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Christmas gifts for grandson that lives overseas

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GrandA Thu 15-Nov-18 22:23:56

Hello, I am new to this forum. I signed up not realizing that it is based in the UK. I live in the USA. My 7 month old grandson lives in Australia. He will be spending his first Christmas with us along with our daugther and SIL (Aussie). Any ideas what to get him that he can take back easily to Australia from the USA?


Jalima1108 Thu 15-Nov-18 23:04:02

You could buy him something small that he can play with and give them some money to buy him at bigger present or something they think he needs when they get home again, or buy something light like a play mat.
Or a small gift and money for his savings account.

At 7 months he won't really know or understand.

GrandmaFaye Fri 16-Nov-18 00:50:43

Hello GrandA,

Just saying hello. I too am from the USA. I didn’t know this was a forum based in the UK either until after I signed up.

I am sure you will find the perfect gift for your grandson.


Grammaretto Fri 16-Nov-18 00:59:55

I have DGC across the seas . Once I located a, local to them, toy shop who delivered a present to their house.
I find it harder now they are older because I just don't know what they want. This applies to DGC closer to home too.

sukie Fri 16-Nov-18 01:27:47

Welcome GrandA, I am also in the USA. I enjoy this forum very much though I seldom post. About a gift for your 7 mo dgs, how about a book that could entertain him on the return trip. I'm thinking of a board book for example:

The "lift flap" books were popular with my dgc when young.

agnurse Fri 16-Nov-18 01:43:16

I agree with the book idea. Fabulous.

Obviously your GC is a boy, but for a girl who's at least 4, I would suggest paper dolls. Those are flat and would be perfect for travel. Activity books are often a hit as well.

agnurse Fri 16-Nov-18 01:44:09

Forgot to add, for older children, magnetic board games are also a lot of fun. The pieces are magnetized and the board folds up to double as a caddy to hold the pieces.

BlueBelle Fri 16-Nov-18 04:44:02

..but no one is asking for older children the original poster particularly asked for a 7 month old grandson, not a 4 year old grand daughter Agnurse
Why not ask the parents ?

agnurse Fri 16-Nov-18 04:45:48

True, but my thought was that a GP might want to use this as a reference post sometime.

A small stuffed toy or a teething ring would be another go-to for me for a 7-month-old. Or a sippy cup that doesn't spill.

harrigran Fri 16-Nov-18 07:15:10

When my GC were babies they had inflatable floor toys with animals and bells inside, ideal for babies not yet walking. At end of vacation can be deflated and packed in suitcase.

David1968 Fri 16-Nov-18 10:28:51

I've answered this question before on GN. How about a lovely soft hand-puppet? Babies and children love these (they're potentially more fun than an ordinary soft toy, especially if you make up games with them) and they're easy to pack. Just check that the label says they're suitable for baby's age. I've bought some gorgeous puppets in the USA. Try a good toyshop or online. Folkmanis make beautiful ones.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 10:49:47

My DGC had soft toys that made different noises, eg the ears made a rustling sound when the baby grabs them etc.
Unfortunately, I can't remember what they were called but someone else may know.
They loved them.

I've seen a VTech Activity Lion which makes noises and plays tunes - should keep all the passengers entertained on the plane home again wink

EK36 Fri 16-Nov-18 10:55:55

Money, puppet type book and an outfit.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 10:57:39

They probably do lovely baby clothes in the USA so you could ask your DD for suggestions and size.
The clothes will probably be different to anything they can buy in Australia.

Cold Fri 16-Nov-18 10:59:10

When my kids were young I lived in Sweden and my parents lived in the UK - they often sent books,cds and dvds (think nursery rhymes, classic childrens' books, Teletubbies etc) that were British which my kids loved so you could send things from the US

Just check whether there are any customs/tax duties to pay (someone once sent me a birthday gift from the US and I had to pay £25/$32 to get it)

Fennel Fri 16-Nov-18 11:50:30

One of my sons and his family live in India. I used to send them presents often, mainly clothes. But many never got there (stolen in transit.)
Now I just put some money into the parents bank account.
We've visited twice, and always take presents with us.

Bossyrossy Fri 16-Nov-18 13:13:47

In the old days we used to post presents to family who lived abroad, often paying as much in postage as the value of the contents. Now we use Amazon delivered direct to their door.
Regarding what to buy a seven month old dgc, make sure it is light, books are heavy. The hand puppet suggestion was a good idea as you can entertain the baby with it on the journey home.

Buffybee Fri 16-Nov-18 13:16:20

Hello GrandA and welcome. There are a number of posters not in the UK and I don't see that it matters.
If it was me, I would buy him a lovely Teddy Bear, so he can cuddle it over the years and know that it is from his Grandma!

grandtanteJE65 Fri 16-Nov-18 13:55:38

I agree with Buffybee no child can have too many Teddies, but check with his parents. They probably were inundated with clothes in the first two sizes and now that he has outgrown them are struggling to find the money to buy new clothes, as most small children's clothes are outrageously expensive.

Newmom101 Fri 16-Nov-18 14:36:53

How about a keepsake item alongside the toy? A first Christmas bauble or snow globe?

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 15:32:44

Now we use Amazon delivered direct to their door.
Amazon doesn't operate in Australia, but you can order from other websites.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Nov-18 15:33:51

I beg your pardon, they do operate there, but last I heard everything had to be delievered from the USA anyway!

Boogaloo Fri 16-Nov-18 16:54:04

I'm in the U.S. and find it easier to send money to my DIL in the U.K so she can buy my grandchild something that she is currently into.

I'm not sure what I'd buy for a 7 month old to take back. My children loved picture books (with thick pages) at that age.

Witzend Fri 16-Nov-18 18:55:28

Board books or cloth books are usually popular at that age.
Two favourite board books in this family are Peepo! and Each Peach Pear Plum, both by the Ahlbergs.

Cloth books my Gdcs liked when babies were the animal tails ones, forget what they're called, but they had the animals' tails attached.

Witzend Fri 16-Nov-18 19:39:12

For older young ones - once my niece in the US was in her teens, I'd send $$ tucked inside a book or other small present, for both Christmas and birthday. Over many years it never went astray. Sending money any other way always meant ripoff bank charges.