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westerlywind Thu 20-Dec-18 14:07:07

I am thinking about getting a new car after New Year. I have waited a long time to be in the position to be able to get a certain car. They have changed a lot in the waiting time, as have I!
I am worried that if I get the car that I have wanted I will look a bit strange in it. I am grey haired with no chance of colouring my hair (allergy). I am also a bit tubby and not very tall.
It is not a sports car that is low slung. It is a kind of 4 x 4 but the more style, less Defender type.
Can we really be too old for a certain car?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 20-Dec-18 14:09:54

Absolutely not, go for it 🚙🚙🚙

Teetime Thu 20-Dec-18 14:28:55

'course not, have it and enjoy it! The only people driving decent cars round here are retired.

Missfoodlove Thu 20-Dec-18 14:35:01

You do not have to be physically perfect to own a nice car!
Do you feel you don’t deserve it because you’re not a size 8 glamour model?
Buy the car and enjoy it👌

Anja Thu 20-Dec-18 14:41:29

Yes, definitely you can. A car should reflect your personality to some extend but more important it’s chassis should accommodate your own chassis comfortably.

Lazigirl Thu 20-Dec-18 14:52:20

I consider a car an inaminate object to get you from A to B, but I realise some people think of them as status symbols and style objects. Buy what you like.

MawBroon Thu 20-Dec-18 15:01:01

Of course not.
Will you be able to park it? Will the visibility be adequate?
Cars and age have nothing to do with each other.
(I hope you are not fishing for compliments?)

AnnS1 Thu 20-Dec-18 15:14:53

A higher car is easier to get in and out of. I drive a 4x4, Mitsubishi Outlander, easy to drive, good visibility and comfortable.

StillGame Thu 20-Dec-18 15:28:47

You can be too old for a low slung sports cars simply because getting in and out can be a pain (in the neck, back etc).

You can't be too old for a 4x4 because they are so easy to get in and out of.

I've got both and definitely make much more use of the 4x4.

I suppose there could be a 'mutton dressed as lamb' issue with some cars e.g. a pink range rover, but less likely to have this with a 4x4 than a low slung sports car.

Lynne59 Thu 20-Dec-18 15:28:49

You can have any car you like!

holdingontometeeth Thu 20-Dec-18 15:29:36

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MacCavity2 Thu 20-Dec-18 15:41:15

My sort of car, go for it. I’m too tall for a sports car, would have to get out on all fours. Love a nice big Chelsea tractor.

kittylester Thu 20-Dec-18 15:49:19

Have what makes you feel good. My car makes me feel good and I love driving it. Dh's car, on the other hand, makes me feel like a little old lady!

MawBroon Thu 20-Dec-18 16:13:22

On form? hotmt

agnurse Thu 20-Dec-18 16:32:43

Team not too old here! Just, as PPs have said, you'll want to ensure that it's easy for you to get in and out.

I don't know what kind of car she drives, but my father's godmother is over 100 years old and still drives. She drives all of her friends to their appointments because they don't drive anymore.

Jalima1108 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:47:19

Make sure that it's not too high off the ground too - not to easy to get into when you're getting on a bit!
eg a Land Cruiser is quite high but there are 4x4 which are easier to get in and out of.

Marina17 Thu 20-Dec-18 16:56:50

I’m 66 and last year bought a little two seater sports car and I also have a mini cooper S convertible. If you don’t do it now you never will, so go on, have what you want as long as you feel safe and comfortable driving it!

EllanVannin Thu 20-Dec-18 17:15:09

My daughter is no " youngster " when it comes to cars as she likes 3 litre beasts. At the moment she's got a Chrysler which is a very roomy and comfortable car with heated seats for extra comfort. This has been a change from the BMW's that she's had in the past, which are very robust cars as their engines last forever.

Drive anything that you feel comfortable with westerlywind, age doesn't come into it..

westerlywind Thu 20-Dec-18 17:16:52

Thank you ladies.
I have spent my life being sensible and responsible and never putting myself first. I have had sensible cars to transport school bags and sports equipment. DCs are grown up now and driving themselves around. I chose my current car when I was carer to elderly relative because is was easier to get in and out of a 3 door (larger doors easier access).
I am 65 now and wondering if I should be sensible yet again or go for what I have wanted for years.
The opinion seems to be that I should get the car. I will of course make sure I can get in and out easily.

Opal Thu 20-Dec-18 17:20:32

You only live once westerlywind, get the car you want smile. Enjoy.

Jalima1108 Thu 20-Dec-18 17:22:23

My friend bought a convertible when she had a legacy - it's lovely. Not as low-slung as a sports car but rather swish!

kittylester Thu 20-Dec-18 17:36:07

A friend's husband bought her a sports car when she was 70. 12 years on she still drives it!

cornergran Thu 20-Dec-18 19:54:18

Better to get what you want than have the regrets. Go for it smile.

StillGame Thu 20-Dec-18 21:12:37

If I was buying a new 4x4 at the moment I'd go for one of these:

varian Thu 20-Dec-18 21:20:45

Just have a test drive. If you like it and can afford it buy it and enjoy it. What you look like and what other people might think is totally unimportant.