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Advice on new vacuum cleaner

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H1954 Sun 09-Aug-20 14:12:21

I have had my present vacuum cleaner for over 10 years. It is a D***n upright but very cumbersome. Don't get me wrong, the suction is amazing but I'm looking to replace it with a cordless alternative. As they are all rather expensive I would value some opinions and feedback before I spend my hard earned money!

Chuck1es Sun 09-Aug-20 14:21:37

Hi H1954 - my experience (having a D***n upright and a G***h cordless, which is much lighter than the D***n) is that there’s less suction with a cordless. Depends on your circumstances - if you have a pet, live on your own, etc as to what suits you best.

timetogo2016 Sun 09-Aug-20 14:25:41

I agree Chuckles.
I use one at my Aunts and it is pretty rubbish it is a V.x and was not cheap.
I own a H...y and love it.

ladymuck Sun 09-Aug-20 14:28:13

I've just bought a new vacuum cleaner because I couldn't get the bags for my Miele. As Chuckles says, the cordless tend to have less suction, plus the charge may not last long enough for a thorough clean.
I bought a little Bush one, very small and light but the suction is not as powerful as the Miele.

Helennonotion Sun 09-Aug-20 14:32:01

I love my G***H K9 A**Ram. Excellent cleaning and really good at picking up pet hairs. Previously I had the standard model which was also very good. Very light and easy to take upstairs. The customer service is second to none too. Any problem resolved swiftly over the phone and new parts if needed) delivered the next day. The only downside is you need an additional hand held cleaner for edges, stairs and upholstery etc. The one that can be bought with the main cleaner is very good but increases the price! I wouldn't hesitate to buy another when my current one gives up!

Jaxjacky Sun 09-Aug-20 14:40:37

Having had a H***y for many years, just bought a S***k, the one for pets. No pets, but I have long hair that seems to moult into the carpets. The suction is amazing, but it is heavier than the previous one, I also like you can take a bit right off to do the stairs etc.
The amount it picks up is shaming!

Curlywhirly Sun 09-Aug-20 14:54:08

Can't recommend a cordless, as I have only had corded vacuum. cleaners. But have to say after buying 3 dysons over recent years, my latest purchase was a Shark and I can thoroughly recommend it. It is so much lighter than any of my previous vacuum cleaners and the suction is unbelievable. A vast improvement on any of my dysons.

Charleygirl5 Sun 09-Aug-20 15:02:15

I have a corded Miele for downstairs but the bags are so expensive to buy and also because the machine is elderly but working perfectly it is also difficult to find any and I spend ages online these days.

I have a small, light plug in one for upstairs which is bagless. Not the best suction but is fine for me and I have a lot of hairs around having a cat. I do not have any carpets so I fond the floors easier to clean.

phoenix Sun 09-Aug-20 15:02:46

ladymuck I get bags for my Miele on Amazon. They are not "official" Miele ones, but work just fine.

As long as you put the model number imagine searching, you should be able to find compatible ones.

crazyH Sun 09-Aug-20 15:03:02

I have a Vytronic which is cheap , cheerful and light. I have mostly wood/laminate flooring downstairs. I am very pleased with it. I used the attachment on the stair carpet and it did its job.
I have a lightweight Dyson for the upstairs carpets .

crazyH Sun 09-Aug-20 15:04:04

Btw it's rechargeable, so no leads to trip over...

AGAA4 Sun 09-Aug-20 15:12:50

I am not the OP but have the same problem of which vacuum cleaner to buy now my old one has seen better days, so all the advice on here has helped me too! Thank you.

MaizieD Sun 09-Aug-20 15:12:58

I've a GTech Air Ram (why all the ***'s ladies?).

It's absolutely fine. Suction is good, it's light and easy to carry around. Charge lasts about 40 minutes. If you need more than that for an average size house what on earth are you doing? Hoovering every room three times?

It has no attachments but they usually sell it in a bundle (billed as an 'offer') with a hand held which will do stairs etc..

If I were going for another cordless I'd try a Shark, though, as it's made in Britain and has integral attachments.

I will never, ever buy another Dyson...(and I've had three)

millymouge Sun 09-Aug-20 15:26:30

Used to have a Miele but it died (as have done so many of the vacuum cleaners I have had) DH says he has never known anyone as hard on cleaners as me.Anyhow have just bought a cordless Shark and it is marvellous. A charging lasts for ages and any dog hair is cleared immediately. It’s also the most expensive vac I have ever had but I think it is worth it. DH says he is interested to see how long this one lasts hmm

annsixty Sun 09-Aug-20 15:28:22

I have a Shark sitting in a box waiting to be assembled after delivery on Friday.
My previous one was G-Tech and I was very happy with it but it suddenly wouldn’t pick up.
I replaced the filters and my GD took it apart to clean but no joy.
I have had it a long time, it is an older model, but the reason I have chosen Shark this time I’d that is supposed to not get hair wrapped round the brushes.
My G D has very long black hair and also wears extensions, the brush was clogged!!

Helennonotion Sun 09-Aug-20 15:49:41

MaizieD I just followed the previous posters as I thought it wasn't allowed to endorse things by their full name or something! Didn't want to get into bother. smile

MaizieD Sun 09-Aug-20 15:52:30


MaizieD I just followed the previous posters as I thought it wasn't allowed to endorse things by their full name or something! Didn't want to get into bother. smile

Don't worry!

It's just that I'd never noticed anyone being coy about trade names before grin

Jaxjacky Sun 09-Aug-20 16:40:44

Helennonotion i was doing the same with the * as a new member!
Bit of a sheep..😏

maydonoz Mon 10-Aug-20 20:29:56

I've been using a corded Miele Hoover for a few years now, the suction is good and am quite happy with it. Yes the bags are a bit expensive but they do expand as they fill, I think! I have found them in J.Lewis last time I bought them.
The only problem I find now it's quite heavy and cumbersome to carry up and down the stairs, especially when DH is out and I have to carry it myself!
Maybe I have to invest in a lighter, cordless one for stairs and upstairs.

Pittcity Tue 11-Aug-20 08:44:05

I love my robot vacuum cleaner. Does a lot of the work for you. I now vacuum every day.
We have a Henry in the garage for heavy cleaning.

sf101 Tue 11-Aug-20 09:04:58

I've just bought a corded Shark, didn't fancy the charging bit, it is fantastic. So easy to use, long or short and all attachments, great for the stairs. So easy to just click off the hand held for a few crumbs or dead flies on the window sill!!

annsixty Tue 11-Aug-20 09:31:15

The Shark I mentioned above is also a corded one.
It is now in operation and as the poster above said it is really, really good.
I was amazed at what it picked up as I watched my GD use it😉
It is rather heavy compared to the G-tech but it won’t be me using it.

ladymuck Tue 11-Aug-20 09:54:29


ladymuck I get bags for my Miele on Amazon. They are not "official" Miele ones, but work just fine.

As long as you put the model number imagine searching, you should be able to find compatible ones.

Thank you...I'll take a look

George441 Mon 31-Aug-20 10:55:57

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PinkCakes Mon 31-Aug-20 11:28:16

I've got a Miele cylinder vacuum, but bought a cordless Dyson for upstairs. I have to say, I find the Dyson really disappointing. It bounces crumbs about, instead of going over them.
(What's with all the D** etc?!)