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Games threads fill the active list sometimes

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tanith Thu 14-Feb-19 07:05:19

I’m pretty sure there is a way but I’ve yet to figure it out.
How do I stop seeing all the games threads on the Active list, it says I can customise in the green bar at the top of every thread but I must be blind or stupid because I can’t find it.


Pittcity Thu 14-Feb-19 08:29:23

On the mobile site there is a drop down menu arrow at the top right of each thread. One choice is Hide this Discussion. I hide the games. Only works if you are logged in.

sodapop Thu 14-Feb-19 08:35:59

Yes what Pittcity said, I hide the games as well as there are so many. I find it wearing to go through all the pages to ensure I am not duplicating an answer.

tanith Thu 14-Feb-19 08:43:33

Thankyou so much it’s taking an age to hide each one but so worth it 😂

NanaandGrampy Thu 14-Feb-19 09:06:16

I didn't know that , thank you - sometimes almost every other discussion is a games one.

Teetime Thu 14-Feb-19 09:30:54

Thank you I'm going to do that too I have no interest in the games.

Jane10 Thu 14-Feb-19 09:46:16

I was so pleased to find a way to hide the games threads. They were swamping the forum. Should there be a separate forum for them?

Auntieflo Thu 14-Feb-19 09:49:08

Help too please.
Is there a way to hide the Games threads, as Teetime wanted, on an IPad?
I have clicked on Customise, and get the following options, none of which suggest how to hide a thread. (Or I haven’t seen it)
Reading direction.
Messages per page
Display bookmark links
Automatically watch Threads I start
Threads I post on
Notify me when others post on threads I’m watching

POGS Thu 14-Feb-19 10:21:52

I too am interested to know if you use a tablet can you ' hide ' the games threads ?

tanith Thu 14-Feb-19 10:31:07

POGS & Auntieflo scroll down as far as you can go and right at the bottom you’ll see ‘mobile site’if you switch you can then follow Pittcity instructions. You have to go to each games thread to do it so it does take time.
You can switch back to desktop site by again scrolling down to the bottom and click on ‘desktop’.

mcem Thu 14-Feb-19 10:56:28

It's worth spending the time to hide the current games. It 's then easy just to deal with each new one as it appears.
It certainly works with my tablet - kindle fire.

Jessity Thu 14-Feb-19 11:06:58

Brilliant. Thank you Pittcity

POGS Thu 14-Feb-19 11:22:20

tannith Piticity

Thanks sorted.

You have to hit it twice to get to the full list not just the bar at the bottom .

It would be easier if you could ' Hide ' the forum as a block, have you found a way to that as there are so many threads.


grannyactivist Thu 14-Feb-19 11:34:05

Has anyone found a way to hide the Games threads on a laptop?

tanith Thu 14-Feb-19 12:05:38

grannyactivist it’s the same as above I think just switch to mobile site and follow instructions above

POGS Thu 14-Feb-19 12:13:34

Just putting my twopenneth in and I hope Piticity is not offended as it was her post that told us how to do it.

On the ' mobile site ' the thread has a tiny circle with a v in it on the top right hand side and if you hit that you get a bar at the bottom, hit it twice and you get the full list.

Auntieflo Thu 14-Feb-19 14:12:29

Thank you Tanith, Pittcity and Pogs, you clever people. With your help I have now managed to complete the task.

Pittcity Thu 14-Feb-19 16:20:49

I'm not offended POGS. It's always good to have things explained from several perspectives as sometimes the penny doesn't drop until it is seen from another direction.

BlueBelle Thu 14-Feb-19 17:02:43

Helpppp I can’t find this magic circle with a v I m on mobile site on iPad

Pittcity Thu 14-Feb-19 17:12:01

It is top right of the thread, just above the original post. I am using android or chrome on a laptop though.
Ipad may be different.

Riverwalk Fri 15-Feb-19 09:35:18

Thank you for this thread tanith I've now hidden all the pesky games threads.

Heaven knows why they are listed under Discussions!

BlueBelle Fri 15-Feb-19 09:43:27

No pittcitynothing there at the top right hand or anyepwhere else that I can find anyone with an iPad help me I really really would love to get rid of them in my list

tanith Fri 15-Feb-19 10:53:12

Thanks everyone, between solved a problem although in a convoluted way for lots of us. 👏👏👏

POGS Fri 15-Feb-19 10:55:53


Click on the thread.

Click on ' mobile ' at the bottom of the page.

Click on the ' tiny circle with a v in it ' which is situated on the top right just below the ' inbox'.

I find the first time I click on it a bar appears at the bottom, the 2 and time I click on it the full list of options is displayed and you choose ' Hide this discussion ' as Piticity kindly pointed out.

It really is worth taking the time to delete them if like me you use active all the time .

tanith Fri 15-Feb-19 10:58:00

Bluebell I’m using an iPad there is a tiny circle with a v in it at the top right hand corner right below the inbox button. It’s there on my iPad I hope you find just click on it and you can then hide the game.