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Is it really 57 years?

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Riverwalk Sat 05-Oct-19 17:31:19

The Beatles 'Love Me Do' was released 57 years ago today - can hardly believe it.

I was eight at the time.

Gonegirl Sat 05-Oct-19 17:36:43

Oh gosh. That takes me back. I must have been 21. A time of turbulence and excitement.

So much has happened since then.

Wonder if I would have cared so much about the Beatles' songs if I'd known things would be alright in the end. Perhaps those songs might have seemed less poignant.

sue421 Sat 05-Oct-19 17:48:44

That takes me back - such 'fresh' music. When I listen to the Beatles, the first chord of the music I know what it is going to be. Nearly every time anyway!

kittylester Sat 05-Oct-19 17:53:20

Wasn't it fabulous and I certainly felt fortunate to be part of a whole new, modern, world. We had fantastic fashions from the likes of Mary Quant modelled by people like Twiggy, bright new designs from places like Habitat, fabulous music.

I was 13 so wasnt too interested in world events - just how exciting life was becoming.

Sara65 Sat 05-Oct-19 18:00:34

I still feel a tingle when I hear some of those early songs, loved them all, still do! X

Chestnut Sat 05-Oct-19 18:16:45

I was 12 at the time (perfect age!) and grew with the Beatles' songs. I was 19 when they folded in 1969.

They are currently number one again with 'Abbey Road' which is celebrating its 50th birthday! The gap since the last time it was number one is 49 years and 252 days.

If anyone hasn't seen the Abbey Road webcam, it provides entertainment on a daily basis (esp weekends and holidays). You can see the tourists swinging their arms and doing their Beatles impression as they walk the crossing.

Deedaa Sat 05-Oct-19 21:50:11

I remember hearing it for the first time on Radio Luxembourg and thinking it was something different. Wonderful time to be young, great clothes, great music and the feeling that anyone could do anything.

GrannySomerset Sat 05-Oct-19 23:10:54

I was a newly married and very young wife, and the Fab Four were the background soundtrack to my domestic life and early motherhood. I taken back to that time whenever I hear a Beatles song.

gillybob Sat 05-Oct-19 23:15:20

I’m 57 .
Going on 102.

MiniMoon Sat 05-Oct-19 23:21:03

I was ten in 1967, and like chestnut I grew up with the Beatles and all the other fab groups of that time.
Life was just beginning for me, and what a time to grow up in. The music, the fashions, the inventions. Men on the
I feel so lucky to have been born when I was.

Eloethan Sat 05-Oct-19 23:22:14

I was 12 too. The first LP I bought was Sergeant Peppers for my 17th birthday.

Urmstongran Sat 05-Oct-19 23:31:50

I bought the Abbey Road L.P.

I could still sing every song on it word for word if I was asked - ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ included!

Chestnut Sat 05-Oct-19 23:45:09

Did anyone else know....the Beatles released over 200 tracks between 1962 and 1969. And goodness knows how many mixes and compilations since then. But that is the number of tracks from that era.

absent Sun 06-Oct-19 07:43:39

I think we, as teenagers, lived at an inspiring and exciting time for young people and the world changed for us. It wasn't always good and the changes were sometimes damaging in the future, but – hell – we're still here.

NanKate Sun 06-Oct-19 07:59:17

I was 16. Loved all the music of the time. Wore the mini skirts and bright coloured clothes. Started going to parties and having boyfriends. What a time it was. If I could time travel I’d go back and do it all over again.

I know ALL, well most, of the words to the Beatles songs. I bet you do too Gransneters.. 💃

harrigran Sun 06-Oct-19 08:59:54

I was 16 and working. Fashion was great and I had the figure to wear the fabulous clothes but sadly not enough money to buy what I wanted.

Iam64 Sun 06-Oct-19 09:12:47

I was 13, happy days as well as full of all that teenage stuff. Great music to grow up to.

TerriBull Sun 06-Oct-19 09:14:02

I was at junior school when "Love me Do" hit the charts, quite a simple ditty, nothing special and certainly not an indicator of the brilliance to come, how they evolved in the 7 years before they split. Like all little girls I loved them from the bottom of my 8 year old heart. The 60s were heady times such a seminal decade for music, fashion, culture and our little country was right there at the cutting edge.

Drum1234 Sun 06-Oct-19 09:36:35

chestnut, the Abbey Road webcam is compulsive viewing. Thanks for sharing the link, now I have something else to fritter my time away with! How has no one been run over?!

KatyK Sun 06-Oct-19 09:45:32

Wow. I was 13. I became a mad Beatles fan (still am). I can remember a friend at school going to see John Leyton in concert. She came back with reports if this group that were on with him who all the girls were screaming at. We investigated and that was it. I was madly in love with George. We managed to see them a few times and, as mentioned many times, I have a picture of myself with them.

I agree with kitty what a wonderful time to be a teenager.

Rosina Sun 06-Oct-19 10:06:17

I bought the 'Please Please Me' LP even though I didn't have a record player. I propped it up on the sideboard and looked at it longingly, sighing, until my birthday when a 'Dansette' transformed the music played in the house. The Beatles were the music of my young life - I still enjoy listening to them on my ipod in the kitchen. Yes - the best time in the twentieth century to be young. Such a lucky and blessed generation.

glammanana Sun 06-Oct-19 10:23:09

My parents bought me the LP for that Christmas and hid it in their wardrobe I found it and every time they went out I played it I knew every track.
Friends and I went down to Matthew Street when we had finished work in the telephone exchange to watch all the groups performing including The Beatles we had such a good time before we caught the ferry home.

maryhoffman37 Sun 06-Oct-19 10:26:23

I was 17, the perfect age for it and all that followed. Had a crush on George.

Grandma70s Sun 06-Oct-19 10:30:46

I was in my early 20s when the Beatles came on the scene. I was baffled. What was the fuss about? I liked classical music, opera and ballet, not uncouth, untrained youths who strummed guitars and couldn’t really sing. Loved the 60s clothes, and being tall and slim looked quite good in them, so it wasn’t that I was unaware of the times. I just thought the Beatles (and most pop) were rubbish.

Later, when I was living in Liverpool, I bought the Penny Lane/Strawberry Field EP, because I knew the places, so perhaps you Beatles fans will forgive me 😁. Just putting another point of view.

Callistemon Sun 06-Oct-19 10:37:34

I heard them singing that live - they were a supporting act at the time but the audience weren't interested in the stars of the show, just The Beatles.