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Beautiful sunny day what is everyone doing today?

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DillytheGardener Mon 30-Dec-19 11:20:54

Hello all,

Such a beautiful day today and I’m feeling wonderfully positive!

It’s my mother in law’s birthday today so I’m running around buying foil number balloons, candles and flowers to arrange on the buffet table later. I love party planning and decorating so these errands are rather fun! However I am going to look very funny on the train back home with number balloons for a lady in her 90’s grin

dragonfly46 Mon 30-Dec-19 11:24:10

I too woke up feeling energised and positive.
I wonder if it is because I rested yesterday so may take myself for a gentle walk later.
Enjoy your party!

Grannyknot Mon 30-Dec-19 11:25:42

Dilly that last sentence made me chuckle.

I've taken my plants out of the over-winter nursery and put them in the sunshine on the patio. I'm growing dog roses from saplings and I swear they thanked me.

pinkquartz Mon 30-Dec-19 11:29:08


glad you are happy smile, have a Happy Birthday for Mil.

tiredoldwoman Mon 30-Dec-19 11:29:19

It's raining in St.Andrews - dreich and horrible . I've been busy wrapping 2 lots of kiddies birthday presents for the 2nd and 4th Jan !
It's supposed to a lovely sunny day tomorrow so I'm planning a 'hoose' clean , woolly jumpers out on the line and planting some bulbs that I've just discovered in a bag !

GrannyGravy13 Mon 30-Dec-19 11:30:27

The fog/mist has rolled away and it is bright and sunny here in SE Essex I have my kitchen door open, whilst cooking a turkey curry most of which will be frozen.

I too feel more positive and energised, although I am desperate to take down the decorations but we have eldest GD here for 2 nights at the weekend so I will leave them up till we take,her to the airport for her flight back to college.

Urmstongran Mon 30-Dec-19 11:31:48

Gorgeous weather here too in Manchester! Will be out and about with the grandchildren this afternoon leaving mum at home to do some planning - she’s a teacher!

tanith Mon 30-Dec-19 11:52:45

It’s sunny now here in London not so when I walked to the gym earlier. I might go out and trim a shrub at the top of the garden later.

Cabbie21 Mon 30-Dec-19 12:06:47

Thought it was time for a quick tidy up. I was pushing the Shark around and caught the cable of the Christmas tree lights and down it came! Although I would normally keep the tree up till maybe next weekend or even Twelfth Night, there was no point trying, as the stand had broken. DH had to make some remark about women and hoovers. He won’t use it because I once told him off for using it for industrial waste which blocked the filters. That seems to be his excuse anyway. Perhaps I will bring forward that much needed conversation about allocation of chores......?

Sara65 Mon 30-Dec-19 12:08:24

I went out to the recycling this morning, and thought there was a touch of spring in the air, I had a wander around to see if any bulbs were poking through, but not much yet.

I’m not fooled by it, I know there could be months of dreadful weather to come, but at least we’re going the right way.

jacq10 Mon 30-Dec-19 12:08:32

Not very nice up here in the north of Scotland but not cold! Thanks tiredoldwoman re bulbs. I have a bag sitting in a the shed which was a freebie at a garden centre so think I shall do that tomorrow - maybe put them in a pot. I am having a very lazy day which started with me finishing off a book and have just now re-taxed my car.

M0nica Mon 30-Dec-19 12:36:14

It is a lovely day and I feel so wonderfully positive that I woke at 3.15 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.

I finally got up at 6.00am and started all the tidying to help DS and family leave by 9.00am for the 200 mile journey home. They had a lunch party to go to.

Much as I love DS, DDiL, no-one who knows them would call either of them tidy so their departure consisted of several sweeps of the house to gather everything together, stuff them into bags for life and rucksacks. Meanwhile I toured the house, crawled round the floor looking for all the its left under furniture, caught up in curtains or still drying on the radiators.

DD is with us until Wednesday so I then started scaling down all the adjustments for entertaining 5 visitors to just enertainingone one, I took the leaves out of the dining table and made it smaller, put extra china and glasses away and had a good sweep round.

We are about to have lunch and after lunch, given my early rise I will probably fall asleep on the settee for an hour at least.

