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Could you do without cosmetics?

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kircubbin2000 Thu 29-Aug-19 17:53:39

Since moving here and having a less social lifestyle I don't seem to need make up. I swim, walk
and play tennis but even when meeting for coffee no one seems to dress up or wear makeup. I use a light moisturiser and if going out a touch of lipstick but apart from that my very expensive make up bag lies un used. An expensive rip off industry I think!

Doodle Thu 29-Aug-19 17:55:07

I could do without cosmetics but I fear for anyone who sees me without 😱

eazybee Thu 29-Aug-19 17:55:13

I like makeup and I put it on for me, not the people I meet.

jura2 Thu 29-Aug-19 17:56:08

Yes, I do.

SalsaQueen Thu 29-Aug-19 17:57:09

I'm 60, and have worn make-up every day since I was 16. I wear it to suit myself, not anyone else. These days, I couldn't manage without my eyebrow pencil!

Jane10 Thu 29-Aug-19 17:58:43

After wearing make up for the past 40+ years I just stopped when I retired. The world didn't come to an end! I'd always been scared to go out barefaced.
I'm in an out of the pool a lot at the gym and nobody else wears makeup.
I've got some eye stuff I'll put on for special occasions but they are so rare that the mascara has usually dried up.

Greenfinch Thu 29-Aug-19 17:58:47

I never wear make up and haven't done for about 20 years. It save money and time.

KatyK Thu 29-Aug-19 17:58:57

No. The thought horrifies me. My skin is red and blotchy. I would hate to go out without makeup.

Bridgeit Thu 29-Aug-19 17:59:16

Me too, less is more
But I have willingly parted with hard earned (earnt? I never get it right) money in the past, I believed it was an improvement, so from that point of view I wasn’t ripped off.

Millie22 Thu 29-Aug-19 18:02:20

No I like make up but I am wearing less than I used to as my skin feels dry now.

BlueBelle Thu 29-Aug-19 18:04:29

I could live without I use an eyeliner and lipstick but could easily manage without

Poppyred Thu 29-Aug-19 18:06:53

No couldn’t live without make-up, more’s the pity. I envy those who can.

EllanVannin Thu 29-Aug-19 18:07:43

I couldn't go anywhere without a bit of lipstick on. If there's a do of any kind I push the boat out and have eye-liner and eye-shadow along with the foundation.
I do wear foundation during the winter months because I don't want to look as though I've been dug up !

Thingmajig Thu 29-Aug-19 18:13:59

I use Nivea Soft and only a little mascara going out as without it my eyes kind of disappear in my face. Very seldom bother with anything else.

Hetty58 Thu 29-Aug-19 18:17:03

Easy peasy for me. If I wash my face with just water, I don't really need moisturiser. I can't do without deodorant though!

Nico97 Thu 29-Aug-19 18:20:48

Absolutely not. I do make up and hair every day and it sets me up for me, no one else. Only this morning I treated myself to new foundation, two lippies and an eyebrow pencil - love it ! If this is what it takes then so be it grin

Calendargirl Thu 29-Aug-19 18:21:09


SueDonim Thu 29-Aug-19 18:44:42

I could do without cosmetics but would I want to? No, I wouldn't.

Like others here, I wear make up for myself, not for anyone else. Some sort of foundation smooths out my uneven skin colour and covers up sun damage. Soft eyeliner opens up my eyes and makes them brighter. I still have decent lips so I like to enhance the colour with lipstick. I like the overall effect. I'm in fact just back from a pre-holiday trip to the beautician, where I had waxing and eyelash tinting done. It makes me look ten years younger and a tad less scary to small children and horses. grin

People have been decorating their faces since the days of wearing woad, same as people have been doing their hair since time immemorial.

wildswan16 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:18:47

I never wear make-up. Hate to think how old the bottle of foundation and mascara in my make-up bag are. I might smear on a bit of eye-shadow if I'm going somewhere posh but otherwise just don't see the point.

I do smear on some Astral every day though.

Sara65 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:24:34

I don’t wear a lot, but I certainly would never go out without it!
I never fail to go through my skin routine night and morning either.

Gonegirl Thu 29-Aug-19 19:26:59

At this time of the year - yes. (Apart from a bit of face cream when I can be bothered)

In the Winter, no. I go too pale.

MawB Thu 29-Aug-19 19:28:10

Haven’t we just had 192 posts about wearing make-up aka “cosmetics” confused

Gonegirl Thu 29-Aug-19 19:30:15

Oh yes! I knew I'd said that before, just recently. grin

Gonegirl Thu 29-Aug-19 19:30:43

I did vary it a bit.

blue60 Thu 29-Aug-19 19:31:12

No. I love make up and always wear foundation, blusher, eye liner, mascara & lipstick. Recently started using eyebrow pencil too.

It's just me.