the beach with them then pained them and personalised them I noticed the 10 year old took it to her exams with her for luck. I always give money or something they want but it’s the personal keepsakes they love and keep.

Silverlining47 Sat 29-Sep-18 11:10:46

It's hard when you live abroad with postage costs and being out of touch with current likes/dislikes!
Last year we asked DS and DiL to buy gifts for the GC from us. It transpired that so did the other grandparents (2 other sets....divorced parents!) and various aunts! Both parents spent a whole day wrapping all the presents from all of us! Plus having to decide and order or buy so many extra presents too. A lot of extra work for working parents.
I'm sure the children just enjoyed opening everything but it doesn't feel right. I have, in the past, ordered directly from Amazon who will gift wrap and deliver if you can get a 'wish list' early enough!

mabon1 Sat 29-Sep-18 11:23:12

Ask the parents and send them money to buy whatever.

123kitty Sat 29-Sep-18 11:27:48

Spend the money on a flight to visit her and the family.

vickymeldrew Sat 29-Sep-18 12:08:02

With grandchildren abroad the postage would be horrendous. As others have said, far better to use Amazon who deliver to Portugal. Ask the parents to set up a Wish List so you know exactly what DGC would like. You can have it gift wrapped for a modest amount as well. Common problem nowadays with mobile families !

sodapop Sat 29-Sep-18 12:16:00

Yes the Amazon wish list is a great idea. I use this as well. You could send money for the parents to decide what to buy or save then just a small personal gift from you. Books, DVDs etc are always popular. I steer clear of soft toys as they always have too many.

GabriellaG Sat 29-Sep-18 12:26:32

Amazon is far cheaper and has a much wider choice.

Ronnie Sat 29-Sep-18 13:30:07

My two Grandsons are in Oz, they do not want for toys as their Australian side of the family are generous and as has been said postage is horrendous. I send the odd book I think they would like as they are 3 and 5 years & my son is very good with reading to them, so I get feedback from them during our FT calls. I’d love to read to them but the time difference makes it impossible. We don’t get to spend much money & time with them, no ice cream time, no outings, no little surprises. But we try to make the most of our FT calls even though they are usually romping around play fighting, we know all about Thomas the Tank Engine & Transformers! it makes us laugh & we are exhausted watching them. We do have a ‘fund’ we regularly put money into so in the long term they won’t miss out and this is absolutely fine with my DIL & DS.

HildaW Sat 29-Sep-18 13:34:55

Probably Gabriella but I'm a fan of real time shopping where you can to touch stuff and real book shops in particular.....and if possible not use that company if possible.

seemercloud Sat 29-Sep-18 13:51:37

Duplo -( baby lego) - always popular with my littlies