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If a paint was called "Crispy Crumble" what colour would you think it would be?

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phoenix Sun 27-Jan-19 19:58:48

Evening all, good wishes etc.

So, question as the title!

Nandalot Sun 27-Jan-19 20:01:19

A sort of dark caramel?

Marydoll Sun 27-Jan-19 20:08:55

This shade

Anniebach Sun 27-Jan-19 20:09:55

I think as Marydoll posted

Marydoll Sun 27-Jan-19 20:10:59

Great minds, Annie! grin

Cherrytree59 Sun 27-Jan-19 20:12:30


Unless it's rhubarb crumble then oatmealish an with hint of pink.

Apple crumble oatmealish with hint of pale yellow.

Burnt crumble - browngrin

Nope I give up, 🎨

Kittye Sun 27-Jan-19 20:14:54

As Marydoll said

Anniebach Sun 27-Jan-19 20:19:36

Most definitely great minds Marydoll 😀

BradfordLass72 Sun 27-Jan-19 20:21:06

Same colour as cornflakes

phoenix Sun 27-Jan-19 20:37:36

Well, in my sitting room, it looks a sort of grey/green shock

I tried various testers and chose this as it looked a sort of taupe (ok, beige) wish I had gone for Rope Swing instead!

BBbevan Sun 27-Jan-19 20:39:55

Yes I think Marydoll has that right

MissAdventure Sun 27-Jan-19 21:02:24

My daughter ended up with 'something' green in her front room, because it was the right shade of grey!

shysal Sun 27-Jan-19 21:16:16

This is the actual colour for crispy crumble. I can't think of anything crispy or crumbled in this shade! No hint of green that I can see. Has the whole room been done Phoenix or just a patch ?
I once did a room in something like calico which turned out to be pink so re-did it in magnolia, at least you know where you are with it, although grey is the 'in' colour.

M0nica Sun 27-Jan-19 21:18:50

That crispy crumble looks distinctly unpalatable. Is it covered in mould?

GrannyGravy13 Sun 27-Jan-19 21:35:23

Don’t trust “grey” my upstairs rooms and bathrooms are all allegedly “shades of grey” 1 is blueish, 1 is more like lilac and the other definitely has a touch of green. Thankfully the grandchildren chose 2 shades of blue for their room here, yes they are blue but nothing like the testers!!!

grannyactivist Sun 27-Jan-19 21:41:34

Crispy crumble!

Chewbacca Sun 27-Jan-19 21:43:05

I bought a tin of Farrow and Ball's Caluna, ready to paint the bedroom. Oh my! I only got as far as painting 1 wall, with 1 coat and I knew it had to go. Purple by a different name.

PECS Sun 27-Jan-19 22:00:18

Grannya has the colour spot on!

Chewbacca my bedroom is painted in Caluna (heather) It is not purple! It is grey with a hint of purple grin It is actually fairly neutral but I have grey fronted fitted wardrobes so maybe it affects the colour. My favourite is colour name is Elephant Breath!

Chewbacca Sun 27-Jan-19 22:05:50

Elephants Breath is a classic! I have that with Skimming Stone. And Mouse's Back. grin

I was always intrigued by F & B's "Charlotte's Locks". Poor Charlotte!

MissAdventure Sun 27-Jan-19 22:10:32

I emulsioned my bedroom years ago in a colour called 'Peach' to match in with the cream accessories.
Thinking all the while "hmmmm, maybe it'll dry different, maybe it'll tone down from bright orange".

phoenix Sun 27-Jan-19 22:11:58

shysal I bought and used testers for:

Hay Bale

Elderflower tea ( or something like that)

Crispy Crumble

Rope Swing

Plus at least 3 others that I can't remember the names of although "Trenchcoat" rings a bell.

I splodged carefully applied the testers to various parts of the room to take into account corners, the amount of light at different times of day etc.

We decided on Crispy Crumble, bought it, had it applied and now it is nothing like the colour I was expecting!

Daft thing is, the last time this room was done, I was looking for a sort of grey/green, but couldn't find the right colour, ended up using a soft pale green (Celtic Forest 4, had to get it mixed)

Now that I want a sort of taupe (beige) and have bought curtains to go with that colour, I seem to have ended up with the damn grey/green that I searched high and low for about 8 years ago!

janeainsworth Sun 27-Jan-19 22:28:04

It is actually fairly neutral but I have grey fronted fitted wardrobes so maybe it affects the colour
That's right PECS, colours are very much affected by what is next to them.
They are also affected by how much light is falling on them and in what direction. A woman in specialist paint shop once advised me to paint the inside of a shoebox with the chosen colour, to check what it would look like with more or less light falling on it.

Jalima1108 Sun 27-Jan-19 22:35:28

As in grannyactivist's picture but with some pinky burnt bits around the edges of the room!

Auntieflo Sun 27-Jan-19 22:36:46

I was thinking, sort of plain digestive biscuit.
Now, I quite like the colour of the green square that comes up every time I choose a different GN post subject. IYSWIM

Jalima1108 Sun 27-Jan-19 22:41:31

We painted a room with Southern Stone which was supposed to be a very light beige with a warm hint of pink.
It was an unpleasant greyish colour.

It had to go.