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kittylester Fri 21-Dec-18 12:30:34

Following on from the thread about suitable new cars, do those of you with a DH and 2 cars have your own car or are they interchangeable?

I've said previously that I have always driven the bigger family car while DH has had various smaller or sillier cars.

We have recently changed both the cars and neither of us like Dh's car so 'my' car has become 'our' car.

Lots of my friends refuse to drive their Dh's car but ours have always been interchangeable - are yours?

sodapop Fri 21-Dec-18 12:46:11

No, my husband has a 20 year old Punto, no way am I driving that smile

grannysue05 Fri 21-Dec-18 12:48:22

Definitely not interchangeable in our household.
DH hates getting into my car as it is small and low down so he struggles to fold himself in. Even worse getting out as he has back problems.
I won't drive his car as it is full of gadgets and knobs and if I press the wrong one it just might be the ejector seat!
He has an automatic seat position selector programmed for himself or me, plus spare buttons.
I once pressed the wrong one and found myself lying horizontal looking at the car roof!

MissAdventure Fri 21-Dec-18 12:50:05


SueDonim Fri 21-Dec-18 12:53:27

We have two cars. Dh has a two-seater while I have an estate. We each drive the other's car as and when. Yesterday we did a round trip of about 200 miles in total and I was tired so we shared the driving.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 21-Dec-18 13:07:11

We have a large 4X4 and a sporty 2 + 2, interchangeable, but I prefer the large car.

tanith Fri 21-Dec-18 13:10:25

We had two cars mine is the bigger OH a small runaround very low tax and cheap to run, we both drove both cars but mine is much more comfortable with higher driving position. Since he passed away I’ve been in a dilemma as to which car to keep, his is so much smaller and cheap to run but mine is so much more comfortable I really don’t need such a big car for just me.

Charleygirl5 Fri 21-Dec-18 13:30:00

tanith that is a difficult one but being Scottish I would go with the car which is cheaper to run and is smaller. If you were doing lots of long journeys it may be a good idea to maybe keep your car.

janeainsworth Fri 21-Dec-18 13:49:54

I think it depends how much driving you’re doing tanith and what distances. If you drive long journeys quite often, I’d go for comfort. I find sitting in a low position for very long, whether it’s in a car or someone’s sofa, gives me hip and back pain.

We have a Mitsubishi ASX for longer journeys and a Fiat Panda for nipping to town or the supermarket. It hardly uses any petrol.

mumofmadboys Fri 21-Dec-18 14:02:38

We have two cars and both of us drive both cars. We share driving on long journeys.

tinaf1 Fri 21-Dec-18 14:07:07

Not in our house can't stand husband's car he has estate BMW which I find very low & uncomfortable to get in and out of, full of knobs & bobs, mine is little Hyundai which I feel much more comfortable in
Mind you he drives mine when he is going short distance then rearranges the mirror , seat etc to accommodate him, he us 6" and I am 5"!

KatyK Fri 21-Dec-18 14:08:44

No such problem here - I can't drive!

ninathenana Fri 21-Dec-18 14:24:06

If only, DH has never learned to drive.

SueDonim Fri 21-Dec-18 14:28:04

Tabitha, what about selling both cars and buying something in between that suits you better?

Teetime Fri 21-Dec-18 14:37:20

Ours are sort of interchangeable (a Juke and a Kia Rio) but we only take the Juke on motorways. When we first retired we only ran one car but that soon became impractical as we took up separate interests- however we may in the future go back to just one. My little Rio is very cheap to run so its not an expense thing until they need changing.

FlexibleFriend Fri 21-Dec-18 17:27:28

When I had a OH we had two cars mine and his, both bought new, I had a 4x4 and he changed his every couple of years. I tend to take my time to decide what I want and stick with it, my current car is 12 years old and has been a dream, never costing much to fix etc. He bought in haste and wanted to chop and change all the time, after 6 months he'd be bored and want something else. I never even sat in two of his previous vehicles let alone drove them, yet he'd always be trying to pinch mine. He could never be convinced to put more thought into his choice.

SueDonim Fri 21-Dec-18 17:40:46

I've just noticed that my previous post autocorrected to Tabitha. Sorry, Tanith!

phoenix Fri 21-Dec-18 17:50:56

I am currently driving a Smart Roadster (Google it, unfortunately I don't seem able to C&P when using the tablet)

Mr P is 6' 2" . Watching him try to get into or out of it is very entertaining! tchgrin

Therefore, he seems to be quite happy to stick with his ancient VW Golf,...........

phoenix Fri 21-Dec-18 17:52:44

PS for those than would rather not, or can't Google, it looks like something from a Playmobil set!

MrsJamJam Fri 21-Dec-18 18:37:59

We have two cars, one big one small. The big one is the dog's car - he wouldn't want to be seen in the little car! So whoever is with the dog drives the big car for him. If the dog isn't coming we generally use the little car. But insurers insist on knowing which car is whose, so we have to be a bit creative!

Marydoll Fri 21-Dec-18 19:07:06

Is this your car, Phoenix? I love this! When I was fit and agile, I used to have a two door convertible coupe. Alas, those days are long gone. sad

In the past, I had no problem driving my husband's big car, now I wouldn't dream of it. It has too many fancy gadgets and no handbrake.
I'll stick to my own wee car. grin

tanith Fri 21-Dec-18 19:13:35

Trouble is I’ve had two hip-replacements and find driving and getting in and out of a low car difficult I can drive the smaller car but mine is much easier. I’ve thought about selling both but can’t find a smaller car I like with a higher driving position. A dilemma I will think about more in the new year.

Brunette10 Fri 21-Dec-18 19:28:21

We also have 2 cars one of which my DH used as his working car. He is now retired so whichever car is the first available out the drive is used. However I do find his smaller car is much easier for a run about town and of course parking. My car is bigger so takes more parking space etc but has car seat for DGS1. Our cars are therefore are used equally by both of us. We are thinking of renewing or maybe disposing DH car but really don’t know with what or indeed why? My thoughts are to keep smaller car and just run it until it stops. Tough decision.

NannyJan53 Fri 21-Dec-18 19:30:58

I drive a Ford Fiesta, partner has an Audi which is a company car so I am not insured to drive.

He doesn't drive mine as he isn't on the insurance smile

When he retires, not sure what we will do. Sell mine and buy one between us or does he just buy his own? I think for a while we will still need one each, but then we will probably put each other on the insurance.

Lynne59 Fri 21-Dec-18 19:35:02

We've got a car each. Mine is a Ford Fusion, with the car seats for the grandchildren in the back. His is a convertible Mercedes...just 2 seats, so for the 2 of us when we're on our own.

He uses a scooter to get to work on.