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How much time do you spend on your IPad ?

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NanKate Fri 05-Apr-19 07:20:12

I think I spend too much time on my IPad. Each morning I check the news, see if I have any emails, check out the tennis on TennisTV, look at the weather, then contribute to GN.

In the late afternoon/evening I fit in an episode of Line of Duty as well. No wonder I am behind with my paperwork and of course I like socialising as well. The word self indulgent comes to mind 🥳

Sadly I don’t read books as much as I did and have decided that needs to change.

Willow500 Fri 05-Apr-19 07:23:57

Most nights playing Solitaire while watching TV. I don't often use it for anything else now although I did use it for books until I got another tablet. Now if it's the pc .......... blush

tanith Fri 05-Apr-19 07:35:27

Too much😂

Urmstongran Fri 05-Apr-19 07:39:06

Same here tanith. It’s addictive!

Alima Fri 05-Apr-19 07:39:19

Far too much. Now with Apple and possibly Android makes they tell you how much time you have spent on line per day over the week. I am ashamed. Don’t play games or often watch iPlayer except on the TV. I use it to browse, be nosy or as a quick reference guide. If I want to know Edward the Fourth’s route to the throne the answer is at my fingertips. Then we have to monitor the DGC’s tablet time. Hypocrite.

Beechnut Fri 05-Apr-19 07:45:52

Another too much here 😂 I am trying to wean myself away but it’s so handy to “I’ll just have a look at that....” and before you know it a lot of time has passed.

tanith Fri 05-Apr-19 07:46:38

I spend a lot of time alone since I lost OH and it’s helped fill many a sleepless night so I don’t worry about it I’m grateful OH bought it for my last birthday. 😢

BlueBelle Fri 05-Apr-19 07:59:14

Way too much as well but I know in a past generation people would spend time sitting reading magazines or doing puzzles or watching tv is it any different I still do lots of other things but in my downtime ( if you only have yourself to look after there’s plenty of downtime) my iPad is my entertainment It’s started playing up so that ll be my big spend of the year I rarely drink I don’t smoke or run a car so new iPad here I come

harrigran Fri 05-Apr-19 08:02:04

I pick up my tablet as I start my cup of tea in bed, reading GN first then progress to the news over breakfast.
I keep it beside me on the sofa so that I can use it for reference when DH asks "what did we see him in" ?

NanKate Fri 05-Apr-19 08:25:46

Oh I had forgotten I too play Solitaire on my IPad. I’m glad I’m not alone in my overuse of the IPad.

Anniebach Fri 05-Apr-19 08:30:38

Every week a reading comes on my iPad, I am on it just under 10 hours a day

Auntieflo Fri 05-Apr-19 08:31:03

Like Tanith, too much.
GN is addictive
Sudoku is my downfall, but I am rubbish at it.
and YouTube is fun.

Alima Fri 05-Apr-19 08:31:31

Very good point BlueBelle, it is simply down time. I don’t do daytime telly or even that much evening come to that. Exonerated!

sodapop Fri 05-Apr-19 08:41:46

I tend to dip in and out during the day. In the evening I play word games on my tablet whilst watching TV. One of my volunteer jobs is organising the library Rota so I use my phone a lot for that.

BlueSapphire Fri 05-Apr-19 08:49:24

Too much! An hour or so over a cup of tea in the morning, and then not till the evening when I indulge again for longer. It is addictive. I love playing Solitaire, Kakuro and Sudoku, and often do that while watching tv.

Cabbie21 Fri 05-Apr-19 08:51:02

Like others, I spend too much time on my iPad. Main uses are emails, various forums, checking up information, weather, news, and Solitaire in various forms.
I read less, but do try to catch up with the papers. I find I struggle to get through an hour of TV without playing on my iPad.
I have damaged my right arm through overuse, but I can’t give up. It is addictive.

aggie Fri 05-Apr-19 08:53:45

Another addict here !

EllanVannin Fri 05-Apr-19 08:58:19

I have a more boring life------no iPad, no mobile phone, just my laptop which of late has been going hay-wire. I could never get addicted to something that doesn't " behave itself " and find it easier to put to one-side and do something else.
I play patience mainly and try and keep up with the news, but I have the TV for that in the morning. I wouldn't watch the rubbishy daytime TV anyway apart from the odd film on Talking Pictures which I enjoy most.

Greyduster Fri 05-Apr-19 09:00:02

And here! I am surgically attached to it lately. Can no longer criticise the youngsters with their iPhones......

Pittcity Fri 05-Apr-19 09:07:12

When my android tablet "died" I purposely didn't buy another one because I wanted to wean myself off.
Today I am glued to my phone and have needed stronger reading specs for the smaller screen.
Is there an equivalent of AA for us?

Greyduster Fri 05-Apr-19 09:09:43

Lead me to the queue if there is, Pitt!

Matelda Fri 05-Apr-19 09:24:24

My iPad - my passport to adventure - who says that 70 is too old! I started off learning Russian (because it’s difficult) with free online websites, found Russian speakers to chat to on Skype and located an excellent online teacher somewhere north of Vladivostok. Now I’ve been invited to stand in as “mother of the groom”. Wedding Palace no. 1 in St Petersburg, here I come!

sodapop Fri 05-Apr-19 09:38:59

That's brilliant,Matelda hope you have a great time in St Petersburg.

NanTheWiser Fri 05-Apr-19 16:19:14

Far too much for me too! I don't play any games, but browse various forums especially those connected to my hobby, BBC news, emails etc.

Carolina55 Fri 05-Apr-19 17:03:48

I could have written harrigran’s’s too darn handy for everything isn’t it!