BBbevan Mon 30-Dec-19 12:49:56

It's not lovely here. Cold , damp and cloudy. No hint of sun. But we are going to our lovely neighbour's later for a drink and mince pie. Should be fun

Witzend Mon 30-Dec-19 12:57:49

We’ll go for a walk later.
Was the same here yesterday (outer SW London) - sunny and mild. Went to Hampton Court, which is always very Christmassy, had a good walk around the grounds. It was just warm enough for people to be sitting outside at the Tiltyard cafe.

ginny Mon 30-Dec-19 13:01:55

Husband at golf so I’ve been for a walk locally. Now doing a bit of ‘sorting out’. Will be gathering materials etc. ready for a CrochetAlong which starts on Friday.

Calendargirl Mon 30-Dec-19 13:27:27

Sunny fine day here, have done two lots of washing, sheets, towels etc. Probably won’t dry much, but will have a bit of a blow. Been to Aquacise, also swam 32 lengths, came home, had a slice of toast spread with ‘delice au truffle’ from the M&S hamper, and a bit of red currant jelly(home made) on top. Plus a mug of milky coffee. Yummy!
Will have to iron later.

vena11 Mon 30-Dec-19 13:32:24

Sitting waiting for my DD SIL DGC3 to appear for a few days , getting excited as the are 1/2 hour away on the motorway . sun is out and its lovely and mild. hope to have a lovely walk after they arrive.

Esspee Mon 30-Dec-19 13:40:44

I’m doing my tax return ☹️
Been told I am to finish it and send it in before packing my suitcase.
<Just realised I have told you what I am supposed to be doing when in fact I’m procrastinating on gransnet surrounded by tax files> 🙄🙄🙄
Ooh and I started my diet today. Need to get beach body ready......we leave on the 5th January!............<skulks off to make tea and rescue the last piece of Yule log before OH gets it.>

dragonfly46 Mon 30-Dec-19 13:43:11

Ended up rushing to Sainsbury's as DS informed me they are arriving on New Year's Day.

annodomini Mon 30-Dec-19 14:32:33

Bright and calm. Perfect weather for late December. I had to hurry to M&S to get a card and voucher (and post them) for DGD who is 28 tomorrow. I also picked up a thermal top for when the next cold snap arrives, which it surely will.

Esther1 Mon 30-Dec-19 14:45:26

Warm and sunny in leafy Surrey, and I am cleaning cleaning cleaning. The family were here over Christmas, and eleven people actually sleeping here too, including 3 of the tiny gc. I am exhausted but wouldn’t change it for the world. Everyone mucks in but now it’s really a case of getting things back straight and beds sorted. Not complaining- I feel happy!

BradfordLass72 Tue 31-Dec-19 05:47:18

Weather didn't look too great when I got up this morning: cool, a bit rainy and overcast but about lunchtime the sun came out.

I baked two loaves of bread and made truffles for my dil as a 'thankyou' for all her efforts at Christmas.

Did a bit of research on what I could listen to on my Google Mini and tapped into a BBC 'Comedy' radio station.

Deeply disappointed at the racism and vulgarity which seems to be normal as I tried several shows. Not my cuppa at all, so halted that in its tracks.

Found 'The Archers' which used to be such a favourite as I've been listening to that since it first began.

So lovely to hear the old stalwarts are still featuring, their voices a bit croaky now but still endearingly familiar smile. That will become a regular.

I've just put some laundry into the machine and will get that onto the line before I go to bed.

I shall be woken at midnight by neighbours letting off fireworks which sound as if a bomb has just hit my house grin

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone wine

Kupari45 Tue 31-Dec-19 13:53:49

Beautiful sunny day here on North East Coast.
Had a walk along Embleton Bay with my dog. Lots of young families enjoying the sunshine, and the dogs are "plodging" in the water.
Happy New year to you all.

pinkquartz Tue 31-Dec-19 15:05:55

oh no still no sign of sun.....but it has stopped raining.

Brunette10 Tue 31-Dec-19 15:42:10

It’s been a beautiful day here in Fife, sun just disappearing now. Had a very busy day getting chores done for the New Year, all done now and sitting with feet up catching up with Gransnet whilst DH reading his kindle. Contemplating watching The Irishman since it lasts for quite some time. May just have a coffee and more rest. Happy New Year to you all.🥂🍾