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Riverwalk Sat 19-Jan-19 14:58:21

I spent the morning at Westfield Shopping Mall, Shepherd's Bush, and now I need either a lie down or a glass of wine!

I hate bloody shopping but sometimes ya just have to have a bit of a blitz. All under one roof what could be better?

First mistake, getting on the flippin' bus - I could have walked there in about 45 minutes but the bus arrived so I hopped on - big mistake. I'd lost the will to live by the time I got there.

And then the sheer size of the place! It's not bad as far as these things go - they have nice eateries, which is how I usually judge an experience. smile

After I'd strode past Gucci, Versace and Louis whotsit to the cheaper places I wished I'd stayed at home - ended up with just another pair of Skechers and odds and ends from Boots! I could have got those 10 minutes from home.

I'm not a shopper grin

TerriBull Sat 19-Jan-19 15:14:35

I'm with you there Riverwalk I can remember when I did think shopping was a great day out. Westfield, Shepherd's Bush isn't that far from me, but I've never bothered going there. I think I worked out from visiting numerous malls in America, I just don't enjoy that experience, well not anymore anyway. I'd always just try and find a Borders to dive into to book browse, or similarly over here Waterstones. I like going to my local town early in the morning before it's really got going, particularly John Lewis, but a sustained shopping trip in and out of numerous clothing and shoe shops, definitely not for me these days, with or without the intention of purchasing.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 19-Jan-19 15:24:02

I like a "mooch" round the shops. I can get to Lakeside, Bluewater, Chelmsford and Westfield Stratford all relatively easily.

I like to see what the shops have in, feel the fabrics etc. I usually stop for coffee and cake or sometimes lunch.

ninathenana Sat 19-Jan-19 15:36:22

I used to love a good mooch. Bluewater is nearest mall to me, Lakeside involves the @#$% Dartford crossing so I avoid that. Even decent High St. shopping means a 40 min drive for me.
Sadly shopping these days means frequent stops to sit down. So I only go if I really need to.

Riverwalk Sat 19-Jan-19 15:43:27

Therein lies the problem - I've never been a moocher!

Nannylovesshopping Sat 19-Jan-19 15:59:07

Most certainly am, I love all shops, from mighty selfridges to a tiny dusty tile shop in Portugal. Love the smell of shops, the joy of finding something special, not necessarily expensive, mind you I am a feeler not just a looker, fabrics, furniture, glass, jewellery, books, stationery, so I don’t like shopping online, that’s a different thing altogether. I love a foreign supermarket, especially the fish and bread and cheese counters, an Italian delicatessen can fill me with delight.......

MiniMoon Sat 19-Jan-19 16:00:22

No, I don't mooch either. Living where I do, the largest shopping mall is the Metro Centre at Gateshead. It's either the bus or train and takes about an hour to get there. I could take the car, but it's a hassle. I've never really enjoyed shopping, and only go if there is something I need.

Riverwalk Sat 19-Jan-19 16:04:41

Well I too love a foreign supermarket- all that lovely food, wine and kitchen bits & bobs, but that's not the same as schlepping around Westfield! grin

I'm back to Peter Jones tomorrow - safe territory.

tanith Sat 19-Jan-19 16:06:46

I hate Westfield at the Bush it's just all designer shops and eateries I think I've been twice usually take the tube I don't intend on going again any time soon.

Day6 Sat 19-Jan-19 16:07:47

Yes, I am a shopper. I do prefer a small high street though, with lots of little independent little shops. I love shopping in new places! The drawback there is, some of them, like art galleries and shops with fancy goods seem rather upmarket and pricey! I feel slightly intimidated if I go in and don't really like the silence, and assistants hovering or watching my every move! Give me a shop with a few people in it!

I find most malls very samey and I don't really like crowds. Again, a new one is an adventure. I tend to buy things for the home these days and love browsing. I don't like clothes shopping much any more since I gained weight. The plan is to lose it this year (ahem) and then I can shop for me more confidently. I do not like shopping with OH. I like to browse, dither, compare and given he doesn't like shopping anyway, he gets bored. I leave him at home doing other things whenever possible.

MacCavity2 Sat 19-Jan-19 16:25:19

Oh how I miss Bluewater and Lakeside every time I see your “meet ups” I wish I could join you all. Although I love living here between the New Forest and the Sea and enjoy going to Southampton for a day shopping with friends. Love mooching around the little villages and stopping for lunch also seeing the ponies, donkeys etc., wandering around freely.

shysal Sat 19-Jan-19 16:31:19

I hate shopping! I don't mind buying food but anything else I purchase online wherever possible. I think part of the trouble is that I am not confident in my body, being dumpy, so nothing suits me.
A couple of weeks ago I went into the City Centre for the first time in a year only to spend M&S gift cards but bought nothing. I didn't go anywhere else, couldn't wait to get home!

