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Kateykrunch Tue 18-Dec-18 14:59:19

The hot water bottle thread has prompted this....we used to use an electric underblanket, but having spent 10 months liberally creamed (whole of chest) each night with E45 I am now reluctant to put the electric blanket on in case we go up in flames. E45 is highly flamable and our mattress will definitely have had the cream soak into it along with the residue of the cream, the mattress appears fine and we dont want to replace it just yet, but we are missing the warmth, am I overthinking it?

Missfoodlove Tue 18-Dec-18 15:00:54

Turn the mattress

Kateykrunch Tue 18-Dec-18 15:06:37

Well I lied, its the mattress topper and is always turned frequently so it will have it both sides. Hubby says we just buy another topper, I suppose he is right, but I still have to use the dreaded cream x

wildswan16 Tue 18-Dec-18 15:45:04

I have to admit I had never heard of this problem. This is the link to some information which although it is in the Daily Mail has been issued by the MHRA.

Buffybee Tue 18-Dec-18 15:54:02

Ooooo! I sympathize Katey, having to layer on E45 every night.
I know we're supposed to moisturize after a shower/bath but I just can't bear the feeling of it when I get between the bed clothes.
I sleep naked and like to slide around the bed. 😂

M0nica Tue 18-Dec-18 19:39:30

Concerns about the flammability of these creams has been known for some time.

Could you have an electric over blanket rather than an under blanket. Put it on top of the duvet so that the duvet warms up and that warms you when you get into bed.

Kateykrunch Wed 19-Dec-18 15:23:13

Decided, too risky!, so going to get a teddy fleecy type bottom sheet, but bet it gets too warm, I’m never satisfied, too warm, too cold........

jusnoneed Wed 19-Dec-18 16:30:45

Do you use a mattress protector? Cheap and easily removed and washed. I use Flannelette sheets on our beds in the winter, nice and cozy.
They were talking about these type of creams yesterday on the radio, how people don't realise nighties/pj's can be more flammable if people use them.

Auntieflo Wed 19-Dec-18 16:47:41

Kateykrunch. from one E45 user to another, just consider that you are hot stuff. to go to bed with. tchwink

newnanny Thu 20-Dec-18 10:07:24

Could you buy a new matress topper and place a clean blanket over the topper then the electric under blanket to wrm bed for half an hour before you get in to it. Then slip off blanket and electric blanket to sleep. Trying to problem solve here but realise it is a faff.

newnanny Thu 20-Dec-18 10:07:44


notgoneyet Thu 20-Dec-18 10:20:06

I've got an electric duvet Kateykrunch. That may work for you, as you have it inside a duvet cover. You can alter the temperature from 1 to 6, and staying on for either 1 or 9 hours. I quite often leave it on a low heat all night. And I daresay if you were worried about the cream, you could put two duvet covers on it?

Kateykrunch Thu 20-Dec-18 10:30:51

Notgoneyet.......ooooo, they do look cosy, will take a look, thanks.
Newnanny......thanks for your idea, interesting, but I’m not a faffer (no patience) lol.
Jusnoneed.....think brushed cotton (flannelette isnt it?) is the way to go, looked online but everyone is moaning about the fluff getting everywhere, its bad enough here already with sock fluff!........ooooooo there’s a subject for another thread x

nahsma Thu 20-Dec-18 10:47:00

I had the impression from the linked article that the problem arises from naked flames or cigarette embers, so assuming you don't smoke in bed, or have an open fire in your bedroom, then the electric blanket shouldn't be a problem. Surely it doesn't reach a temperature which induces spontaneous combustion? I'm now wondering if that character in Bleak House was using an early version of E45?

Edithb Thu 20-Dec-18 11:22:45

Has it ever happened though?

PeggyEm Thu 20-Dec-18 12:10:20

Can you not put the cream on in the morning when you get up?

annodomini Thu 20-Dec-18 12:17:59

Instead of an electric blanket, I bought a 'teddy' fleece underblanket which is lightly padded on the reverse side as the fleece might be too warm in summer. I also wear bed socks in almost all weathers.

wot Thu 20-Dec-18 12:44:04

I have been using various moisturisers all my life as i am a dry old bird! Ive got an eiectric under blanket which i sometimes leave on all night. I haven't combusted yet!

sarahellenwhitney Thu 20-Dec-18 12:44:17

KateykrunchTo enable you to enjoy using your electric blanket, or you intend standing in front of an open fire after using your cream which would be dangerous ,then contact the manufacturers of your blanket and also the manufacturers of the cream, for their advice. Who is 'we' ?how do they feel about a ban on an electric blanket OR why not separate beds.? Then cocoon yourself in layers of what ever that will keep you warm while 'we' is snug with their own means of obtaining warmth.

kircubbin2000 Thu 20-Dec-18 13:03:55

It's not that cold in UK specially if you share a bed. Wear an old sweater if you must.

JanaNana Thu 20-Dec-18 13:40:23

I use E45 in the morning after showering, and Simple Rich Moisturiser at night time (this is safe and fragrance free.) I had to use it regularly after radiotherapy and am still using it a few months later. The Simple Moisturiser feels less greasy than E45, needs less of it and soaks straight in.
I would,nt risk it, it not worth taking the chance. Maybe get a new topper, also make sure it has,nt seeped into your duvet as well.

Ironmaiden Thu 20-Dec-18 13:58:15

kirkubbin2000 It is very cold if you don’t have or use central heating. I remember a time I couldn’t get into bed without an electric blanket when I stayed with my father. Luckily I didn’t use petroleum products.

Theoddbird Thu 20-Dec-18 15:27:40

Am I missing something here? Can someone tell me why people are covering themselves with E45 cream....

Wilma65 Thu 20-Dec-18 15:58:36

Have you tried the microwaveable water bottles to warm the bed up before you get into it?

GabriellaG54 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:13:52

Cheap double mattress protectors are £6.00 in Primark, pillow protectors are £4.50 per pair.
Wide elasticated straps across corners. I replace mine every 6 months and give the 'old' ones to a women's refuge or the Sally Army...after I wash them, of course.
If you cream your chest, why don't you lie on your back to stop the stuff going everywhere. You must put a heck of a lot on as I presume you wear pjs so it must be seeping through those too. Is it necessary to use so much?