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Middleagedatheart Thu 24-Oct-19 16:39:02

How do you want to be remembered after you're gone?

Liz46 Thu 24-Oct-19 17:36:19

I still think very fondly of my grandmother's sister who looked after me every Monday evening whilst my mother went out. It was 'craft night' and she taught me how to do things like weave baskets. This was over 60 years ago.

My mother's sister was a very kind, gentle lady who I remember with great affection.

It would be lovely if anyone remembered me for good times we have had together.

Hetty58 Thu 24-Oct-19 17:45:36

I'd like to be remembered for enjoying life, loving, laughing and never taking things too seriously!

Calendargirl Thu 24-Oct-19 17:53:41

With love and smiles.

BradfordLass72 Thu 24-Oct-19 19:41:43

I have role models I've tried to femulate- no, not Mother Teresa! smile

One of them was Ma in 'Darling Buds of May': my house always open and welcoming to all.

Home baking and hospitality (not always the boozy kind), time to listen, laugh or comfort. A bed for the night, or longer, when needed.

In my old age, this has been curtailed somewhat - I am not sure I would take in complete strangers now as I used to but I hope I shall be remembered as someone who cared.

I still do.

BradfordLass72 Thu 24-Oct-19 19:43:41

It was a mistake (fie upon me for not editing!) but it's a good word nevertheless.

Will I be remembered for inventing words?

Greyduster Thu 24-Oct-19 20:11:07

Scruffy and slightly bonkers!

Pantglas2 Thu 24-Oct-19 20:13:30

Kind - in thoughts always and deeds whenever possible.

Namsnanny Thu 24-Oct-19 20:32:04

In reality, we don't get remembered very often or for that long.

Think of the vast millions who went before us.

But having said that, I think of my Nan often, and she died in '62. Miss her always, but I think I'm the only one in my family who does.

Her son my Father's grave isn't visited by anyone but me.

He once said you cant control life after you've died, so don't try!

I think I'd be happy to be remembered at all!

sodapop Thu 24-Oct-19 21:28:44

Yes I agree Namsnanny but for that short time I hope to be remembered fondly at least.

Grannybags Thu 24-Oct-19 21:30:46

Smelling of Chanel No 5!

NanKate Thu 24-Oct-19 21:47:12

Someone to have a laugh with. 😁

Willynilly Thu 24-Oct-19 22:09:02

I cannot better my father's eulogy...'he left this world marked only by deep set laughter lines, and the love of all those who knew him'. You can't get better than that.

crazyH Thu 24-Oct-19 23:18:03

I hope my children will remember me with kindness, and forgive me for my regular outbursts, especially where homework and studies were concerned (didn't do them any harm though).
I hope my older grandchildren, who I was very involved with, will remember the stories I told them of my childhood, in a country far away. Sadly, they will have very little memories of their great grandparents.
The little toddlers may not remember me at all. although I see them often enough, they are close to their Mums' parents, who spend more time them and do school runs etc.

Namsnanny Fri 25-Oct-19 00:43:45

Willynilly … Sounds a lovely man. Good for him and you!

Sodapop … Yes I agree, fondly.

Teetime Fri 25-Oct-19 09:22:33

for my sense of humour I hope. smile

RosesAreRed21 Fri 25-Oct-19 09:49:20

For being a good wife, mum and grandmother and also for being a good friend.

tiredoldwoman Fri 25-Oct-19 09:49:26

Reliable and honest but a bit odd .

Coconut Fri 25-Oct-19 09:55:09

For being the best Mum in the world
The best Nanny in the world
And the best friend in the world
My goal in life is to be all 3 .... and that they all love me warts and all 🤣 ( I don’t really have warts, just a couple of little idiosyncrasies, but then don’t we all ) 🤣

optimist Fri 25-Oct-19 10:01:41

My cousins and I (about 7 out of 13 of us) were meeting up for tea in Kew Gardens and, quite spontaneously, started talking about our Dutch Grandmother. Such fond memories of our childhoods. We are all in our sixties and seventies now and several of us are grandmothers too. I realised that she lived on in all of us both as a role model and a memory.

kwest Fri 25-Oct-19 10:07:41

Kind and caring.

henetha Fri 25-Oct-19 10:09:55

That I survived...

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 25-Oct-19 10:10:32

I hope they'll remember me as a nice person who did her best under the circumstances and tried to cope with whatever life threw at her.
I feel that they'll think I was 'different' - a bit quirky, probably.

Merryweather Fri 25-Oct-19 10:12:44

I hope to be remembered at the Mommy who "Loved to the moon and back " my children and I say it every day.
My partner would probably say she's a pain in the bum but I love her.

newnanny Fri 25-Oct-19 10:18:38

I would not want my family being sad or miserable for too long but would prefer they each recalled a few special memories with fondness. When my dear Auntie died after the funeral my sister and I were reminiscing and my adult niece was there and said to me when you go I will remember collecting the hens eggs in the little baskets with you as we lived in the countryside and had chickens at the time. When I thought back I did recall how excited she was to collect the eggs form the chickens and not the supermarket whereas my dd just thought that was normal. But who would have thought that simple memory would have stuck with her for so long.