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Exercise today?

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Riverwalk Sat 16-Feb-19 11:47:23

It's an overcast but mild day in London and earlier I virtuously took my wobbly bits on a 90 minute brisk walk.

I'm hoping not to be too slobby for the rest of the day!

Anyone else planning to get their bum in gear?

Anniebach Sat 16-Feb-19 11:55:08

I am, 4 ft down the front garden path and 4 ft back, 8 ft walk 😀

tanith Sat 16-Feb-19 11:57:10

I was up and out grocery shopping at 8am, I have to run my daughter to Dunelm then I intend on having a walk I wish I could do 90 mins but I get so bored walking alone. It will probably be 45 mins better than nothing 😂

Riverwalk Sat 16-Feb-19 11:58:08

Every little bit helps Annie - I know you don't have to worry about weight but it's doing your joints a favour!

Riverwalk Sat 16-Feb-19 12:02:44

Tanith I usually walk with my best friend but she's away so I just plan a route and get going.

To prevent boredom I just make a note of the surroundings and convince myself that with every stride am getting even more gorgeous and taut! grin

MiniMoon Sat 16-Feb-19 12:13:18

I really need to get two cans of soup out of the cupboard. I use them because I haven't got any dumbbells! My left shoulder is stiff and sore when performing certain movements e.g. opening the upper window in the utility room to put the dryer hose through. Lots of strengthening exercises needed I think.
I walk regularly, so am okay on that front.

Anja Sat 16-Feb-19 12:19:54

Yep! Back on my feet after a back injury. Today walked dogs for about 30 minutes. It’s amazing how easy it is to put weight on when you are incapacitated....2lbs in a month.

That’s coming off now no arguement.

Anniebach Sat 16-Feb-19 12:26:29

I haven’t put on weight , 😢

kezia Sat 16-Feb-19 12:30:09

Our local leisure centre is offering 10 days unlimited membership for £10 this weekend so I went and signed up. Got in the pool and did 20 lengths. It'll be a while before I'm back to knocking off a couple of k but at least it's a start. And the very sweet girl on reception asked me if I wanted to book a free gym induction - bless her, I declined grin

Urmstongran Sat 16-Feb-19 13:08:04

I am so lazy. I’ve been sat here on the sofa since 8am, on the iPad and reading. The only time I stood up was to make fried bacon barms and coffee at 10am. Oh dear.

Gonegirl Sat 16-Feb-19 13:09:52

My kind of morning Urmstongran.

dragonfly46 Sat 16-Feb-19 13:10:42

I was up early doing the Park run walk. Got a personal best although at the end of the pack but quite pleased with myself.

Urmstongran Sat 16-Feb-19 13:40:45

Gonegirl 👍🏼

Well done dragonfly 🥇 ... I feel even more of a slob now!

Plus I’ve just missed going to the gym - that’s 3 years in a row now ...

Teetime Sat 16-Feb-19 13:45:48

Only a little walk into town and back today after four hours on the golf course yesterday I am cream crackered - did it Wednesday and last Saturday too. Day off tomorrow (Sunday). Walking netball Monday.

cavewoman Sat 16-Feb-19 14:09:01

Would like to give walking netball a go.I played into my late 30s for a local team and we didn't do too bad.

Today I have dug out 63 square feet of earth (OH did help!) ready for a concrete base for new shed.

Taking a breather before walking my dog.

Gonegirl Sat 16-Feb-19 14:13:13

I have hoovered round. It's not all bad. #knackered now

Urmstongran Sat 16-Feb-19 14:15:37

Excellent Gonegirl sit down now - best not to overdo things. I’m ‘thinking’ of standing up and putting a wash load on. #undecided

Gonegirl Sat 16-Feb-19 14:39:30

I am now sitting down. smile Waiting for DH to get home and make me a nice cuppa. And he can change the hoover bag.

Liz46 Sat 16-Feb-19 14:59:06

I've dug up 10 ton of forget me not!

MacCavity2 Sat 16-Feb-19 15:03:14

Lovely walk around Lymington market then the antique fair. Sea mist but rather mild.

Gonegirl Sat 16-Feb-19 15:29:23

Liz46 they would have been lovely in a few weeks! I leave most of mine until after they've flowered.

Urmstongran Sat 16-Feb-19 15:41:06

I try to leave most things.....
I’ve put a wash load on, thought as I was passing I’d put a Michael Buble CD on and as I was doing that I thought ‘this unit is dusty’ so I had to get a duster and the polish out .... god one thing leads to a bluddy ‘nother if you’re not careful doesn’t it?

Thingmajig Sat 16-Feb-19 16:37:29

The husband and I walked along to the next village to see the crocuses and snowdrops in full bloom in the churchyard. He walks a bit slow for my liking but it was over 4 miles anyway, so ok really! It was beautiful. smile

shysal Sat 16-Feb-19 16:38:05

Did my usual early morning walk of nearly 10,000 steps, and will walk down to the post box soon to top up to the full quota. I had planned to do a bit of gardening this morning but was lazy instead! I noticed some cobwebs but have got two stiff shoulders today (it was only one up until last night!) so couldn't reach them, and it doesn't worry me in the least!

Gonegirl Sat 16-Feb-19 16:39:36

Urmstongran grin

thingmajig that sounds lovely.