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Right then, the gammon!

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phoenix Thu 19-Dec-19 20:17:59

Hello all, usual good wishes!

On another thread, someone mentioned my now rather historic "Cursing the Gammon" post/thread.

This year's gammon is currently in the freezer, weighs approx 2.2 kg.

I intend to cook it on Christmas eve (Tuesday, for those like me who have trouble working out days at this time of year blush)

So, as it's a rather dense lump (I feel an affinity with it grin) I'm tempted to take it out tomorrow (Friday) to make sure it will be completely defrosted so that I can start cooking (and possibly cursing?) it on Tuesday..

Any thoughts?

Jessity Fri 20-Dec-19 21:38:52

I last cooked a gammon quite some years ago, despite not liking it. Cooked just fine, the house reeked of it and I hate the smell. Glazed beautifully, looked a treat.

I loathed it before that and still do. Family loved it and thankfully are now old enough to cook their own!

But I loved the original post by Phoenix, thank you Squiffy for the link.

Doodle Fri 20-Dec-19 22:53:16

I love all the cursing the gammon threads. Just been reading through and came across my previous self posting to maws previous, previous self. tchgrin

I think jura is still on politics. I had no idea gammon had another meaning. ?

Callistemon Fri 20-Dec-19 22:57:05

I didn't buy a free range gammon the other day in Tesco, it looked a bit fatty, so had to pay twice the price today in Waitrose.

I cursed a bit.
Ah well, perhaps it won't be as salty as the one from Tesco.

Doodle Fri 20-Dec-19 23:12:11

Free range gammon callistemon, was it running around? Did you have to try and catch it? tchgrin
How are you cooking yours?

merlotgran Fri 20-Dec-19 23:12:34

DGS1 is cursing that he won't be with us for Christmas so he'll miss his pack of sugar-baked ham to take home when we divvy up the leftovers. Apparently, Granny's ham is the best! tchwink

I've reminded him that it freezes well so he can pick some up the next time he visits his mum.

He's now a happy bunny grin

merlotgran Fri 20-Dec-19 23:16:44

DH reckons you can't do a good job of ham unless there's a decent layer of fat for the flavour.

I'm sure he's right but as he has a dicky ticker he's got no chance. I'll only leave enough to stick the cloves in. tchgrin

phoenix Sat 21-Dec-19 07:32:30

It's out, and defrosting in the fridge!

My defrosting list now has 1 thing ticked off!

Callistemon Sat 21-Dec-19 09:19:57

Doodle I was exhausted after chasing round Waitrose!

I may par-boil it and finish it off in the oven.

Maggiemaybe Mon 23-Dec-19 22:25:51

Mine's just going into the slow cooker now, with Coke and celery, carrot, onion, bay leaf, pepper and cinnamon. Fingers crossed it'll be ready for glazing tomorrow morning. We'll have it cold alongside the turkey (hot). I haven't enough oven space to put both in on Wednesday.

I don't normally do gammon - I've been inspired by GN. smile I might well be cursing it tomorrow if it all goes horribly wrong.

lemongrove Mon 23-Dec-19 22:31:58

The funny thing about gammon’s the easiest joint of meat to cook in the world!?
You can hardly go wrong, whichever way you cook it.
Happy munchings.

BBbevan Tue 24-Dec-19 09:49:37

Just put mine on. In Coca Cola. Then glaze of maple syrup and mustard. Mmmmmmm

Doodle Tue 24-Dec-19 12:50:25

phoenix What’s your gammon up to now?
Hope everyone’s gammon turns out ok. We are out both Christmas and Boxing Day so decided we wouldn’t buy one this year. Any leftovers send them my way tchgrin

J52 Tue 24-Dec-19 12:54:33

Mine on, after much cursing ?. I bought a lovely outside bread gammon, such a specimen.
I gathered the Cola, peeled the onion and found out the gammon was too big for my largest pan!
It’s now merrily bubbling away in the preserving pan with the wok splatter lid on it.
Oh the joys of ??

phoenix Tue 24-Dec-19 13:17:13

Hello Doodle!

After a bit of deliberation, it's in the slow cooker. Was slightly tempted to put it on the hob, but decided on the slow cooker.

With any luck it will be done in time, but I'm a tad concerned tchconfused

Perhaps I might have a small sherry anyway tchblush

Brunette10 Tue 24-Dec-19 13:31:14

Just finished my gammon in pineapple juice today, first time. Finished it off with more pineapple juice, maple syrup and Dijon mustard. Gammon from Sainsburys, it looks delicious, not tasted it yet but it's ready and waiting for tomorrow. tchsmile

phoenix Tue 24-Dec-19 13:43:23

J52 I refer you to the first part of "Cursing the Gammon", let's see if the other bits follow suit! tchgrin

Maggiemaybe Tue 24-Dec-19 16:52:48

I must say, mine's looking good [smug emoticon]. It had 10 hours on low in the slow cooker then I've glazed it Nigella's way, with black treacle, mustard powder and sugar. That's one more job ticked off the list anyway. Seeing as I only decided to make a cake and pudding today after insisting I was keeping it simple this year (thank you for the last minute recipes, St Delia!), I've still got rather a lot of things left on that list. tchgrin

SirChenjin Tue 24-Dec-19 18:27:52

I’m v jealous of your gammons - I unwrapped ours earlier which was delivered on the 22nd and put straight into the fridge, and it was absolutely stinking to high heaven envy<- not envy. I left it in a cool place for an hour or so to see if it improved but even DH who happily eats anything as long as it’s not breathing turned his nose up at it so it’s now in the bin. The turkey crown will have to be eeked out but I’m sure we’ll survive.

J52 Tue 24-Dec-19 19:02:37

Phoenix ??? just read the cursing part 1.
Fortunately the preserving pan was deep and wide enough to avoid the spitting. The wok splash guard managed to wedge itself half way down. The hob is induction so easily cleaned.
I recon I got off lightly!
Tomorrow the maple syrup, cloves and mustard will be applied and the joint roasted.
I hope no more cursing!
Happy Christmas ????

Suki70 Tue 24-Dec-19 19:33:58

The gammon had been boiled in cider a la Delia and was cooling under a net umbrella before being glazed and roasted tomorrow. I just heard a noise in the kitchen, umbrella on the floor, a chunk out of the gammon and a cat kicking his lips! Oh dear! What to do now?

Doodle Tue 24-Dec-19 20:12:10

phoenix if it’s in the slow cooker it will be fine. Perfect in fact. You have my word for it. 4-8 hours if on low or high should sort it out no problem. If there is anything wrong with it then pour your guests a sherry too then no one will care.
Hope you and yours have a good Christmas tchgrin

Doodle Tue 24-Dec-19 20:12:57

Cut a bit offf where the cat ate it and forget about it ?

Suki70 Tue 24-Dec-19 22:42:32

Thanks Doodle, I've cut off a sizeable chunk and hope that the hot oven tomorrow will kill off any bugs that might remain from the cat's jaws.

morethan2 Tue 24-Dec-19 22:55:00

I’m trying a new recipe sloe gin and plum glaze. I’m not 100% sure. Still we’ll see.

BlueSapphire Wed 25-Dec-19 00:14:59

Love gammon, DH loved it hot, glazed in the oven, whereas I preferred to wait and have it cold with egg and chips. Tastes so much sweeter then.

I cooked mine yesterday, only a small 1.6kg one, in the pressure cooker, 35 minutes, in a litre of orange juice. Was delicious!