PECS Sat 19-Jan-19 16:56:43

I am less keen on big shopping centres and have never been to Bluewater or similar places.. the nearest is the small Bentall Centre in Kingston which I knew and loved as just Bentall's Dept Store when I was a teenager!
I now try to shop locally in our small town High Street independent shops. I cannot get the underwear I need there now as the specialist lingerie shop shut down but I can get other everyday clothes, shoes , gifts, toiletries as well as all food & household goods. I would go to the bigger nearby town which offers a wider selection of stores if I was looking for something specific. I seem to want/need less and less!

dizzyblonde Sat 19-Jan-19 16:59:22

Definitely not. I can manage about half an hour then I have to have a drink! When I was little and shopping with my parents Dad and I used to decamp to the secondhand book shop and hide there. I still remember the smell of it. Bookshops are the only place I want to shop in, my daughter is exactly the same.

tessagee Sat 19-Jan-19 17:03:18

I think that shopping as a fun day out has largely had its day and that's reflected in the falling sales and closing stores. Maybe it'll come around again but not for some years I suspect.

Brunette10 Sat 19-Jan-19 17:16:24

I'm not sure if it's my age or a change in heart but I used to so enjoy shopping with both my DD and my mum, however mum is no longer with us and DD has 2 little boys who obviously are not in the least bit interested in shops. DH does come with me but although he never complains his idling about makes me feel I am wasting his time although he says that's my opinion not his. I like to feel everything, look more than once at most things I see, dilly dally around the shops BUT now I am finding I cannot make a decision on what to buy or indeed if I should buy anything apart from clothes, toys etc for my DG's. We were in Ikea yesterday looking and intending to buy but it became a bit stressful as I just couldn't get in my head how everything we looked at would look in the room we were buying for, it has all become a bit too much and I hate feeling like that. Is that an age thing I wonder? DD and I used to have great trips in the big city, lunch etc but life has changed since then but I do so miss it.

janeainsworth Sat 19-Jan-19 17:24:48

I don’t like big shopping centres like the Metro Centre, but York is a lovely place to have a mooch round. Lots of small shops and plenty of nice places to eat.
I meet two friends there sometimes - we start off with morning tea in Betty’s, then progress to the shops and lunch.
It’s a grand day out grin

JackyB Sat 19-Jan-19 17:46:22

I don't actually hate shopping but I do find it rather pointless and a waste of time. I spend an hour a week doing the food shopping in a big supermarket and a little browse round the clothes rails and in the toy and record/DVD department whilst there satisfies my urges till the next week.

TerriBull Sat 19-Jan-19 17:50:33

PECS Bentalls is on my turf, or "Bent Tools" as we once called it, my friends and I when it was on our regular Saturday tour of favoured shops as teenagers, yes I've been going there that long grin

I agree with those who prefer shopping on smaller high streets with independent shops I'm equidistant between a really nice small high street and a largish town, so I try and use both.

I agree Jane I like old towns and cities full of character such as York, Bath, Stratford on Avon, Harrogate, I stayed in the latter back in December we ate several times at Bettys (not in the same day I hasten to add) but nevertheless ascended into carbohydrate heaven each time grin

GrandmaKT Sat 19-Jan-19 18:01:43

I'm a sucker for the Outlet Villages! I love nothing more than a concerted day's shopping and hopefully picking up a bargain in the process. Cheshire Oaks is my nearest (and as I believe it is the biggest in Europe, I'm not complaining!) I always find though, that when there is something specific that I need, I can never find it!

M0nica Sun 20-Jan-19 08:50:14

I loathe shopping malls, within yards of walking onto their hard marble floors my feet are aching, I am overheated and gasping for air. Why are they so unpleasant?

It is interesting reading people's posts and then thinking about all the high falutin' articles and interviews elsewhere about 'the death of the high street'. It never occurs to any of these huge retailers, property owners etc. that shopping in the high street is so dull these days, same old chain stores with the same window dressing, same goods in every store.

As so many people have said. We enjoy shopping in small towns with more small independent stores, more variety.

As for outlet villages, shudder. I live about 20 miles from Bicester. When we moved here over 20 years ago, DD had an outing to Bicester Village, hours to queue to get in, hours to park, long walk to the shops that were heaving with people and goods chucked anywhere. Neither of us has been there again. From everything I have heard it is now even bigger, as I said shudder.

PECS Sun 20-Jan-19 08:57:14

"Terribull" but did you go to Bentools when it was just a shop and not a centre! Maybe we mooched at tje top of the escalators together looking out for the lads who came in after rowing!

mumofmadboys Sun 20-Jan-19 09:03:08

I rarely need anything these days other than food which I do on-line. I rarely shop just for fun only if I am wanting to buy a certain item.

MissAdventure Sun 20-Jan-19 09:29:30

I used to enjoy a mooch around the charity shops and a cuppa in a cafe, but even that has lost its appeal of late.

Charleygirl5 Sun 20-Jan-19 09:57:22

I met a friend for lunch at Brent Cross on New Year's Day and the place was heaving with people. It had not been my choice- I have not been there for 20 years and I suspect it will be another 20 before I venture back.

There were miles to walk indoors and that is now beyond me. I was delighted to get home having bought zilch except for a cup of coffee as I was treated to lunch.

Thankfully I went by bus because I would still be stuck on the roundabout. It was horrendous.