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Scentia Tue 21-Jan-20 19:57:04

A question for our Scottish contingent.

I am a vegan and I will be cooking friends a supper on Saturday. I have the Vegan Haggis (practically a lentil bake recipe!!)
What I am stuck with though is ‘do you have gravy with it?’ I will do the tatties and neeps as per my recipe but nowhere does it mention gravy!!

Sorry if the thought of Vegan Haggis offends anyone, it is not intentional.

Any other ideas for my supper will be greatly appreciated.

maddy47 Tue 21-Jan-20 20:21:02

I usually do a spicy tomato sauce with chillies to go with my veggie haggis. Really easy to do - just lots of juicy tomatoes, garlic, chillies and red wine. I'm not Scottish, but I have celebrated Burns' Night for years, as a good excuse to get together with friends and 'do a turn'. Good fun!

phoenix Tue 21-Jan-20 20:24:40

Sorry Scentia I find the whole thing of veganism a bit of a worry. sad

PamelaJ1 Tue 21-Jan-20 20:27:59

I used to help cater for a Burns Night do. No gravey but we always had red cabbage. That’s quite wet.

Elegran Tue 21-Jan-20 20:33:36

Haggis doesn't get gravy. Some restaurants serve it with a whisky and cream sauce, but that wouldn't fit with the Vegan thing. Maybe you could substitute a plant milk of some kind for the cream and thicken it a bit?

If your neeps are fairly moist and your mashed potatoes soft, you may not need anything.

Blondiescot Tue 21-Jan-20 20:33:44

'Normal' haggis is often served with a whisky cream sauce or even a peppercorn sauce, so I'm not sure if you could adapt those to come up with a vegan version, maybe?

dinks13 Tue 21-Jan-20 20:37:50

Sorry no advice really, but just wanted to say that a vegan haggis sounds amazing, more people should follow a vegan diet!!!!

Scentia Tue 21-Jan-20 20:48:16

I can definitely adapt a whiskey creamy sauce, thankyou. And I will have red cabbage too, I love that!

Hetty58 Tue 21-Jan-20 20:49:28

creamed coconut mixed with oat milk can be substituted for cream.

grannyticktock Tue 21-Jan-20 21:03:29

I have tried vegetarian haggis, and have to say found it rather a pointless dish, and a pale imitation of the real thing. But in any case, it's not traditional to serve gravy, as haggis doesn't create any juices. The neeps will be quite moist, and with mashed potatoes it shouldn't need any more wetness. Some friends of ours used to serve neat whiskey in a little jug and pour a little of this "gravy" over the haggis. I think cream or a creamy sauce would be horrible, it'd be like serving cream with mince or sausages.

paddyanne Tue 21-Jan-20 21:15:02

Theres usually a whisky sauce with it in my neck of the woods and always has been.I use a 4 " mold and layer the potatoes ,haggis and neeps in it then a small amount of the sauce around the outside once the mold has been taken off.I was vegatarian for a long time and there are some good veggie haggis available in fact I still buy a veggie one for me and ameat one for the family .

phoenix Tue 21-Jan-20 21:16:00

dinks13 sorry to disagree, but there is a lot wrong with a vegan diet, partly in the waste it produces!

Oat milk, almond milk etc produce a lot of waste material in order to obtain the "milk" to meet the requirements of a vegan diet.

Guess what happens to the waste material?????

Grammaretto Tue 21-Jan-20 22:01:35

I always have a veggie haggis. Much nicer than the other one.
It shouldn't be dry if you steam it.
Any nice accompaniment would be good. Tomato and basil?
There doesn't appear to be much difference between a vegan and a veggie haggis. They are both a mix of lentils, seeds, oatmeal, mushroom, onion and spices. Maybe the veggie one has egg.
Drink the whisky separately! Enjoy your Burns supper.

Jane10 Tue 21-Jan-20 22:28:49

I love proper old fashioned haggis. No whisky sauce except in hotels. The neeps and tatties are a perfect consistency to go with it. Ooh I just fancy some now!

varian Wed 22-Jan-20 05:37:26

I always liked haggis and when I decided, about thirty years ago, to stop eating meat, haggis was the last meat dish I ate.

At that time it was impossible, at least where I lived, to find ready made veggie haggis and so I made my own, using crushed roasted nuts, bulgar wheat, oats, soya sauce, spices and lots of onion.

Nowadays it is easy to find readymade vegan haggis in UK supermarkets.

Although I know that whisky cream sauce is traditional for Burns Night, I prefer a rich onion gravy. I only serve tatties and neeps, never any other veg on Burns Night but there is no reason not to experiment with other veg as many combinations work well with haggis or vegan haggis.

vegansrock Wed 22-Jan-20 06:45:27

phoenix producing anything is not waste free, but the meat and dairy industry have far greater negative environmental impact than plant based foods. Cow milk production is much worse in terms of emissions, water and land use. Not to mention animal cruelty. Sorry to hijack this thread, but Phoenix is obviously worried about Veganism per se.
The supper sounds great but I don’t know if I could handle a whisky gravy.

EllanVannin Wed 22-Jan-20 06:48:05

No gravy should be needed if the potatoes are mashed in butter and milk and also if the turnips are mashed in loads of butter. I love haggis as it is----no vegetarian for me thankyou.

I need to keep body and soul together with protein, iron and all the other ingredients that give vital immunity against lurgies and bugs as well as replenishing cells etc.

vegansrock Wed 22-Jan-20 07:16:52

So do I but don’t need to eat a entire thing being to do that.

vegansrock Wed 22-Jan-20 07:17:32

Sorry meant “sentient being” but entire thing being could work.

Grammaretto Wed 22-Jan-20 07:22:16

We veggies can eat all the clapshot we like! (Bashed neeps and champit tatties) I've not eaten the entrail type of haggis for 30 yrs either varian and am healthier than the carnivores in my family. Just saying. wink

felice Wed 22-Jan-20 08:11:49

I have 30 coming here on Saturday night, I make two vegan dishes, one with barley and one with rolled oats. I will serve a lamb gravy and a Whisky cream sauce.
It is a multinational gathering and I do a mince and haggis cottage pie with clapshot topping, I always enjoy telling those who say they do not like haggis, but really enjoy the pie what they are eating. A good introduction to haggis.
I will also offer Salmon, roasted veg and cauliflower cheese along with neeps and chappit tatties.
All tastes catered for.

Elegran Wed 22-Jan-20 09:02:41

This is not a post from the spelling police, just from someone with an interest in accuracy - the whisky and cream sauce should be made with Scotch WHISKY not with Irish WHISKEY.

Scentia Wed 22-Jan-20 09:06:47

Noted Elgran
We are definitely a scotch Whisky kind of family!!!

grannyticktock Wed 22-Jan-20 14:07:24

I don't think a haggis is, or ever has been, a sentient being. In fact, it's quite an eco-friendly dish, as the animal parts in it are those that are often rejected and wasted by the meat industry. If we're going to continue to eat animals (as most of us are), it makes sense to use up as much of the animal as possible, rather than just use the prime cuts and let the rest go to waste.

Scentia Wed 22-Jan-20 15:40:54

I don’t want my post to turn into a vegan bashing thread, but I think you will find at least SOME of the haggis has been a sentient being!!